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Bleach Chapter 558: The Wolf’s Heart

Chapter 558: The Wolf’s Heart
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Bambietta’s live it at an end. Komura’s attack hits her head on, a few of her bombs wont blow up in time, effectively they are being forced back into her body and then blow up.


With her body burned to a crisp by her own bombs she fall down. Tengen Myouo lands safely on the ground. The bankai’s eyes gaze upon the castle but stars to crumble as his master falls to his knees.

His body has reached its limits. Komamaru pleads to himself for his body this technique to hold on just a little bit longer, he wants to defeat Juha Bach.

The elder talks to him from afar. To let it go. Ask him if he finally realized it this time. That Komamura is driven on by Vengeance. The elder talks about Komamura’s talk to Tousen back in the day, calling vengeance futile. The elder continues to say if that is really a bad thing. The driving force behind their clan always being vengeance. He is happy that Komamura embraces is true essence or roots if you will.


As the technique it’s time for Komamura to pay the price. His body returns to his animal self. Fated to become a savage beast who’s only desire will be to quench your vengeance.

The old beast continues to talk a bit longer it seems his body gives out aswell. As Komura lays lifeless on the battleground alongside his zanpaktou reflecting on his actions as he waits for death..

Tetsuzaemon jumps in to pick up his captain. He picks him up, seemingly to take him to Juha. He speaks up saying he agrees his captain. Taking the fight to them. To ‘beat the shit out of that Juha Bach’.

Bambietta still hasn’t past away. Laying in the rubble ranting about how she lost to a shinigami. That she got beaten of out the five of us. Her ‘friends’ arrive at her body.

One of them says they will take care of her. This seems a fate worse than death going by Bambietta. It seems that all in her group have a few screws loose.

Also… Renji and Rukia almost reached Seireitei wearing ski-masks. So they headed off way earlier than Ichigo. They should have had some proper training up there aswell.



10 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: Thanks, you are excellent at summarizing the chapter. You always catch stuff I miss on the first read, like Rukia and Renji wearing ski-masks as they fall toward the battle. I can’t wait to see them with their newly refined skills. I wonder where is Byakuya?

  2. A couple of questions linger from this chapter:

    – Was Sajin going to die or was he just descending into full beast mode?
    – Why did Grandfather eat his heart; is that the one way to reverse the transformation technique? That is, in the past Grandfather underwent the same transformation and has been waiting for someone else to get a werewolf heart from?

  3. @Tawuya -sama: to me it sounds like that Sajin becomes a wild animal, without the human skills that he possessed before, whether he was wearing a human mask or that of a large wolf. I am assuming that he has lost the ability to speak and to perform complex reasoning. He can no longer use his sword. As we can see, he is the size of a large dog, easily held by his former assistant captain. With his final change, the former captain Komamura, ceases to exist as a human, even a human in animal form. Instead he becomes an instrument of his internal animal rage, without the control of reasoning, experience, or conscious thought.

    As to the heart, I am not sure. I thought that The grandfather was speaking of his pride for Sajin, that he was willing to risk all to accomplish his goal. The grandfather watches because he has never allowed himself to take that final solution. Thus the grandfather stays in control of his human resources, but without the higher level of power that tempted Sajin.

  4. I just reread the chapter and I notice that Renji’s outfit is different than Rukia’s. (Or maybe it’s just me). Anyway, since Rukia is shown with the ski mask, it made me realize that her zanpakuto is iced based. Maybe her outfit is a reflection of that? However if Renji is wearing the same outfit, then my theory is nullified.

    @Tawuya-sama: As far as your questions go, I agree with Corbray. One of the reasons I had to reread the chapter was because I didn’t notice grandfather wolf ate Sajin’s heart. LOL!

    At first I agreed with Gaviotero’s theory but I saw in the chapter how grandfather said that Sanji’s ” life as a human will perish,” and he will become nothing more than a “savage beast.(pg15)” Also he said, “when the day comes when he becomes a voiceless beast.” (pg16). Other than that, I’m still kinda confused myself with everything Sanji’s grandfather said.

    I really need to take my time when I read the mangas. LOL.

  5. @Immortal: While my seeing is much better than it was last summer, and I like to think that my brain works better, I am still an old lady, attempting to understand a culture of the youth. At first sight, I do not always understand, what the artist is attempting to covey. For example – the ski- masks. I am accustomed to thinking that they look a certain way, sorta striped tight with eye holes that can be covered with goggles.. But what Rukia is wearing, I didn’t recognize until someone said ski-masks and suddenly the pics made senses. It is a wonderful thing for me that Pretend3r is out there helping me to understand. 🙂
    By the way, Immortal, I agree with your theory that a ski mask makes sense for an ice zapakuto.

  6. Now where’s my wifey, yoruichi? 😦

  7. @Alerie Corbray
    The new chapter have Rukia and Renji wearing goggles.

  8. After rechecking the chapter, the grand wolf doesn’t seem to have eaten the heart, but seem to be dying along with his deciple.

  9. Trust me guys, previous chapter Grand Wolf ate the heart, there’s even a panel where you see his tongue out about to lap it up then his head is bowed as he munches. There was no beautiful death in tandem – Sajin wasn’t dying anyway, just descending into animal vengeance mode.

    On this chapter, Juha Bach is actually a pretty classy/honourable guy 🙂

  10. @nss7: Thanks, I knew that Rukia was wearing goggles. The pic of her on 558/22, which Pretend3r has closed her write up, plainly displays the goggles. What was unclear to me at first was exactly what they were over top of… However looking at the pic on 559/20, what is on top of their head, IMO look more like oversized knit cap. That illustration kind of reminds me of when they arrived on Hueco Mundo, mostly due to those huge cloaks (minus the head gear of course).. 🙂

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