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Bleach Chapter 559 : The Night Right

Chapter 559: The Night Right
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Night is falling which would only turn the favor of the battleground more toward the Quincy.

Haschwalt is still having a calm chat with Kyouraku in what used to be the Commander’s quarters. And before I move with the contents of the chapter I gotta mention this first since it is really bugging me.

559aWhere did his eyepatch go?!?!?!? Last we saw it(ch.551) he was still wearing it. They weren’t fighting. We didn’t see him take it off so we have no reason to believe his wound was healed or would have been healed somehow in the time they have been talking. Did Kubo and whoever helps all missed this? Or is it just a case ‘off, yeah… he’s fine now.’. it’s not like Kubo missed on panel, it’s just gone in this chapter, oh well…

Haschwalt feels he finally needs to step to make sure the balance tips toward the Quincy. During the conversation the 2nd in command has been weakening the barrier toward the points he can blow apart easily.

559bNanao immediately pulls up another barrier. A different type altogether from what she did before. Haschwalt is not fooled by the apparent weakness of the barrier and knows(and says) it’s probably booby-trapped. He readies himself to strike out but is interrupted by a phone call which needs a really big dish get any kind of reception in this place.

He gets the order to return to the king and does so immediately much to the surprise of Kyouraku. Haschwalt says his Majesty’s will is absolute.

Meanwhile Yumichika, Ikkaku and Hisagi have gathered up as night has fallen now. It isn’t long till they are ambushed and struck down my Sternritter “S” Mask the Masculine.

We do not get to see this fight as we switch to the castle.


BG9 and Cang Du are still alive. apparently they were revived via the Vollstaendig release. However apparently the scales of battle must be balanced. ‘A life saved by fortune must pay with an equal amount of misfortune’ are the words before Haschwalt strikes at Cang du with a different blade from what he usually carries around(going by the pic of the blade resting on the shoulder of Cang Du.

Cang Du proudly announces he doesn’t want to be slain by anyone except the Mayesty himself. Hashwalt find his words ‘splendid’, a second show of fortune.


We finally see a bit of what his power is. It still looks very unique indeed. From his words and the scale behind him, the closest thing I thought of was the Execution member Moe with his Jackpot Knuckle power.

We zip back to the battle outside where Masculine seems to have round-up the battle quite quickly. He is the first to notice the entry of Rukia and Renji. Hopefully we find out soon how much they improved with their training in the Soul King’s palace.


8 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: Thanks. Excellent write up. I missed the eye patch completely. I think that he messed up.

  2. @Pretend3r He takes off his patch on page 10. You can see hes wearing it on page 8 last panel.

  3. @ironv. Where exactly? It not in chapter 551 where I last saw it still being there. And in this weeks chapter its gone on page 1.

  4. @pretend3r nvm, it has been so long I forgot which eye originally had the eye patch ^_^. I mistook his left strand of hair for an eye patch on page 8. My b.

  5. I’m hoping Kubo Tite didn’t mess up, it could be that he is foreshadowing a nice plot twist for during the battle between Haschwald and Kyouraku. Something like: the eyepatch was not to heal his wounds, but to store reiatsu in a way like Kenpachi’s eyepatch used to work. (I’ll admit, it’s more likely that the writer made a mistake, but I like to think he’s just trying to mess with us!)

    I’m curious to see sternritter Mask the Masculine in action! He seems like a really cool guy and I would love to see him fight someone like Chad (where are they anyway?). It’s interesting that he mentions that all found captain-ranks are taken care of…so I’m guessing Hitsugaya/Soi Fon have been dealt with for good.

    ps. nice to hear sternritter S ranks Madarame and Hisagi (and Yumichika?) on captain rank!

  6. Oohh! Kubosan definitely messed up, that’s what happens when U write a manga while smoking on that good s£#%. Nice catch though pretender,I completely missed it. Can’t wait to see renji fight,if I remember well that fat guy z the one who took him out in the first invasion while as nodt tuk out byakuya! Wud b great to see what oetsu forged fr him as a new zanpaktou!

  7. That was a brilliant observation pretend3r. I didn’t notice the missing eyepatch at all and I believe TK himself didn’t notice. I wonder how or if he will remedy this situation?

    I wonder why Kyouraku is behind the barrier anyway? Is he waiting for Ichigo to show up because he may be outmatched by the sternritter? Or perhaps he has another reason for stalling before he enters the fray himself. I believe it is the latter since he told Haschwald to return and they will have some tea. Things are still very much interesting. I’m shocked the sternritter have such a strange code in dealing with the ranks of those who “failed”. I guess it is to keep everyone in the sternritter aware that failure is not a option. However this type of government can be the tide that turns in the favor of the gotei 13; unless of course the sternritter depleted ranks doesn’t fade their overwhelming power.

  8. Kyourako is still observing. In a fight, generals dont involve right away. They focus on logistics, plans and etc. Plus I think kyourako is more of a less-violent nature type.

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