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Bleach Chapter 652: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 6

Chapter 652: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 6
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Sorry I missed out on last weeks review. A decent chapter, where I found out I was wrong in my 650 review. ‘Kyoukotsu’ was not Nanao’s Zankpantou. It was simply hiding it for safekeeping if you will.

Ise Nanao’s true zanpaktou is Shinken Hakkyouken (Devine sword, Eight Mirror Sword). A unique blade passed down from woman to woman of the Ise house. It is not capable or striking down a person, but it was made to face off against gods. Taking the power of the God in its own ‘body’ and then disperse it off into the eight directions.


652aBarro quickly comments how bright the sword is, that he cannot even see it. This is good news for Nanao-chan to hear it, this means that the sword will work on Barro. We go back in time from Nanao’s point of view. Seeing some moments of her past. Quickly linking the man from her childhood to the man she met later in her life. By gifts her mother had given him.

Nanao couldnt form a connection with an Asauchi to become her Zanpaktou due to her being part of the Ise house ofcourse. She did however excel in kidou ending with a spot on squad Eight. With that man again, Kyouraku Shunsui.


Nanao’s blade manages to cut on his arms. It does seem to cut him, though Nanao says he managed to parry it. It could simply be that the sword needs some time to truly come to power. Maybe it will simply repel any attack of the God straight back at it.

For now Barro seems unimpressed and gets ready to whipe her off the map creating a shadow behind her. Shunsui uses the shadow to emerge behind Nanao chan, and help in this fight against Barro. I doubt we’ve seen a glimpse of what this sword is capable off.

“Oh Captain, my Captain.”

2 Responses

  1. Yesss a review! Thanks pretend3r.

    I liked the backstory about Nanao chan and Kyouraku. It was simple, to the point and yet it gave us some insight into both characters. It would appear that TK is showing us the bonds each character has for each other. Mayuri and his 7th daughter and now Kyouraku and Nanao. The one thing I didn’t get in Kyouraku’s backstory was who was the person Jushiro was talking about that got executed? Perhaps I need to go back and see if I missed something or maybe it was someone we didn’t need to know.

    Even though Nanao chan has the sword, she didn’t call out the sword’s name. Is it even in it’s released state (Shikai)? That may be the reason Nanao wasn’t able to stop Barro. That and her own inexperienced with a sword in the first place.

    @pretend3r: That’s cool you pointed out the shadow caused by Barro, allowing Kyouraku to appear behind Nanao. I didn’t even think about that. Also thanks again for the review. I know you’re busy and you don’t have to do these reviews; especially since you’re not getting paid or anything. So as long as you keep blogging, I will try to keep responding.

    @ripcord: Thanks for the clarification. For some reason I wasn’t thinking that Kyouraku transported Nanao through the shadow. Just a little confusion on my part.

    Bye bye for now!

  2. @glad to know there are ppl still enjoying them

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