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Bleach Chapter 650: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 4

Chapter 650: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 4
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I missed 649 because of just being busy, but I had feared beforehand than Barro would pull an Aizen on us and level to yet another different.. which ofcourse he did. I also figured, because that happened. Nanao-chan would show up to save the day.

Well she did show up.. but not quite yet to save the day. A quite interesting truth got revealed regarding Kyouraku’s blades. Before we get there though… Barro has been even further transformed into an dragon-owl-buglegs thing with an absolutely fabulous haircut. Seriously. Look at that hairdo.. it will any woman go wild.


After the usual, despair until next powerup routine he gets all smug and preachie again but even after growing some arms then firing a giant beam out of it… he actually missed. The ever resilient Kyouraku still managing to move out of harms way.

As he sits there he talks to his bankai, who tries to ‘secude’ him to just let himself die and go with her. He seems almost content to do so, but Nanao roughly brings him back much to his own surprise. She then yells to him to give her her Zanpaktou back. A fact that surprises him before his eyes narrow as he thinks back to a past promise. A promise Nanao chan tells him to forget about. A promise he made with her mother.


Barro has quickly found them and blasts another chunk out of the new-built Quincy Palace grounds. Annoyed to find out they ran away again. They have found a dark secluded building to hide in. Kyouraku against questions her about her mother. Which whatever it was, she knew all along. So.. we will probably get a flashback chapter or chapters.

Kyouraku succumbs and finally agrees with her to ‘give it back’.


Yep… so Kyouraku probably never actually fought with Kyoukotsu herself. Just with Sakuranosuke. One could say these Zanpaktou are not actually twins. More like sisters. With Sakuranosuke watching over young Kyoukotsu. Kyoukotsu also being the shorter of the two blades when in an unreleased state. So Kyoukotsu may have Kyouraku in battle(perhaps in only a limited fashion as she never really belonged to him in the first place.

Now that Kyoukotsu is back with Nanao her full potential should come out. The question being, have we seen any of her abilites yet, or was that all simple Kyouraku’s Sakuranosuke.

At the very least it doesn’t seem in the slightest that Kyoukatsu rejects Nanao-chan as she appears behind her, with blade in hand.

7 Responses

  1. What a radical transformation of Lille Barro. (Sometimes I want to say Lil Barro.) I wonder what inspired TK to draw him like that? It almost seems like Lille Barro is a twisted version of divine nature. He may believe he is “to sexy for his hair” (funny pretend3r) but he looks frightening in a bad way. Oh well regardless of the look, he is powerful; well at least he has a powerful attack. The problem is the fact he missed twice. Now I know he is attacking two fast shunpo users, but it appears the more Lille Barro powers up, his accuracy decreases. Lille Barro is a sniper (like Shino from S.O.A just not as awesome hehehe) but now his ability to snipe is weaken which may end up being his downfall.

    It may have been predictable that Nanao chan would show up to help but I’m glad it happen. It’s good to see that in this last arc TK isn’t leaving anyone out giving them their due. Personally I don’t know exactly what Nanao chan can do with her zanpaktou, but I can’t wait to see it. I don’t know if she can be of any assistance since weapons don’t really work on Barro neither does kido. Either way I can’t wait to see what Nanao chan can do. (And get some backstory to boot.)

    Before I forget, I wanted to mention how awesome Kyoraku is. He is so laid back even when he is a death’s door. Hmm…I wonder if that komodo that Kyoraku has belong to Nanao chan’s mother?


  2. Hmm…I wonder if that KOMODO that Kyoraku has belong to Nanao
    chan’s mother?

    Sorry it should be kimono……my bad…..


  3. Ahhh mannn. No review. Oh well can’t say I don’t blame you.

    There isn’t much to say about the chapter. It’s not like I didn’t like the chapter, but there isn’t much to say. Nanao chan look kinda hot holding that blade. (Yeah I’m weird like that LOL.) The only thing I didn’t understand was is that blade from here house or is it the sword of Kyoraku? The reason I became confused was how did Nanao used that shadow power that belongs to Kyoraku zanpaktou? Well maybe there will be a better explanation next chapter. Last thing I wanted to note was I wonder what power Nanao was going to use when she twice (maybe more than that) reached inside her shinigami uniform to perform a technique. Once was when she was about to end Chad’s life after Kyoraku fought him in the beginning arc and again when she tried to help Kyoraku to fight Captain Yamamoto. Was it ever revealed what technique she was about to use? Interesting stuff.

    Until the next one……

  4. Immortal, it seems that her family sword was hidden, I guess as a way to end the clan’s curse. Convenient that she gets it back in this fight. It was merely hidden by the CC’s twin blades, the one that likes hide and seek. Her sword does not have hide and seek abilities.

  5. Also she didn’t use the shadow powers. The captain commander was hiding her and himself.

  6. i hide my captain commander in the shadows

  7. @immortal Yep, sorry. Its gets a bit too busy sometimes.

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