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Bleach Chapter 669: Yaibai II

Chapter 669: Yaibai II – *Blade II
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So.. Yachiru was his Zanpaktou all along.. at least the Bankai part of it.. so to say. Yachiru finally gives all her power to Zaraki. A gigantic powerspike erupts in the VanderReich ground. After it fades we see Ichigo’s hollow.. i mean Zaraki Kenpachi.


Skin blood red, his shikai shattered by the sheer violence of it. Gerard, ofcourse, decides to mock him, only noticing that momentary spike. But it seems Zaraki’s bankai is a bit like Ichigo’s. More raw-perhaps but only focussed on sheer power. All his reiatsu condensed into his body rather than his blade, at least so it would seem.

Even his face is almost that off Hollow-Ichigo, black marks on his face, white eyes. An expression of a mindless warrior-beast feasting on battle. So powerfull he actually rips Gerard’s arm off with his mouth alone.


Gerard quickly starts to regenerate his arm but Zaraki lunges again, easily cutting through the Quincy’s shield. Gerard becoming a bit ‘worried’ at this point. Zaraki’s mind seems lost actually puching the guy off the platform.

Luckily for Soul Society Gerard grows some wing, angry as hell now. He charges back up again as Zaraki waits for him on the edge ready to strike back.


And strike back he does, lunging back screaming cleaving the Quincy in half.

Two to go.


3 Responses

  1. What a strange bankai followed by a strange battle. I wasn’t expecting Zaraki to become a “berserker” of sorts. I mean how in the world did Zaraki started slicing and dicing the super quincy so easily? What I mean by that is, it would appear that their were times where it looked as if Zaraki didn’t even touch the quincy with his sword. Maybe I didn’t see it right. Then maybe I was just expecting some sort of a explanation followed by a demostration of that explanation. Yet perhaps Zaraki’s bankai is just straight to the point: it like Pretend3r said, it just makes him more powerful.

    That’s just so lame….I mean…plain. Yeah plain is a better word.

    Before I condemn Kenny’s bankai, maybe their will be more to it. I don’t think Gerard is out for the count yet. Normally the super quincies have more transformations of invincibility before they become vulnerable enough to subdue…not kill.

    @Pretend3r: You pointed out accurately how Kenny’s bankai is similar to Ichigo’s, let’s just hope Kenny doesn’t turn on Byakuya, Toshiro, Ikkaku, and Yumichika.

    I’m gone…..up up and awaaaayy!!!

  2. Okay…….wait before I go back up, There is something I want to share with ya’ll. Normally if something isn’t making sense to me I just do a little research to see a different point of view. This caught my byakugan eye:

    “A fan in Reddit with registered username TheRecovery says Kenpachi transformed into an Oni, a Japanese demon.”

    That was interesting to me. I found it doing a google search and I saw a article titled ” Bleach Spoilers 670: Kenpachi Becomes The Super Villain?

    Just wanted to share that

    Okay let’s try this again……up up and awwwaaaayyy!!!

  3. Demon makes a whole lot of sense. Lets hope there some manner of control.

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