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Bleach Chapter 644: Baby, hold your hand 7

Chapter 644: Baby, Hold your hand 7: Never Ending my Dream
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The first of the Sternritter has been killed. Like true manly man, Mayuri doesn’t not look at the explosion as he walks away in victory.. at least until he collapses onto the floor because his legs got all but ripped off and are now facing the wrong way.


Lucky for him, Yumichika and Ikakku have stuck around throughout the whole thin. Mayuri gives them a few simple instructions. He’s hidden two containers in the nearby area. In the two containers were Rangiku and Captain Toshiro. Mayuri actually found a way reversing the Zombification process. It seems it came at a significant cost to their life expectancy.

Toshiro passes on his thanks as the two 11th squad members put Captain Zaraki and Mayuri in the now vacant containers. They thank him for saving Zaraki before they depart no doubt following captain Toshiro back into battle.


I am amused that Mayuri still compares himself to Urahara and with the evolution that Nemu’s has gone through considers himself out of the shadow from his former Captain.

The second half of this chapter sets up the next battle. The group containing Renji and Rukia are still running around the streets under threat of the sniper. The Sternritter has positioned himself high above them easily following their movements, waiting until he can pick the next one off.

Captain Kyouraku eventually decides to make his move pulling out his blades, then gets blasted by Lille Barro. However it is not what it seems to be as Kyouraku suddenly appears behind Barro, his Shikai awakened.


Kyouraku manages to cut the barrel of the Sternritter’s gun, but fails to hit Barro himself. The shinigami’s zanpaktou is really something else. I hope Barro is an enemy that can finally push Kyouraku to call out his bankai. This coupled with the nature of his bankai.. it is not a given Kyouraku will walk away from his fight even if he beats Barro because you need to remember, he is bound by the rules of the game that is set by his Zanpaktou Katen Kyōkotsu.

10 Responses

  1. Thanks pretend3r for the review. It would appear that we are the last ones standing on the site. LOL! I know how life can be though; responsibilities can kick in at any moment.

    Anyway on to the chapter. At first I was thinking that the left arm of the SK was just going to regenerate again. I was asking, “is it really over?” Then I became confused as to why it was over thinking,” wait why did the arm regenerate again?” Perhaps I need to go back and see what did Mayuri or should I say Nemu do that actually caused the left arm to finally be defeated.

    For Mayuri to say that he was in the shadow of Kisuke, made me realize just how much of a genius Kisuke must be. I mean that Espada scientist didn’t really get Mayuri attention all that much considering that the Espada possessed a high intellect himself. Yet Mayuri consider himself to be in the shadow of Kisuke despite the genius that Mayuri himself is.

    I’m glad Toshiro and Rangiku are back. I guess the two visored…Rose and…can’t think of the other guy name….to lazy to look it up….are probably…..deceased. I know that Isane tried to check their reiatsu when Gremmy supposedly killed them. I still was kinda fuzzy on that part of the story but only time will tell.

    Finally it looks like the current captain commander is gonna take on Barro. I wonder if Barro will be any good at close combat? This will make for a interesting encounter. The only thing I find odd about this is that this guy did take out the “god of the blade” Nimaiya of the zero squad which make me wonder how will Kyouraku manage to beat him? Speaking of Kyouraku, why didn’t he let Orihime heal his eye??

    Can’t wait till next chapter.

  2. Opps I found a typo in my post.

    Then I became confused as to why it was over thinking,” wait why DIDN’T the arm regenerate again?”

  3. He did regenerate… and kept regenerating because of Nemu’s essence that he absorbed. He regenerated himself into oblivion.

  4. @Ohhhhhh……..well that was cool way for Mayuri to destroy his foe even though it was indirectly. If you think about it though, Nemu actually help kill old lefty even if indirectly. Thanks for the explanation! I get it now.

  5. Ah man its been such a long time since I been on this site.
    I lost my password and I have finally been able to sign on here again.
    I missed this place so much.

    Its good to see @pretend3r still going strong my man.
    Either way I missed so much but I finally caught up with the most recent manga. Bleach has surprisingly been good. I am enjoying this intense action. But I feel like some character are not getting justice and are just falling like apples from a tree.

    Either way it is awesome to be back.

  6. Hey dudes I am still here as well

  7. I call bullshit on how Pernida was defeated though. Up until the last chapter, Pernida not tried to eat his opponents, so why do eat Nemu save for the fact that Kubo needed a way to defeat him.

  8. I’m still here guys, lol.

  9. Hi all I’m still here too!!!

    I agree with Cesc except that Bleach (especially Mayuri) is chock full of Deus ex Machina. Especially this entire arc. Well it sure is fun. The new captain commander is actually one of my favorites so I’m really enjoying this part. He kind of reminds me of Shikamaru in a way….

  10. Anyone know if Bob-sama is still around? I always expected him to make a post when Naruto ended. Haha oh well…. I miss the old days.

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