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One Piece Chapter 666- Confusion

So I just realized that there was an actual chapter before this one. Either way the last chapter and this chapter go so well together that they can be grouped into one chapter. Interesting fact is that the number of the chapter is 666, the devils number, any how lets get on with this very confusing events happening so far.

The Yeti Cool Brothers

Ever since the Strawhats have come to the New World we have never seen them struggle with their enemies, but now the Yeti Cool Brothers show some potential to being a force that will make the strawhats struggle in taking them down. The two brothers name are Rock and Scotch, both are giants that are covered in hair. From this I am assuming that they have an appearance of the Abominable Snowman. Though despite their huge appearance they are very fast as to they were able to evade Luffy, and travel quiet a distance. It can be assumed that they either are very fast or have an ability of teleportation. Another thing to note is that they are considerable strong as to they were able to take Zoro, Brook, and Sanji (in Nami’s body) down, Caesar highly thinks of them and are his top assassins.

The only explanation I can come up with is that the Yeti Cool Brothers use an assassination and ambush tactics to defeat their foes. Because their is no way that Zoro and Brook can be defeated that easily. I can understand Sanji being defeated because he is not in his original body, but for Zoro and Brook to be defeated that easily does not make any sense. There has to be some trick the Yeti Cool Brothers did to take them down. Another explanation is that the Yeti Cool Brothers are that strong, which would make for an interesting twice of events that the Yeti Cool brothers can give the Strawhats one hell of a fights.

Chopper Angry

It is rarely seen that Chopper gets angry, the only time we have seen Chopper get angry is when he was fight Kumadori from Cp9 and when he found out the true goal of Dr. Hogback. These are the only times we have seen Chopper truly angry at some one, but once Chopper found out what Caesar was doing to the kids, Chopper gets infuriated. For the first time Chopper says that he wants to kick some ones azz, in this case he wants to teach Caesar the true meaning of being a scientist which is to help people, not experiment on them. I agree with Chopper that what Caesar has done is quiet mischievous, to experiment on crimes is one thing but to experiment on kids whom you kidnapped puts Caesar in a whole lead of Evilness.


I just wanted to actually talk about Brownbeard because he is a character that has suffered like no other. True other characters have suffered but Brownbeard is the only character that I would like to see him getting revenge. But now he is fried literally, I mean he lost his crew and his legs and was abandoned and killed by his mentor. How sadder way of life can it get for Brownbeard? That is my two cents for Brownbeard, but I highly doubt that he is dead, and if he is than he goes down as one of the saddest story of a character in One Piece. Also, this just adds to making Caesar Clown a bigger villain, because he is a villain that can destroy a person mentally and physically.

Law and his Role

The more I think about the more I am suspecting that Law working with some one else to bring down Caesar. For one, Law seems to hate what Caesar is doing on the island and is well knowledgeable about the connection Caesar has with the higher up in the government. This Joker character keeps being talked about, I am guessing that this Joker is a high ranked person in the Government that gives orders to Caesar. But who he is, Is the question. But Law in my opinion because a Warlord to do more research on the world government and the marines. His title as a warlord allows him to move freely around and his first goal is to take down Caesar. This is only my assumption because I have a feeling that Caesar some how pissed of Law in the past, maybe Caesar did something to Laws crew or one of his friends, whatever it is, Law his something in his head and soon he will reveal to us his true goal.

Side Notes:

  • Mone never had wings, it seems that Law switched her hands with wings, why she chose this I cannot fathom. At least have law attach the wings to her back so she can have arms and wings.
  • Mone has the role of a secretary for Caesar as she takes notes and gives Caesar information on his targets.
  • Nami should not have made fun of Franky’s laser beam.
  • This arc is by far the most confusing so far, way to many things are happening that each new chapter will clarify some questions but at the same time raise new ones.


2 Responses

  1. First!!!!!!

    Great review as always J!
    Now quick response as a bit pressed for time…. what the heck is the deal with law?!?!?! Gas man seems to have him wrapped around his creepy little finger!
    Those big foot brothers seem quite dangerous – poor brownbeard, poor poor brownbeard! This arc is gettin weirder by the chapter an now franky nami has be captured its gonna turn into a rescue arc – wait til sanji finds out!

  2. Dammit Zoro, how did you fall for a sneak attack???? So only Luffy’s observation haki could notice the Yeti bros and not Sanji and Zoro huh….I guess it hints how much farther Luffy is to the rest of the monster trio…Also, I can see a future battle between Mone and Robin, because they are similar in so many ways…

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