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Bleach Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow

Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow
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Well.. I am pretty exited about this little pair up. Well, I don’t really care who Kyouraku is fighting, finally seeing what he can truely do will be exiting. In some ways his Zanpaktou and the way he wants to ‘play’ with his opponents make him quite the wicked man.

Barro wonders how the Commander has gotten her so fast, but doesn’t have to wonder long as Kyouraku starts to explain the rules of the game; Daruma-san fell over. Before that he reserves some time to chat with Nanao, his vice-captain, still staying beside him. She ends up leaving the fight to inform before she will return. Given the nature of his Zanpaktou she could very well play a part in this fight as she could end up being another pawn on the board.


Barro already know his enemies abilities. Now that is something Kyouraku doesn’t really care about as he usually explains everything anyways. Barro interrupts Kyouraku’s explanation of the game’s rules and continues analyzing with almost perfect accuracy. Much to the delight of Kyouraku it seems.

Quite amused indeed to his opponents learns the games of the rules so quickly. He then goes on to say. “It’s only when be both know the rules one can call it a ‘game’ wouldnt you agree.”

This comments puts Barro on edge, as it should. They Kyouraku gives him even more information, by telling he managed to trick Barro’s senses by leaving a ‘copy’ of himself using his reiatsu. He then announces his status as Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. Then, staying true to his style, he goes on the attack again without giving his opponent much time.


Barro breaks of a bit of his gun and anticipates his move, blasting Kyouraku through the chest. Or does he? He quickly sees Kyouraku’s Kageoni appear from the ground, successfully dodging the attack. After a short exchange of words where Barro or Varo(depending on which translation your grab) says his ability once more. Being able to shoot through anything and everything. He then quickly shoots Kyouraku again.

But again.. it is just one of his shadows. THe more powerful his opponent is, the more life-like the after-images are. The line he ends with is pretty goddamn good. I’m sure Barro will have his hands full.


6 Responses

  1. A late post for such a awesome chapter, shame on me!

    BUT before I put my two cents….well more like two dollars now; hehehe I have to give some shout outs to Shannaro’s finest from the last review.

    What up Jdogg, Cesc, Ripcord, and UTI!! Good to hear from you all!!
    I hope you all are still thinking about world domination!!

    Cool….now on to my thoughts.

    Not much to say really. Kyouraku has a dangerous zanpaktou. It will be a treat to see what children games that TK will incorporate in Kyouraku’s zanpaktou. I was wondering how does that work actually? Do Kyouraku have to know the children’s game in order to turn it into a battle art? Or does his zanpaktou already knows the games she wants to play? Also I was thinking about what kind of bankai would Kyouraku have? His shikai pretty much throws conventional combat out the window because it makes it’s own rules. So if Kyouraku shikai makes “children games real”, what will his bankai do; make adult games? LOL! Or perhaps make the children games even more dangerous and complicated. Either way I doubt TK will disappoint. I wonder if Nanao chan will get a chance to shine? We haven’t seen a back story for her or what abilities she uses in combat. She may be more dangerous than what was seen of her so far. Needless to say I can’t wait till the next chapter.

    One last comment. It seems like Kyouraku always end up fighting someone with guns. They say don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, hopefully Kyouraku can prove that saying doesn’t apply to him.


  2. I feel like Kyouraku should win this battle without his bankai but I doubt that will happen. As far as Nana goes she was definitely a prodigy. She came in younger than hitsyugia or gin but I don’t think she’s at either of their levels yet. Then again who knows she might be like the old captain commanders Lt. Even though he didn’t get any chance to shine

  3. Immortal, I think his Zanpakuto allows him to use any game that he understands the rules to, which is basically what he said, if you know the rules it’s a game. It’s less clear how his sword manifests the game, though it seems like it does so in as literal a sense as possible. This makes sense when you consider children’s games, they are very real while they are being played. Step on the ground… Oh well it’s lava so guess what you’re dead. If it seems OP it really is. But the constraint I think, not sure how it works, but the game has to already exist. It doesn’t seem like he can make up his own rules (though kids sometimes do so perhaps that’s his bankai…..).

  4. @Cas222: Hopefully Nanao chan will show us what she’s got. TK can’t just let Nemu (number 7) come out of her shell and leave Nanao chan in the shadows. The only moments that Nanao chan was when she tried to take on the former captain Yamamoto who paralyzed her with his spiritual pressure, from there the only thing she really has done was make a barrier which received the praise of Haschwalt and this chapter she caught up to Kyouraku in which he praised her for her speed. So maybe it’s about time she shows some skills. I hope you’re right and maybe she is stronger than she appears.

    @Ripcord: Hmmm….yeah that makes sense. I don’t think his shikai is OP since his enemies can benefit from it. That color game that Kyouraku played with the number 1 Espada Coyote Starrk where each person has to call out the color of their opponent was dangerous for Kyouraku. Now that I think about it, if a person is really good at playing those games, it could possible defeat Kyouraku. Then again, maybe Kyouraku knows how to play so well that no matter who plays his opponent will still lose. Either way good points Ripcord.

    By the way, I was searching the internet for children games trying to guess what game will TK use. It would be hilarious if he uses rock-paper-scissors. Can you imagine seeing Kyouraku and Barro playing that game. LOL!!

  5. I was thinking red light green light. Kyouraku turns around and looks at him, and if he moves at all, he will explode.

  6. @immortal completely forgot about that barrier. This arc has been pretty long. I’m actually anxious to see what she can really do now if it’s against the right opponent

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