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CHAKRA – breakdown

Post Author: Guruku

Post Author: Guruku

Chakra Breakdown

REAL WORLD – Chakra is said to have originated from Indian medicine although it has been adopted and developed to fit many different cultures and traditions. Chakra is described to be a vortex of energy from the center of different focal points throughout the physical body. There are seven major chakras which supports the physical body parts such as nerves and organs. The use of chakra is believed to help power, insight, intuition, will, and spiritual awareness. The chakras within physical properties are supposed to bring a new sense of awareness connecting to higher spiritual nature for the individual.

The general outline of the 7 Chakras are as follows:




True Color


Crown of Head

Totality of Beingness. Spiritual Perfection.



Forehead (3rd Eye)

Visualization. Psychic Sight.



Pit of Throat

Communication. Creative Expression.




Universal Love. Compassion. Empathy.



Solar Plexus

Creation of Self. Perception and Projection of Self.



Sacral (Pubic)

Desire, Including Sexual Energy.



Base of Spine

Physical Vitality. Survival.


In the real world, many of us have never considered chakra to be a part of our lives. Apparently, there is an entire discipline devoted to real-world chakra and the use of it for spiritual awareness, medical healing, and personal increase in power. We can learn a lot from the real-world applications of Chakra compared to the Naruto world of Chakra.

Chakra tester – just for fun! Try this chakra test out and see what chakra results you receive! http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php


NARUTO WORLD – When we are first introduced to chakra in Naruto:

We briefly learned about the chakra, the nature of chakra, the gates of chakra, and even the chakra elements. There is a WORLD of chakra that was introduced to us…

Chakra Paper:

To understand what element of nature chakra each ninja is naturally geared towards there is a chakra paper that was developed in the ninja world. The chakra paper was described as been fed neutral chakra for a long time in order to have these properties. The Chakra paper is designed to take the characteristics of the element of its user.

8 Gates of Chakra:

The 8 Gates acts as a restraint on Chakra usage. With these restraints Naruto already has incredible chakra... what about without it?

The 8 Gates acts as a restraint on Chakra usage. With these restraints Naruto already has incredible chakra... what about without it?

Chakra Sensor:

Karin is she possibly a Chakra Sensor type? How does Ninjas do such a thing?

Karin is she possibly a Chakra Sensor type? How does Ninja's acquire the ability to sense chakra?

Chakra Absorbers:

There are variations of chakra absorbers out there. Lets take a look at the few that we’ve seen:

Yoroi – Sasuke’s opponent in Prelim-Chakra absorbing Hand

Yoroi uses his hands to absorb chakra

Yoroi uses his hands to absorb chakra

Jiroubou’s Doton Kekkai Doroutoumu Jutsu – Clay Prison Jutsu -Chakra absorbing Prison

Jiroubou from the Sound 5 uses the clay prison as a chakra absorber

Jiroubou from the Sound 5 uses the clay prison as a chakra absorber

Samehada – Seven Swordsmen -Chakra absorbing Sword

Kisames Samehada easily chews up chakra... How much Chakra does Kisame have to yield such a weapon?

Kisame's Samehada easily chews up chakra... How much Chakra does Kisame have to yield such a weapon?

Gakidou (Hungry Ghost) – Frog Pein -Chakra absorbing entire body

The Hungry Ghost of Pein takes Chakra absorption to the highest level. Was able to stop Narutos Chakra level.

The Hungry Ghost of Pein takes Chakra absorption to the highest level -throughout his entire body. Was able to stop Naruto's Nature Chakra level.

Senjutsu – Nature Chakra – Chakra absorb from ALL nature sources

The most recent addition to the Naruto chakra world is the Nature Chakra. Also known as the Senjutsu Chakra, the Nature Chakra is very difficult to master and only few can grasp its incredible amounts of chakra power.

The Senjutsu (Nature Chakra) is the most difficult chakra to master because Nature Chakra is everywhere and you are able to absorb power from any source. Well done Naruto!

The Senjutsu (Nature Chakra) is the most difficult chakra to master because Nature Chakra is everywhere and you are able to absorb power from any source. Well done Naruto!

We’ve seen quite a few variations in Chakra, chakra gates, chakra absorbers, chakra everything…  But what is most interesting is trying to figure out HOW these chakra abilities exist or CAN exist in Naruto. I leave you with these questions Shannaro:

– How are ninjas capable of ABSORBING other’s chakras.
– How does a ninja SENSE chakra? And if Karin is able to sense chakra, how does she know it belongs to a certain person?
– Does Chakra emit a type of smell or way to identify from person to person? i.e. Naruto not feeling Kakashi’s chakra.
– How much Chakra does Kisame have to weild, a chakra absorbing sword- Samehada?
– If ninjas are capable of absorbing Nature Chakra, does that mean Nature emits chakra?
– Are there any similarities from the Naruto world and the real world of Chakra?
– How do you think Chakra can be helpful in the real world?

--- Bow Chaka - rah rah! Shout out to NTG and her Hugs of Doom! ---

21 Responses

  1. This was beyond excellent!!! I enjoyed the chakra test as well, plus this blog was quite informative. I give you TEN THUMBS UP, but wait I only have two thumbs, never mind lol. Seriously though this was a really really great blog, so great in fact that I am at a loss for words (I’m gonna stop talking now)!!!!!!

  2. I’m like Kisu at a loss for words too…… WOW
    I really love this kind of blogs when tru fun I learn something new….+ I love that test.
    G you never stop to impress me…always fresh ideas. You’ve great mind indeed. 😎
    Keep it up buddy 🙂

  3. Guruku, your posts always force me to do some reading (thanks to wiki and leafninja). Awesome!

    I can’t think of a concrete answer as to why ninjas are able to absorb and sense chakra. Chakra absorption is not only rare to humans. As mentioned, Samehada absorbs chakra. leafninja also mentioned Tayuya’s Doki and Aburame’s bugs to exhibit that same ability. Get the common denominator among these chakra leechers and you get the answer. 😀

    In conjunction with your question about Kisame and his Samehada, I also wonder: How much chakra does the Aburames have in order to feed THAT amount of bugs?

    Nature emits energy, not chakra.

    In the general context, I think the banes and boons of using chakra do not differ in the Naruverse and in the real world. It is like technology. “Technology [Chakra]…is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other”. Chakra manipulation would obviously make our lives easier. Heck, it would make us into Jesuses – walking on water! But then again, its dark side would just feed on more envy and hatred. Simplistic life has enough complications already.

    Took and love the quiz, too! Good job!!!

  4. excellent post G. i really enjoyed it.

    i’ve always thought how ninja can feel others’ chakra and identify the person from it (i voted for that). when karin was introduced, i thought a lot abt it and could only conclude that her chakra sensing ability was the same as other ninja but more advanced. now that u have written this post more theories are bound to come forward.

    i wish i hadn’t taken that test (or at least been dishonest with my choices ). my self-esteem is really low right now.

  5. I would love to see who has more chakra. Naruto or Kisame. About Kisame’s sword, I wonder if the chakra that it absorbs, goes into Kisame as in transfered to him. Nice to read some theory posts

  6. Gj guruku i think the sensor and absorbin jutsu’s are just bloodline limits or clan jutsu’s

  7. i bet if Naruto knew @ least 3 of the 8-Gates, he wouldn’t need to control the Kyuubi to become unstoppable!

  8. oh, also i love the avatar guruku! Tenten w/ a machine-gun, totally her style

  9. Iruka, I think that Samehada uses the chakra for itself like Jirobu’s jutsu, instead of giving it to the user. This is how it is able to attack and move independantly of Kisame.

    Good job G!

    I think that sensing chakra just has to do with how preceptive a person is to that kind of thing. All ninja are trained to do it at some level, but only specialized ninja like Karin or doujutsu users like Sasuke and Neji can tell specifics about chakra amounts and types.

  10. Hmm..agreeable. I took the test and i got results i agree with

  11. according to the test, I’m lacking in heart, crown, and sacral. Thanks for the test Guruku, I enjoy learning new stuff

  12. Great article..you may be interested in our shop, which has a wide range of meditation, sound therapy and chakra information and products

  13. GJ, Guruku-san. I love this kind of post.
    Real world: I am no expert, but having done yoga, Tai Chi and a little Qigong, my own viewpoint is that chakra = energy. Some of it occurs freely in nature as a result of life processes and there are different types: e.g. the 3 meditative / martial arts mentioned are used to focus and manipulate one’s own chakra, as well as to absorb chakra from nature. The types of energy absorbed in Qigong varies according to the setting and stance used to gather the energy; there is a distinct feel to each type of energy. Point: you can “charge up” on an external chakra source or bring forward your own.

    I have been in a yoga meditation session with eyes closed and was able to feel the intense energy radiating from the trainer as he walked among the students. I could pinpoint his exact location by this feeling, but I was not able to hear him. Point: you can sense the presence of another individual without the classic physical cues.

    I’ve seen my former Tai Chi sifu (teacher) modify his body temperature in a few minutes just by will. Climb the long, steep trail to a mountain peak (Blue Mtn, NTG) in flip-flops without breaking a sweat, while some of us lost toenails, got dehydrated and hyperventilated.

    Some things you just can’t take someone’s word, you have to experience / witness it for yourself…

    Important point!!: overpowering an opponent is the least of your worries, you can do yourself some serious damage if you practice these techniques without proper guidance!

  14. Ok, flipside Naruverse based on some of what I said earlier:
    – chakra in nature: all living things emit chakra. In order for you to detect something, some part of it (no mater how miniscule) must reach the sensor; this is true of light (photons), sound (sound waves) and smell (scent molecules) [think about that the next time you smell something really unpleasant, its already in ur nose!]. So in order to detect chakra it must have been emitted from a source. The chakra generated during an jutsu is dissipated into nature…
    – I don’t know the mechanics, but chakra can be stored in the body. Former yoga teacher theorised that it becomes mass stored on the body (muscle / fat), but I don’t think this is true in all cases
    – just as a person can have fine chakra control, you can have fine chakra sensing. So, if each chakra has a distinct “fingerprint” it follows that a person w/ fine-tuned chakra sensing would be able to distinguish details such as the owner. Of course if a person’s chakra is normally so big(?), when it is absent you will notice especially when a battle is in progress (theory on Kakashi).
    – Kisame & Samehada:

  15. Oh yeah, Kisame & Samheda: no facts to back it up, but I think Kisame has a naturally high chakra capacity (if anything about him can be considered natural. how did he get like that?). I think Samheda absorbs chakra to channel to its user.

  16. @Uchigatana – Your experience in this field is amazing! I know and have heard of individuals that possess the ability to work and do all that stuff regarding chakra; but I have yet to see it in person (aside from my regular ninja duties).
    Also, I like your point: “The chakra generated during an jutsu is dissipated into nature…” Which would make a lot of sense, thus, the cycle of Chakra is cyclical.

    W_S – The absorption of chakra being bloodline limits could be a possibility. However, if Naruto can LEARN how to absorb Nature Chakra… couldn’t it be possible to also absorb other types and forms of chakra through learned methods too?

    @L_H – That’s a good question regarding Aburame clan. I had not considered that. However, I believe that the Bugs use the host in moderation. Thus, if the user has a lot of Chakra, then the bugs would flourish. Since both the bug and the host know this… they tend to exercise moderation when using each other. It is a clever concept though…

    @ Kisuzachi, 8th, ASP, Darknight, Mart, Iruka, Everyone! –

    Thanks! How did you guys enjoy the Chakra test?
    I thought mine was kind of odd… I ranked High in all fields except the First one. Which is funny because that means, My chakra isn’t being transferred properly. So, if I can essentially unleash my Primary Lotus, I might explode in all other fields! Lol… Thought that was interesting.

    Thanks again.

  17. G…I found that strange too…my result for the first one is 0?!! wtf….and all others are high!? I guess we must give a ring to Lee 🙂
    I really enjoyed that test 😎

  18. this is great post. But kisame and sameheda really have me wandering about their chakras

  19. G: I also failed in that area while having mostly 100 in the others WTF… guesss we all need a primary lotus…

  20. Again a really good Post Guruku
    I took some time to comment – I was wondering about the real world. I took yoga like UG, and indeed you can sense energy. In general I believe most of the chakra stuff is pure fantasy. But
    About the gates – If you take a deep look to your questioner the awakening off all the gates except number 3 are related to emotional control, maturity and similar things.
    About the energy – there is a simple explanation we are 90 % water, and our nerves and brains works due some kind of electricity. If you call that chakra, it can be sensed, like electricity, as greater is the amount when it is released it even made noise and have color.
    I guess the chakra sense and absorbing must be related to a perfect control of dark and light energy, and also to the type of Justus of the ninja. Absorbing possible require a kekkei genkai.
    If you take this tor real world, many people can sense when other are tired, or their humor or intentions regardless they know or now those ppl of if they have a poker face. I guess it is the same with chakra for ninjas, the most skilled in dark and light control can sense the chakra, but to sense it like Karin or absorve it, these ninjas must focus all their energy in that. So Karin that is not a fighting type and have great chakra (because she can feed others) can sense, and maybe also can eat chakra.

  21. actually, the three i mentioned i was lacking in are in the negative numbers (below zero)

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