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Bleach Chapter 653: The Theatre Suicide – Scene 7

Chapter 653: The Theatre Suicide – Scene 7
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The chapters was released a bit late this week, so I could do the same. It seems to be the final chapter of the Theatre Suicide. We start off seeing a bit more of Kyouraku’s past, observing his brother being all lovey dovey with his wife(nanao’s mother). Quite an amusing bit to read.


We are quickly thrown back into the battle with Nanao-chan’s unique Zanpaktou. It is the first time ever that she fought with a sword. She is sweating, her entire body is trembling. With with her God-killing sword. Barro managed to inflict a wound upon her. Nanao’s body fills with fear as she never had fought like this ever before.


Then we come back to the same scene as we ended last week with. Her captain appearing behind her. His presence washing away her fears. Barro pulls on his nose and a trumpet appears. Yes.. it happened just like that basicly. Nanao reflects on her feeling on her captain finding her resolve once again as Barro fires off his most powerfull attack.


The attack so massive it destroys almost the entire platfor but Barro forgot her swords ability it seems. The God’s power being reflected back onto himself. He finds himself cut nearly in half whilst the position Nanao is standing is still intact. His attack was never going to reach him. A fact he realizes as his body starts to crumble he trows a final insult toward Nanao before finally fades away into raindrops made of light.


4 Responses

  1. Hmm…..this chapter was sort of anticlimactic. The chapter just ended so straight forward. Nanao chan didn’t call out the name of the sword or initiate a shikai release; unless it didn’t need a shikai release. I mean bascially all Nanao chan did was hold the sword and it reflected the attack back a Lille Barro. Plain and simple. Well at least TK was consistent with the fact that Nanao isn’t very proficient with a sword in the first place. Also Lille Barro himself said that no weapon can stop him so the best way to beat him is to use his own attack against him (doesn’t that remind you of someone else who had their attack used against them? Hint: he was the number 2 espada.) Well at least it’s over now and we can move on to the next fight. I wonder who is next?

    Oh I had one last point. With Lille Barro scattered in eight different directions, will Yhwach become stronger since those who drink his blood when they die, the power he gave will return back to him. I’m very curious on how TK will cause Yhwach’s downfall considering the power he possess.

    Have a nice day!!

  2. wait…he died after that block? She just explained the powers to him and he does a range attack? lol lame. thought he was still alive.

  3. @jim
    Barro was arrogant beyond belief.

  4. Hope you all don’t mind if I chime in on your conversation but it made me think of something. Pretend3r is right on the arrogance of Lille Barro. I guess Lille was thinking that if a Captain Commander with his bankai couldn’t even hurt him, what will his lieutenant who herself is a novice when it comes to zanjutsu do to him? It would appear that Lille Barro was killed not by overwhelming power, but with cleaver tactics. This may be the only way for the shinigami to beat their foes is by having a tactical advantage. Brains over brawn my friends. Brains over brawn.

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