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Bleach Chapter 667: Bigger, Louder, Stronger

Chapter 667: Bigger, Louder, Stronger
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Skipped last chapter, wasnt too interesting, and this wasnt too great either. Gerard the giant with the fabulous hair seems like another set of ‘cheat’ abilities, but ah well.. we’ll see how this pans out.

The chapter starts with Ikkaku and buddy stepping out of their recovery pods shocked to see the Captain standing there.. Not sure why as they just came out some sort of pod… and its not a big stretch to believe otherwise.

Anywayz.. putting their amazeballs aside, Zaraki has cut of Gerards arm, but without a sweat is just comes back, better as new even. Which is apparently his ability.(what did I say about the cheaty powers?).


Anytime he gets wounded or decapitated he just regenarates coming back stronger and even more massive. A little bit of slightly misplaced banther between Byakua and Toshiro, as the notion of the Quincy’s abilties just makes Zaraki want to slice him in pieces.

Toshiro and dives toward the charging Zaraki warning about the dangers of a guy this big dropping down onto soul Society. Gerard tries to stomp them with his big american feet, but Zaraki with baboon strength actually manages to topple him over.


Zaraki moves on for another strike hitting Gerard’s shield but gets knocked back into the buildings below. Gerard commends Zaraki for his strength and draws out his blade Hoffnung (sword of hope). Zaraki gets all exited and brings out his Shikai again and the two blades clash.

Then Gerard suddenly calls Kenpachi an oaf because he nicked the blad of The Hoff. an instant later his gut gets cut open(insert nr2. cheaty powers).

7 Responses

  1. great review @pretend3r

    “cheaty powers” sums it all up perfectly.

    I think its been about 150 chapters since we have seen Ichigo do more than look shocked at something or someone… just saying.

  2. Well I have no hate for the chapter. These Super Quincy have to be OP in order to even the odds against the Shinigami. I’ve said it in other post how the Shinigami haven’t in the past fought anyone that pushed them to this level. I mean the one person who pushed them this far was a fellow Shinigami; the one known as Sosuke Aizen. I can’t think of anyone who came close to fighting them to the brink. Yeah I like seeing the heroes utterly destroy their adversaries but being this is the last arc, if the villains didn’t measure up, then it would have been a lack luster arc.

    One thing I loved in this chapter was seeing Kenpachi with his nigh berserker persona. It was even better seeing him release his shikai. My prediction for the next couple of chapters is to see some shikai technique that will help turn the tide of the battle. Last chapter we saw why Kisuke is a war power so I think TK will shine the light on why Kenpachi is a war power as well. We haven’t seen a shikai technique from Kenny yet so I think it’s time for one. I doubt we will see a bankai since Kenny just learn his sword but if TK pulls one out of thin air then I would let it slide if it’s a good one. Hehehehe!

    Now I was confused as to what happen to Kenny at the end when he “chipped” Andre the quincy giant (coined by Shikamaruistheman). I wonder if Kenny got cut similar to how he did Ichigo when they first fought. (Ichigo slashed Kenny, which caused Ichigo to get cut). Oh well can’t wait to see what happens next chapter. The war power with the fighting strength vs the Miracle man with the heart of the Soul King. Can’t wait indeed.

    Final note: I’m liking the banter between Toshiro and Byakuya. I wonder if they will come up with a plan?

    Final, final note: Where is Rangiku? That bombshell beauty hasn’t been seen since she came out of pod with her Captain.

    pretend3r: Ikkaku and Yumichika never entered a pod. That is why they are shocked to see Kenny since he healed so fast. A side note is that it would appear that Mayuri didn’t exit his pod yet which further shows just how strong Kenny is since he lost a arm and was heavily damage.

  3. Oh how can I forget to put this in my post:


    Otay….Jaa ne!

  4. Thanks for the credit @Immortal

    I love Kenpachi and considered changing my name to KenpachiIsTheMan, but that seemed a bit redundant. haha

    Anyway, I agree with loving the banter between Toshiro and Byakuya and their reactions to Kenpachi are priceless. I have to look back but I think Kenpachi showed a shikia ability the first time we saw him release it but I am not sure. Pulling out a Bankai, I think would end up being similar to when Renji first released his Bankai against Byakuya. he proved back then (and so did Ichigo) that with the proper training techniques someone can achieve Bankai in a short time but it takes decades, even centuries, of training in order to master it. Toshiro is a good example, after being defeated he went and trained and gained a further understanding/relationship with his Bankai resulting in more advanced and powerful techniques.

    Andre the Giant Quincy is Kenpachi’s wet dream. Kenpachi’s whole life has been about finding someone who could handle all his punishment and this guy thrivesnot only on taking punishment but growing stronger with every slash. My prediction is that Kenpachi discovers his Bankai thru this fight and as a result, Toshiro and Byakuya wet themselves in fear and admiration.

    Last thing. How funny would it be if Kenpachi’s Bankai ends up being something that is completely opposite to him. Kind of like how the first Kenpachi, Unohana the healer captain’s Bankai is a huge flying sting ray that can heal people by holding them in its mouth. The irony of Kenpachi having a healing, caring, gentle Bankai would be hilarious and actually make him more unstoppable.

  5. new chapter is out…

    lot of funny. lot of action. all building to next chapter

  6. Normally I wait late to post about the new chapter but their is something I gotta say:

    @UTI: You called my main man!! You said that Yarichu is Kenny’s sword!! Kudos to ya! If anybody else called it sorry, I just remember the dialogue between UTI and myself.

    @Shikamaruistheman: You called it to about Kenny learning bankai:

    “My prediction is that Kenpachi discovers his Bankai thru this fight and as a result, Toshiro and Byakuya wet themselves in fear and admiration.” -Shikamaruistheman.

    By the way I would keep the name because Shikamaru really is the man……second to Neji Hyuga of course!!!! LOL!

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    See ya’ll in a few days…….unless something really bizarre happens.


  7. Neji is cool @immortal but Shikamaru IS and always will be THE MAN.

    I really hope we don’t have to wait 2-3 chapters to see Kenpachi’s Bankai, you know. And I hope it is something simple and cool and not just a really big sword.

    One thing, how does Yachiru have a released Shikai is she, herself, is the manifestation of Kenichi’s Zanpakto?? Is his spiritual pressure just that ridiculous. I can accept that she exist because it was essentially the only way Kenichi’s zanpakto could communicate with him, but why did no one else pick up on it, they just accepted that she was this stray kid Kenny picked up along his travels to becoming a captain.

    Will Kenpachi’s Bankai be a more ridiculous version of Yachiru’s “Shikai”, you know the big boney and small furry that make sure she always cuts her target.

    Just food for thought.

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