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Bleach Chapter 668: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Chapter 668: Bigger, Faster, Stronger
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Zaraki is having a good old time with Gerard. Who apperently has the power of ‘Miracles’. I kinda call it plot-hax powers, but hey. At the end of the chapter we know why Gerard has to be such a cheesecake. In order for plot to happen, basicly.


So yeah.. Miracle powers… ‘An ability gives form o the very though, feeling and desires of the masses’ as the man himself says. He explains it quite well.. It is really as cheat-like as you can make it and almost a carbon-copy of Gremmy. Basicly a second guy to pay lipservice to Zaraki fans.

The battle rages on, both sides giving and taking blows, although Gerard still doesnt seem to have much trouble with the likes of Zaraki. They do show a little bit of ‘respect’ to one another.

Also both of them are quite annoyed on being interfered by the other two participants on this battle. Gerard dispatches of everyone quite easily, commending Zaraki’s fighting spirit but in the end everyone fall why the Quincy gloats happily in victory.


Then the bomb-shell. Not quite sure what to think of it. Zaraki turns out to be exactly like the deceased #1 Espada Stark(with Lylinette). The big difference is that Stark created Lylinette consiously because he didnt want to be alone. Zaraki did it without even realizing. Which makes perfect sense for him. And now we also realize why Gerard is pretty much a bigger version of Gremmy.

I was kinda hoping to see someone else shine. Because Zaraki had a battle like this not too ago. He had plenty of awesomeness already, but on the other end.. Zaraki was the only one left who had the raw power to actually put up a fight. Zaraki subconsiously splitting part of his power into another being is not within the realm of “Oh.. god.. really now!?*facepalm*”. It has been done before, plus other people had accounted him to always subconsiously holding himself back to a certain degree for the thrill of battle.

So.. Yachiru being a Shinigami all this time is all within the realms of possiblities. Lylinette being the other prime example of something similar. She was basicly Starks weapon but had a blade of her own.

Wonder what her true name is. Maybe just Yachiru “The Bankai”.

3 Responses

  1. Just wanted to add a theory about Kenny’s bankai. Now I’m not gonna claim that I came up with this just in case someone on the internet thought about it first but I will put it out here nevertheless.

    Okay first and foremost, I always wondered about Kenpachi’s shikai release command which is “drink.” So I looked up the definition of that word and came across a very interesting word…errr…within the definition of drink.

    “Consumption.” Which also means to consume.

    The I remembered something on the wiki page when referring to Ken-chan.

    “Consume everything, demon of the blood-thirsty sword.”

    That is a exact quote by the way from Kenny’s page.

    So the theory about Kenny’s bankai may be the ability for his sword to consume whatever it cuts. That would also fit perfectly with Kenny’s power and prevent “Andre the quincy giant” (the right’s of this name belong solely to Shikamaruistheman) from being able to continue to get any bigger.

    His sword, if this theory is correct, may have the same as Samehada and maybe even our favorite anti-hero Zabuza’s sword (which I don’t know the name of off hand.) Samehada’s sword had the abiltiy to consume chakra and Zabuza’s sword absorbs the iron in the blood of whatever it cuts which repairs the sword. Maybe Kenny’s sword will consume anything it cuts but I don’t know if that will make him stronger or the sword or probably it will not do anything along those lines.

    Now let’s see if this theory is correct. If so, I need to get the nobel prize in awesomeness! LOL. j/k.

    Hmmm as far as Yachiru is concerned……at least she has her clothes on.


  2. Interesting theory immortal, real interesting. Does anyone know what happened to the werewolf man, amd hisagi as well, he is yet to show his bankai!

  3. @chrono: Thanks for the acknowledgement chrono. Alas….it would appear that my theory was blown completely out of the water because of the new chapter. Oh well, no nobel prize for me! LOL!

    The werewolf man literally became a wolf dog. His lieutenant picked him up and was last seen heading toward Yhwach. (When Yhwach was in SS.) Personally I believe they stayed in SS.

    Hisagi got sniped by Lille Barro; the super quincy who became a peacock owl thingamagig.

    See ya in the future!

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