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Bleach Manga Chapter 560 : Rages at the Ringside

Chapter 560: Rages at the Ringside
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The Masked wrestler is staring at the flashy entry of Renji and Rukia and decides it’s best to investigate. Unlike last time there is a little guy called James with him. The little bald fellow is obviously quite a fan on Mask de Masculine. And the Sternritter is also weak for compliments and immediately bolts off.


Hisagi stops him from leaving though. But other than grabbing onto his leg but the Quincy easily deals a power blow as he pulls and basically destroy’s hisagi’s torso. he goes on to throw on the ground ready to pounce him into the ground but he is stopped by Kensei.

Mask is quite happy to meet a captain but it more interested in finding out who the two people are then jumped in. Rose also joins in ready to support Kensei.

Kensei is a no-nonsense man and wastes no time to call out his Bankai. The Quincy is quick and strikes first but Kensai easily blocks him.


Kensei is unimpressed and quite angry at Hisagi for being beaten by such a man. He stomps the big man, his punch strong enough to even wreck the buildings around him. The Quincy drops to his knees holding on to his stomach. The little guy James is shocked to see his hero fallen on his knees to easily.

Kensei explains his Bankai’s ability. It has the power to make everything it cuts implode. Also all of its destructive power in transferred into the knuckle blades which continue to hit its target as long as the knuckles are touching it.

with another power blow he knocks him into a nearby building. The little guy yells at his hero, pleading for him not to die. Hisagi warns his captain about the little guy but it’s already too late.

The little guy yells at the sternritter. His motivational speech gets the big dude back on his feet, faster and stronger than before. First he knocks Kensai away then punches Rose in the gut.


Sternritter “S” otherwise known as the ‘superstar’ Mask de Masculine. The audiences roars and applause become my strength. So he is much like Zero Espada who got stronger as he got angrier. This guy gets stronger as he receive more praise.

I would love see Kenpachi fight this guy. But for some reason that seems like idle hope.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review!

    I found this chapter average but the link between “S” and James will be interesting to watch unfold…

  2. That mask guy better be strong enough to defend James against two captains. I’m also curious if the ‘s’ ability has a possible downside? For instance: what would happen if, instead of cheers, the audience would throw rotten tomatoes and boo the sternritter away? That’d be a lame way to be defeated…

    Seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Rukia and Renji in action…

  3. @Gaviotero – very lame indeed but I foresee something like that happening 😦
    Have we seen Rose’s Bankai? At this point I want this fight to end quickly (with Kensei going Vaizard and Rose bankai) then we go to more interesting battles.

  4. This chapter has me thinking; I wonder if Ishida will have his own unique power like the rest of the sternritter? That would be cool. Something else I thought about, what if Ishida ends up being the main antagonist in this arc? That would be a surprise! I like thinking of theories even if they are strange. LOL!

    @pretend3r: Yeah I doubt Kenny would fight this guy. I guessing when Kenny is revealed, he will fight somebody who is extremely strong because I’m expecting Kenny to be a monster! Then again if Kenny would fight “S”, I guess that pink head girl would deal with the little guy. Actually I can see her cheering “S” on just to make him strong enough to be able to deal with Kenny. LOL!

    @Gaviotero: If “S” has a weakness like that, he should be kick out of the sternritter. My guess is that his power grows when someone cheers him on and that’s it. As far as Rukia and Renji is concern, you know TK is a tease, he has yet to show who the sword person is in Hueco Mundo. (Hopefully TK hasn’t forgot about the sword person like his crew forgot the eyepatch that pretend3r pointed out last chapter.)

    @Tawuya-sama: I’m surprised the Vizard don’t enter the fray with their mask in the first place. Personally, I would have like to see Hisagi’s banki if he had one. However any banki would do just fine.

  5. @Immortal

    Ishida – yeah it wold be cool if he had a unique power but I’m wondering whether Juha Bach bestows the abilities or accentuates them (because the twins were born with their replication abilities)

    Yachiru – hahahaha, her cheering on Mask de Masculine would be funny as hell but at this point Zaraki is probably too beastly for it to even make a difference.

    Mystery Vasto Lorde – very curious to see who that is!

    TK has been doing well of late with Bleach!

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