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Bleach Chapter 646: The Second Eye

Chapter 646: The Second Eye
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Best opening ever 😛 A great little slapstick opening. As Shinji order everyone to keep moving forwards. Shinji actually has a little motivational speech ending with the phrase: “TO take responsibility for the lives of his soldiers. That is what it means to be the Captain Commander.

With it, we go back to the fight at hand. Kyouraku has managed to cut Barro’s sword. It doesn’t hinder the QUincy much, since he can just fix it back up again using his Reishi as he explains to Kyouraku. The ever devious man, Kyouraku, abuses the tiny laps in concentration to get behind him and attack Barro.

He goes on a continuous barrage ending with a swarm of shadows attacking him. All the illusions not being able to hurt him, but a blade did pierce his chest. Fight over, right?


No, of course not. Remember when I said this guy would have to pull out an ass-hat cheat power? well, that is kinda what happened. He opened his closed eye for the third time. Allowing him to use the true essence of the X-axis power. Meaning his bullets will still go through his enemies body, and the enemy’s sword will pass right through his.

According to the rules(probably set by Ywach) once his eyes opens for the third time, he is allowed to use it for the remainder of the battle he is in. Barro says he is the final Quincy to be bestowed power by his Majesty. His finest creation(Kanye ‘X-axis’ West). A man with powers close to a gods. His opened eyes goes pure white, his body engulfed by a shining light showing the Quincy cross.


He emerges in quite a strange form. For some reason it reminded me a bit of the Espada Zommari Rureaux(The eye guy). Barro’s form is called “Zyrael” which apparently is translated to “Gods Judgement”.

With an unknown ability he freezes Kyouraku in place before three of the holes in one of his wings light up and connect with Kyouraku. Time for the Captain Commander to pull an ass-hat manoeuver of his own.

I really hope he releases his Bankai.

2 Responses

  1. What in the world happen to Barro? He looks like a modified slice of swiss cheese! I wonder what power he will possess in this form? It probably will not matter if Kyouraku’s power to “make children games real” can override anything Barro can do. Looks like things are just getting started.

    @pretend3r: Kanye ‘X-axis’ West. LOL!! That’s funny

    @jim: That would be pretty cool! Fast as Kyouraku is, he should be able to kill anyone who would play that children’s game.

  2. So… Bankai confirmed. Cant wait to read your review on this next chapter.

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