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The New Akatsuki: Team Tryouts

Post author: ryu1978

Back with the new chapter. Last chapter The battle between the Sand and the Cloud came to a conclusion with the interference of a well timed team of Konoha ninja lead by the new Hokage Kakashi. Kakashi stops all the fighting and gives the begins to give Cloud an ultimatum. stay, fight and die or turn around and go home and live. No more No less. Now it is time to see what the Cloud will do. Also we will see the beginning of what this story is about. The formation of a new team of Akatsuki members however first we will see how the tension between them all is settled and a nice surprise at the end. Now I present to you Chapter 12 Team Member Tryouts.


“So what is it going to be? Are you going to take heed to my warning or are you going to make us force you to turn around. You will not pass this point any farther.” Kakashi says to the now collective group of Cloud Ninjas. “I know of your search for Sasuke Uchiha but this is the Land of Fire, this is Leaf Country and you know unless word comes to a village of your actions you are not to go on a manhunt for anyone on another village’s land.”

“Sorry but we are on orders from the Raikage to…..” Omoi starts to say.

“Let me make this clear here and now. You will not pass this point even on orders from your Kage. You may have ignored the Kazekage but I am the Hokage of Konoha, the village that resides in this country which is under our protect. So you will listen to me or you will be killed.” Kakashi with a demanding replies.

The other Leaf and Sand Ninja with the exception of Gaara are very surprises at the usual calm, cool and collect Kakashi give a lecture of this magnitude with such emotion in this voice.

“Kakashi-sensei is really not in a mood today is he?” Ten Ten says.

“I would expect not, he has now taken the position of Hokage and he has a lot more to deal with now then he has ever before. Now he has to deal with such trivial things like this.” Neji answers her back. Neji continues to look at the Cloud headband on the Cloud member with them on their heads with angry swelling inside him but keeps is composer.

Durai walks up to the two Kages standing next to each other. “We are sorry for the trouble but we were on orders.”

“Were? What you mean were?” Kurai comes out and says pissed from that statement.

“Kurai you need to be quiet now and listen to reason. Yes we have fought the Sand because we felt it was not their place to interfere, however this is the Leaf and they have the right to interfere and if we decide to pursuit the mission any farther we will surely be killed. We already had trouble against the Sand now the Leaf are here. We could not win this battle and if we did, we would not be in any shape to try and take down Sasuke Uchiha.” Samui lectures her teammate.

“OHHH Well, I guess the mission is a failure.” Omoi says shrugging his shoulder.

“HHHMMMMMM” Kurai blows out at she turns with her arm folded.

“Now that is settled we would like to follow you to your village” Yamato comes out and says sparking a surprisingly jump in expression within the Cloud.

“What you say” Kurai turns even more mad. “The Sand fights us to stop us from our mission. Then the Leaf shows up and demands we stop. Now you telling us you will follow us to our village? For what? Why do we need to do anything you say from this point on?”

“You really do not have the say so in the matter. This is up to your team captain here plus was it not you that started the little fight with members of the Leaf in our own village when you can to get info on Sasuke Uchiha and inform the Hokage of the Gokage Summit?” Yamato comments back to a surprised eyed Omoi and Kurai as one of the people they started the small fight with was among the Leaf Ninjas.

“Ssssooooo what does that have to do with this?” She replies back

“It mean like Samui say but I will be blunt. Shut up and let me handle this as I am leading this group, not you” Durai blurts out. “Both villages will follow us?”

Gaara and Kakashi knobs yes

“Ok because I really don’t want to explain to the Raikage why we failed this mission.”

“Same here!” Omoi says

Kakashi says real quickly. “Sai send a message back the village that we are heading to Kumogakure to meet with the Raikage.” turns to Gaara, “I advice you do the same.”

“Yes we shall, Kasuyi are you well to make it back.” He says to his fall but ok Jonin.

“Yes Kazekage. Would you like me to relay this to the counsel?” Kasuyi asks

Yes you and Qua head back and heal yourself. I will return shortly.”

Both nod yes and quick step though the tree.

Ok I’m just sent the message Load Hokage.” Sai lets his leader know as the ink bird is seen flying towards the village.

Kakashi still can’t shake this uneasiness being call Hokage by his now former team 7 member.

“Let us head out then” Kakashi says out loud.

The 15 person group of Cloud, Sand and Leaf begin to move quickly through the trees as they head to The Land of Lightning

Orochimaru’s hideout

The face off between the Sasuke, and his group and Madara and his gang is really heating up. Shigetsu really want to sever Sasuke’s head. Sakura wants to punch Madara’s mask off, Jugo has this uneasy feeling like something very evil is in the room that is messing with his inner demon. Zetsu (Both halves) are laughing at the situation and Madara is looking at Naruto trying to read him as Naruto with his Demon Fox eyes on looks back at Madara.

Thinking to himself Naruto goes on to say. “From what I can tell Sasuke and those other two guys don’t seem to know Madara’s Moon Eye Plan, Thank you Gaara for that info. Sakura I know doesn’t know so it seems the only ones that know is myself, Madara and that Plant looking guy I bet but they don’t know that I know so….” Naruto calms himself, relaxes his jaws taking pressure of his now sharp teeth. Unclenches his fist and takes a long breath to relax his entire body. He slowly begins to walk towards Madara. “Looks like I got to revise part 2.”

Naruto stops in front of Madara in everyone’s eyes and says

“Whatever plan you got for me I am in. All I want is to help Sasuke destroy that god forsaken village called Konoha. Once it’s done I have no real reason to stay alive so I will willingly give myself up to you.”

Madara continues to look at Naruto not saying a word

“Naruto are you insane, that is Madara Uchiha, and he has caused us so much trouble that…” Sakura stopped realizing she may need to shut up with Sasuke and the other members of the Akatsuki and Hawk are standing there looking at her. Thinking to herself,” Damn I almost blow it.” Then says out loud “You know something Naruto do what you want to do. I do still care of you but I love Sasuke and will remain by his side even if you die.

“OH SHIT another Sasuke loving groupie, just like Karin.” Shigetsu says as he closes his eyes and shakes his head

“WHAT!” Sakura rushes forward and using her super strength hit Shigetsu in the face just as he opened his eyes to see a fist connect with his face sending him flying into the back wall creating a hole and liquefies into a puddle of water.

Naruto has this dumbfounded look on his face. Sasuke has a smirk. Under his mask Madara has a big smile but will not laugh. Jugo look is as Shigetsu then Sakura. “Man she is real strong” and the two halves of Zetsu are rolling in laugher. “Oh that made my day. That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time Hahahahahahaha” the white Zetsu says.

Sakura thinks. “For some reason he just reminded me of Naruto when he was young with those nasty and smart remakes.”

Shigetsu reforms his body back into his clothes.

“You witch! I will slice your arms off!” Shigetsu rushes forward with newly fixed sword and swings it as Sakura who is too close to real do an effective dodge.


The sword lands on something really hard. He looks down to see Naruto with his hand up with the blade in between it. “He caught my blade.” Then he looked again and noticed Naruto wasn’t actually touching the blade. Suddenly he notices something red wrapped around Naruto.

Naruto quickly left Madara and rush in front of Sakura who was trying to dodge the attack and activated his first tail transformation. Using the tail as a shield he stops the attack and used his hand to brace the tail.

“She may not die for me but she is my teammate and I will still protect her for you.”

Shigetsu jump back as Naruto stands up with Sakura behind him moving farther away. He begins to rush Naruto who is ever ready to beat down this freak.

“What do you think you are doing” Madara says as he jumps in front of Shigetsu. “I told you that you talk too much and it is your fault so I will tell you one last time. Be quiet or you will die.”

Shigetsu then looks around and see everyone except Jugo standing ready to kill him at a moments notice.

“Let me tell you something Shigetsu. I told you from the beginning I am using you to get revenge. If you fell behind then you are weak. I have more important things to do then go back for you. Plus after the battle at the summit I was taken away by Madara so I couldn’t come back to get you anyway even if I took my time out to rescue you two.” Sasuke says to Shigetsu

“THAT’S BULL! Jugo never gave up on you. You know that he would follow you to the ends of the Earth. If he wanted to we could have broken out but he believed you would came back and…. Jugo?” Shigetsu was talking until he looked at Jugo who had begun to shake uncontrollably.

Naruto was still in his one tailed chakra cloak giving of a foul stench that started to affect Jugo.

“This feeling is so strong, so evil I must kill it. I HAVE TO KILL IT!

Jugo goes into his Cursed 2 transformation and charges Naruto. Naruto accepting the challenge rushes at Jugo. The two fists meet creating a small shock wave. Jugo’s fist begins to take the form of a small cannon. “I will destroy you. You are no match for me weakling. Sasuke thinks your weak, so do I.”

Jugo fires the cannon up close engulfing Naruto to Sakura’s horror. Sasuke is surprised that the Nine Tailed Fox was defeated so easy. However Madara looks on knowing things are not as they seem.

After the smoke starts to clear Jugo’s evil side begins to feel fear as Naruto is still stand with two chakra tails covering his front.

“Sorry ugly but I won’t die so easy.” As he quickly rush in front of Jugo.

Now realizing it, Jugo looks down to a blue and red glowing sphere at his chest, the fox chakra had help create a Rasengan in Naruto’s right hand mixing his normal Rasengan with it’s own chakra.



Jugo is sent spinning backwards toward the back wall Shigetsu hit earlier.

Naruto disengages the fox cloak and returns to normal. “So who’s the weak one? See you are not strong enough to beat me.

“YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN ME YET.” Jugo stands up from the rubble and pushes his transformation farther. ”You see that was my Cursed Sealed Stage 2 first form, now taste my second form.

Naruto looks own with big blue eyes. “I know I can beat him but I have to let him live. But if this continues I may be pushed to 4 tails and I know I can’t control it.” Naruto thinks as he is beginning to let the Fox Cloak reemerge slowly

Suddenly Sasuke walks up to Jugo.

“Jugo you need to stop this now. This is not you.” Sasuke says so calmly

What do you know? You were going to leave us to die in that prison, why I need to listen to you.”

“You are still my teammate and what would Kimimaro say or do in this situation. I had to do what must be done to finish my mission. And I did. Danzo is dead.”

Shigetsu and Jugo are overwhelmed at that news since they were never told by Madara or Zetsu.

Jugo returns to normal. “You defeat Danzo.”

“Yes, Ask Madara, I had to sacrifice Karin but she was too weak anyway. We can still use you to finish Konoha with us.”

Shigetsu yells out “Jugo you are a fool, listening to that betrayer. He killed Karin just to get his revenge.”

“So you’re not with us anymore? “ Madara asks Shigetsu.

“HELL NO, if you’re going to kill me then do it but it will be a fight on your hands if you try. I will not be teammates or allies with someone that was willing to let me rot in prison.”

“Have it your way then. “ Madara walks over to Shigetsu who swings his sword but the sword just passes through Madara.

“You really think that would stop me.” Madara stops right in front of Shigetsu. “Now say goodbye.” Madara activates his teleportation jutsu.

NNOOOOO!!!!! Shigetsu disappears into a swirling vortex that leads into Madara’s eye.

“I told him to be quiet but I guess he was hard of hearing, had to learn the hard way. So now can we talk about reforming a new team?”

Sasuke feeling at ease for the moment looks at Naruto who nods yes then looks at Madara.

“Ok if it helps me destroy Konoha I will do this once more. So what shall ye call this new team?

“Akatsuki of course, why change a good thing because the original members are died. “Madara gladly says

“Ok but I have let you know that this is a cooperative team, no leaders. Everyone is their on person.”

Madara looks at Sasuke and Naruto then decides to let it be that way for now. “So be it. But we have to do something else before we finally attack Konoha.

Sakura asks. “What is that?”

“We will go after the 8 Tailed Beast. Bring him back, the real one this time.”

“What? You want to go to Kumogakure and try and recapture the 8 tails?” Sasuke asks

Yes, since you failed me the first time. I put plans in place so this time we will capture him. Then once that’s done Konoha will be next.

Sakura looks on with a strong sense of doubt. She can’t believe things are going this way and Naruto is letting it happen. She is starting to doubt Naruto. Thinks he may have gone too far in or he really turned against the village. Letting them talk this way and not even an objection was not the Naruto she knew. Little did she know Naruto was so heart broken that his old friend was acting this way. He is fighting so much now not to destroy Madara as he knows we will fail and he will need help in doing so.

Naruto swallows his Adams’ apple and thinks to himself “Ok now this was not in my plans.”

“Soon we will have it. Get soon rest. We will head after the 8 tails pretty soon, Zetsu you know what to do. “

Gotcha. I go check on out “spy”. Be back with some news.” Zetsu says as it slides into the floor and disappears

Madara thinks to himself “Naruto, time to see if your loyalties are with Sasuke or the Leaf. This mission will tell the tale.”

“Sasuke, my boy I need to speak to you later,” Then Madara speaks to Naruto and Sakura. “We need to get you two some robes.”


Shizune is in the head medical tent of the med tents trying to think of what to do about Tsunade’s coma. Earlier she just gave Shikaku permission to see her. Suddenly a lot of loud shouting starts coming from the medical tents. Shizune runs back to Lady Tsunade’s tent with Tom Tom right behind her.

“What’s going on here?” Shizune yell out

A medical nin runs out of Tsunade’s tent. “Lord Shikaku was in there just telling a then unconscious Lady Tsunade of the things going on and I think something he said must have struck something inside cause she just suddenly woke up and started throwing a tamp tom.

“Lady Tsunade’s awake!?” A bright eyed Shizune asks with a smile on her face until she hears….

“WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS DANZO? I WANT HIS HEAD ON A PLATE? THAT SNAKE IN THE GRASS.” Tsunade shouts out as she is up on her feet ready to fight.

Shikaku runs out and meet Shizune

“Shikaku , What happened?”

Hell, I know I didn’t say much. Only that Danzo had taken over as Hokage and headed to the Summit. She didn’t even let me get past that and she woke up ready to fight Danzo. And I thought my wife was scary”

Great. Now I gotta deal with an already half crazed super-woman, now she’s out of her mind.”


Shizune looks at Shikaku. “Good luck” Shikaku says

“Yeah I will need it. Lets go Tom Tom. Lets go calm her down.”


Tsunade finally awake. How will Shizune clam down the out of her mind Hokage. Now that we finally have the team finalized the new Akatsuki first mission is to try to recapture K.Bee. Will this be the end of Naruto’s plans to save Sasuke with this unfortunate turn of events. Also with the Sand and Konoha heading to Kumo as well how will it all turn out. All I can say is stay tune. End of Chapter 12, Until next time folks


3 Responses

  1. A little constructive critisism if I may?

    Yes, you may.

    Thanks you, good sir.

    First: Telling us there’s a surprise at the end, ruins the surprise. At least for me. Because, now I know to expect something. Hence, no longer surprised.

    Second: Spell check/Grammar/Proofread. I had to try and figure out what you where trying to say, many times.

    Third: Your “Author Comments” as I like to call them, on the top and bottom of the story. Get rid of the italics. After a while it starts to hurt the eyes. Again, probably just me. You already have borders seperating the story from it, so it’s not really necessary.
    Now as for the story itself. It could use some work, but overall, it was a good story. Practise makes perfect. keep it up man.

  2. Have you read any of the beginning of this whole story? But I well take everything you say to heart. I am not going to make Naruto nor Sasuke any type of God like character. I haven’t changed anything to their character except I am putting Itachi’s Eyes into Sasuke but I have my own surprise at the end. I want to drag it out as long as I can. But if you want something to look forward too.

    Next story besides the argument between the Kages we will see a battle of brothers.

    Only three of the Akatsuki will go to Kumo to grab K.Bee.

    After that the final showdown at Konoha will be in ready.

    A familiar face will return to pay a visit to a family member during the fight.

    If you want a future vision like a few folks done before their stories I can do that.

    The Author comments well the first is not a comment in a way it is a recap of the last story more or less.

    Now the spelling and grammar that is on Windows spelling and grammar check I do that every time. and my way of writing is different from most as I do not put people speaking names in front of a sentence. I do it at the end of a speaking sentence like most novels. Also you can’t read a story fast. It is not that type of story.

    But I read your blog you just wrote and I will take everything to heart and I am not taking anything personal. I am glad someone gave me this comment now I can finish this story right. THX

    two things do not answer for me. but yes you may
    and Its Practice not Practise. 🙂

  3. “Its Practice not Practise. ” lol. and here I was telling you about grammar. lol. I was reading the story while commenting. What? How? I typed my comment, read the story, then commented again, then submited. Why? idk, cause I’m weird like that.

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