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Bleach Chapter 670: The Perfect Crimson

Chapter 670: The Perfect Crimson
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Allright, Gerard is down for the count, Zaraki has become a beast. Time to head up the tower and see how Ishida and Ichigo are doing!


Wha.. but.. but..he was cut in half..


Ung.. why.. please.. ffs why?


Ok, that looks pretty gruesome (in an awesome way)


Oh for the love of Christ! All these fucking powerups!!!

Fuck it, I’m going to bed. I’m done, cya next week.

5 Responses

  1. @pretend3r: ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a awesome review! I’ll comment after I finished laughing!

  2. Decided to put my initial thoughts down basicly.

  3. the review is…. PERFECTION

  4. 2/5 for chapter 5/5 for review

  5. Hahahha awesome review!!!! If Naruto and all that Edo Tensei never happened I probably would have given up on Bleach by now. But Naruto paved the way for rushing to the end.

    Granted it’s always hard to wrap up a body of work, so Kubo deserves some slack. And I can understand the author wants to make an epic finale. Perhaps like Naruto I won’t feel so bad about all this once it’s all over.

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