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News….Its Out!

Hey fans of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece or whatever you read these days. I am sorry that I have been MIA for awhile now, but the chapters are coming out tonight, so I will keep you guys posted. Again sorry for missing out on a few weeks. The good thing is that I got to read three chapter of Bleach, One Piece and Naruto and I gotta say I missed a lot.

Naruto Chapter

might_guy_arrested___poster__by_xpvtcaboosex-d57rj28Bleach and One Piece will be out on mangastream.com shortly.


42 Responses

  1. Okay I am going to start a discussion: Since we are at the end of Naruto and Bleach, I was thinking what manga are you guys most interested in?

    As for me, you all know that I am a One Piece fanatic. But I also read other mangas. The most recent one I am reading right now is called Kingdom. It is a historic manga about China during its warring era. Where each part of China is at war with the other. The story follows Xin or Shin, depending on the translation you read, is a war orphan who aims to be the greatest General China has ever witnessed. It is a manga that focuses on battle tactics and battles between generals of the different factions of China. It is has humor, sadness and it begs the question of comradeship between fellow soldiers. The reason I really like it is because it stay true to the history, especially with the historic names and battles. It also has the most realistic battle scenery I have seen in manga. It shows that during wars not only is it frustrating and depressing for soldiers but the psychological aspect of wars and the effects it has on a human.

    Also reading Magi which is a good manga to read now and than. It is not as sophisticated as One Piece or Naruto, but it has its moments.

    I just started Attack on Titan which is an awesome manga that is become vastly popular that it is creeping it way to the top of the manga world.

    Overall I would recommend Kingdom, for anyone who is interested into a manga about war and history. It is also the one manga I have found that does not do lots of fan service like One Piece, Naruto and Bleach do. However, be warned that Kingdom is a mature rated manga having blood, violence, language and sexual interaction.

  2. “Kingdom is a mature rated manga having blood, violence, language and SEXUAL interaction.”

    Then Kingdom it is!

  3. Welcome back jdogg,I have 2 say you have been missed.I have been reading Attack on titan and let me tell you I am hooked.I highly recommend it to any anime or manga fan,its great.I think i will check out kingdom now thanks!!!!!

  4. So you say Naruto and Bleach are nearing it’s end? Finally, for pete’s sake. Now, go read Berserk or GTO.

  5. @Kantutantayo
    There is not that much sexual interaction, there are only a couple of chapters that show stuff like that. Other than that it is manly about war tactics and battle scenes. But there is a good story.

    Thanks for the welcome, as for AOT, I really like the emotional aspect of it. That we see the characters so worn out of the war with the Titans makes it a real emotion that we as the audience can relate to.

    @Kinza Datteri
    I have read Berserk. It is good but I never stayed true to it, with all the mangas out there I can hardly keep true to one. But Berserk is good and the story become intense. As for GTO, never read it but will give it a chance now.

    By the way have any of you read Full Metal Alchemist. I have never read it before but I have watch the anime that stayed true to the manga. And let me tell you, for a completed Manga/Anime, it is on the top of my list. The raw emotion and battle scenes are phenomenal. If you haven’t read or read FMA, go and give it a chance. Oh by the way its called Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This is the anime that stays true to the manga.

  6. I suggest Hunter X Hunter or Hajimme No Ippo.

    Hajime is about a used to be coward guy who became a boxing champ.

    Hunter X Hunter is a good manga though the writer is very inconsistent in releasing weekly updates. It even went hiatus for months now. 😦

  7. I have never read FMA even though it’s been released where I live. I watched the first series with the original anime ending and a movie and I liked it very very much, although sometimes it went bonkers (or maybe that’s why I loved it?).

    Then I watched brotherhood and dropped it ~6-8 episodes before ending as it was just not as entertaining as the first series. Sure, it was true to the manga, but it lacked that magic and grandeur. To me it felt like just another solid shonen series and nothing more. Thus, I will probably not read manga as I know it won’t be that engaging to me.

    As for some great shonen/seinen and one of the best manga I’ve read I recommend everyoen Hoshi no Samidare. Check this one.

  8. *spoiler alret* sabo is alive

  9. Im a bit confused with Madara’s eyes and body situation. Madara’s rinnengan dematerialized because his eyes are some place else i get that. so why has he still got the 1st DNA and face implanted in himself? surely his origional body didnt have the DNA in right? or did he before he died to keep himself alive?

    also Obito took Nagato’s Rinnengan eyes for safe keeping. technically they are Madara’s eyes which i understand that part but where did white zetsu find the left eye? the right eye is currently still in Obito.

  10. Also Surely he wouldnt be able to use susannoo if he didnt have his eyes? because technically its an eye jutsu right?

  11. one peice- the last 2 chapters have been the best i’ve read in a while. oda is really back on that good s#$%!!! cant wait to see Sabo though, always thought he was Law, but could never find the proof to support the theory! i’m really itching for the next chapters, hec i cant wait for it to be animated. the coming fights should be great!!

    bleach- in contrast the last 2 chapters have been meh! the only kicker has been that fat hero guy! he is simply hillarious and i’m gonna hate to see him die! i hope Rose is dead, i really really do hope so, it would serve him right for doing the oldest stupid move heroes do in anime, telling their enemy their weakness before making sure they are dead. just die out dude, i’m so dissapointed in you!! now hisagi please wake up and release your bankai, do it for your flattened captain.

    has Attack on titan been animated yet?????????? i dont really enjoy reading mangas and i only read bleach consistently because its still my favorite anime and the guys at shonnen tv or whateva its called wont animate the latest arc. bastards!!!!

  12. @Matt

    I don’t get it either, if he’s still able to use jutsus of the rinnegan and sharingan, then why does he need his eyes anyway. He took down the 1st hokage easily enough and danced around Naruto and Sasuke without them. It surely can’t be for the sight, rinnegan in of itself doesn’t enhance eyesight like the sharingan and byagugan does.

  13. Madara using his Susanoo without his eyes is the first real gripe I have had in a while about the whole thing. With no eyes, he should have no way of using that technique…hell, with even one Rinnegan he shouldn’t be able to use it. That’s bullshit and it genuinely erks me.

    As for One Piece, it does get better and better every week and I am so curious to see who joins the crew when it’s all said and done.

  14. just wondering how madara got chakra recievers into the back of hashirama? a bit confused with this….

  15. @mattmaru

    What page were the chakra receivers on, I missed that.

    That ultimate Susano’o with no eyes may have just spoiled everything I like about BIG MAGNUM, and it’s totally the writer’s fault -_-.

  16. ummm so apparently its that easy to put in a rinnengan eye huh? all madara has to do is squeeze it in and bam instant rinnengan? what a joke…. kishi is trying too hard to make madara op with every conceivable powerup known in the narutoverse and its kind of sad,

  17. Even him just using rinnegan techniques without the rinnegan would have at least make somewhat some sense, giving that hashirama face attached to him and the relationship between rinnegan, ying and yang release, and the younger son of the SOSP. But this chapter threw even that out the window.

  18. I just…I mean…well, there’s always One Piece and Fairy Tail to fall back on.

  19. honestly kishi wasted madara becomin sosp cause he used on obito already… honestly kishi should have made madara become the next sosp and than we could see a real fight. With obito bein sosp than defeated madara really cant get stronger than sosp… if he does its a complete asspull by kishi cause obito bein sosp was supposedly the highest power up wise. if kishi pulls some random crap out of his u kno what… i mean im not sure how much longer i can hold out. kishi is making madara look like sasuke in terms of random powerups

  20. – Naruto : Oo.. just managed to realized Madara pull Susanoo without eyes.. lol

    – One Piece : Barrier guys, such an odd ugly twisted character ever.. but it’s nice to see him join strawhat & friends. Imo, he may a scum, but we can see he has some care to begin with.

    – Bleach : So, even with the Bankai, current Captain level means nothing to quincy? I would like to see the longer scene of each fight, and see the previously unseen captain bankai capabilities.

  21. @ UchihaTheInfamous. was on page 9 and 10 of chapter 657 i think, the one before the latest one.


  22. Madara is using Senjutsu so he will be able to heal very quickly so maybe he can implant an eye that quickly i guess…

  23. in the naruto wiki it states that Madara is that powerful he can summon his Susanoo even though he is bereft of his eyes.

    ” Madara’s Version

    One of the first two amongst the Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan, Madara awakened a Susanoo of his own after awakening the abilities in both of his eyes and is also able to use it while having his Rinnegan activated. It is blue in colour.[41] He is also able to use Susanoo despite being blind and bereft of his eyes.[42] ”


  24. @Matt

    I think the questions the majority of us have about this, is how, and why.

    Everything that had been shown to us points to the abilities of the sharingan is unique to the eye of the original owner, except when it comes to direct blood relations. There is no reason, or even a hint as to how Madara is able to use susanno without both eyes, and now that he has already obtain one of them, i doubt kishi will ever give one either. You could rationalize him using susanno with his rinnegan out because its simply a mutation of the sharingan. There was a precedent for how he obtain the rinnegan, but not for this; this seems like an asspull.

  25. @mattmaru

    Good catch with the chakra rods. That would suck if he begins to use the first against the alliance.

  26. One piece: Bartolomeo is one crazy guy but funny nonetheless. After the page where Luffy was crying, I kinda got lost as to what happen next.

    Naruto: I don’t know what to say about the current manga. To be honest, right now I’m just waiting for it to end. I’m not really super excited like I was back in the day. The chapter really wasn’t that bad, it’s just the story isn’t interesting. For one thing, now that Madara is the finally villain, what is his aim? If it is still the moon eye plan, that has been played out by Obito IMO. It would have been different if Madara would have been the villain to start then I would have been more interested but….now not so much. Another thing is that the story itself is really finished. What else is there to know? Or should I say what is there to really know that would be interesting? Again just my opinion on how I feel about Naruto currently.

    @Jdogg: My main man welcome back! You always show up at the right time. Good to hear from ya. As far as reading other manga’s, currently I’m not reading anything else. The reason: TIME! I guess once at least one of the Big 3 end, I read another.

    Those who are into anime, I would like to recommended PSYCHO PASS!! It was freaking awesome for those who are into that type of genre.

    Where is Alerie Corbray?

    Anyway I would have like to have comment to everyone’s post but TIME scolding me at the moment.

    Later Shannarologist.

  27. @immortal the girl in the last scene is the one from the flashback jimbei told she’s a revolutionary now n she’s talking on the den den to luffy other “brother” Sabo who’s pretending to be lucy now to get ace fruit back while luffy takes care of doflamingo

  28. at MattMaru, on December 12, 2013 at 2:12 pm
    Yes the wiki says that.. but number 41 and 42 show the source and the source of that info is the latest number. so its just changed that wiki when the new number came out… so the wiki isnt the best info

  29. @cas24: Thanks for clarifying that. When I saw Sabo dressed as Luffy, I was still thinking it was Luffy talking through the den den. Now I wonder what will Bartolomeo do now?

  30. This Naruto chapter has been pretty straightfoward.

    The thing that bothers me is Naruto is just now figuring out that Madara has been revived back, and he has the rinnegan? What in the world made them believe that Madara would have a fake Rinnegan? I don’t get it.

    Obito still seems to have a tiny bit of control even though he’s near death. I wonder if he’ll sacrifce his sharingan eye for some forbidden jutsu in some last attempt to help out, or zetsu will force him to do it to help out madara in some way…..

  31. @Darth

    I think he’s going to give his other eye to Kakashi. That’s where this is looking like it’s heading.

  32. @UchihaTheInfamous: KAKASHI OF THE RINNEGAN EYE!!!

  33. @immortal

    With the way the story has been goIng I wouldn’t be surprised, lol.

  34. @ immortal

    Kakashi would probably die from chakra depletion soon as the rinnwgan got put in, lol.

    But originally I was referring to the other kamui sharingan.

  35. @UTI

    I doubt it. We have yet to see an non uchiha member having sharingan in both eyes. Now that I think it, we have yet to see anyone with byagugan in both eyes either. Its always only one.( and danzo doesn’t count, he had multiple sharingans in his arm and he was working with hashirama DNA, which we’ve seen enough evidence that it does wonders for ones body). Hell even itachi and sasuke struggled with having two MS. There’s no way kakashi keeping obito’s other sharingan. Its most likely it will be used in some grand fashion ( either by the good or bad guys) then it will be gone forever.

  36. @UchihaTheInfamous: You’re probably right but have you notice since the war, Kakashi has more chakra than usual with the way he has been using his MS. The ideal of him getting the rinnegan would suit him since he already has a wide knowledge of jutsu. Question, is the jutsu he copied solely associated with the sharingan? In other words, if he has his eye removed would all the jutsu he copied go with the eye? The reason I asked was I remember seeing one of the Naruto movies were when Kakashi used a earth technique, his eye spinned like he was using the sharingan itself to wield the technique.

    The one thing I won’t like about Kakashi getting the rinnegan would be the fact he would no longer be known as “the copied ninja”. Still it would be cool.

    Naruto: Since the new manga, I wanted to give my thoughts on the chapter. Nothing exciting but it wasn’t disappointing either. Is it me, but did those chains coming out of the gedo’s mouth look a lot like Kushina’s? (Naruto’s mom)

    One piece: Nice chapter. Still just waiting for the epic showdowns now.

    Bleach: Pretend3r did a review. So I will comment later on it.

    Holla Shannaronitis!

  37. @immortal and darth

    True on both of you all’s comments.

    I have one question where is the second, and why is he not helping sasuke and naruto match up with BIG MAGNUM’s speed like he did obito?

  38. @UnchihaTheInfamous: IMO BIG MAGNUM is on another level compared to Obito, so the second is probably just observing and waiting for a opening or a weakness that the alliance can exploit.

    A lot of people are MIA in this fight so far.

    The 4 Kages.
    Sasuke was missing this chapter.
    Orochimaru hasn’t done anything yet
    The 3rd Hokage.

    I’m really wondering what Orochimaru is gonna do. You know I’m reminded of Kabuto all of a sudden. Remember when he developed a a drug that suppressed Yamato wood release abilities? (Naruto chapter 515 pg 10). I’m pretty sure Oro could do the same which will weaken BIG MAGNUM enough to take advantage of the situation. I doubt this but maybe even Kabuto can get out of that genjutsu and come help and give the drug himself. Again I doubt that senario because personally I think Kabuto’s story has ended for the rest of the series.

  39. I think this is legit but there’s some panels that look fake…enjoy?! http://www.mangasheep.com/naruto-661-index

  40. @rsvp im pretty sure thats fake. There r a few panels I remember seeing in other chapters and a couple of the panels seem not up to par.

  41. it’s fake, look at page 28, the markings are off, they were put in paint..probably, but naruto with rinnengan was pretty cool. And baby kyubi…

  42. Thanks…yeah I think it is fake..too now that I continue to review some of the other past chapters. Sorry about that…lol

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