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Bleach Chapter 665: The Princess Dissection

Chapter 665: The Princess Dissection
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So… Bankai time it is. It is an interesting one, even though after reading through several times I still don’t quite know how to describe it.


Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame is giant female form, with puppet-like hand. Urahara answers Ashkinn’s question quite vague before the Quincy’s arms suddenly start to rip apart. Ashkinn quickly jumps back seemingly out of range of Kisuke’s bankai as his arms closes up as quickly as it opened.

Kisuke then covers his face as he explains a bit more. his bankai’s attack has a ‘range’. Now Kisuke calls it an attack, but the way its written makes it looks more like a passive ability. He then goes on to say that his Bankai’s ability is to ‘restructure’ anything it touches, whilst at the same time revealing his eyes have been healed.


It creates several lines of stitches across his face, which still seem to be attached to him as he attacks Ashkinn in the next panel. Interestingly enough, his blade seems to have returned to its cane-like form.

After ‘restructuring’ his eyes he restructures his hands, unfortunately its hard to see why he was doing that, apart from looking cool and freaking Ashkinn out. The Sternritter quickly find his resolve again, powering himself up as he brings down his Gift Ball fortress down upon his target.

Kisuke tries a weak bluff, still forcing Ashkinn to be slightly defensive then suddenly Askinn finds his heart punched through his chest, but we see Kisuke still sitting there at a distance. It isn’t his Bankai either it would seem.


Urahara had found a weakness in his Gift Ball fortress. Whilst it is impossible to break free, urahara tried to find a find a way in. He used his bankai to forge a way inside, allowing Grimmjow to infiltrate the ball and strike Ashkinn from behind. So it would seem he restructured the Gift Ball to allow Grimmjow to infiltrate. There’s a good chance he ‘restructured’ Grimmjow aswell. Cause that arrancar was out for the count.

In short.. Cool chapter, hard to explain.

5 Responses

  1. Nice Review @pretend3r

    I loved this chapter. First thing I thought of when the bankai was revealed was, “No wonder Mayuri hates/admires Urahara, he has the Bankai Mayuri always dreamed of.” I think the Bankai is awesome and totally fitting. The Bankai seemed to me to rip apart whatever it touches, like a black hole, then reforms the target as it chooses. I would assume when healing Urahara the stitches leave no scars.

    I was talking to my buddy about the chapter too. How long has it been since someone just got straight up murdered in Bleach. Its always about “here is my power,” “Oh yeah, well here is my power-up to counter yours” “Here is my second stage to get the upper hand” “You didnt know, but i have another level of power too, hahaha” etc etc etc.

    Urahaha just chills after releasing his Bankai and instead of using his full power, he uses just enough to freak Ashkinn out. all the while knowing his buddy Grimmjow is about to rip out the dude’s friggin’ heart. Such a badass.

  2. @pretend3r Great review

    I honestly did not see Grimmjow coming back. Nice twisit

  3. I like how Urahara is using the former Arrancar, like Grimmjow and the other girl, as kryptonyte to the Quincies. Cant wait for the three captains to take out Andre the Quincy Giant.

  4. Hello everyone!!

    I missed a chance last week to comment so I will do it in this post.

    Kisuke has a awesome bankai although a little confusing. I understand the reconstructing ideal but the area of effect of his bankai kinda threw me off. I guess wherever Kisuke summons his bankai will determine the aoe because when he himself moved in and slashed the Death dealer I was under the impression that the Death dealer would start unraveling again like he did at first but that didn’t happen. That may also mean that his bankai doesn’t have the ability to move either once summoned. At first I thought his bankai will talk and interact with Kisuke similar to Captain Shunsui but it didn’t. It was lifeless like that armored bankai of Komamura. I think I would have prefered Kisuke’s bankai to be living and to see some banter between them. Nevertheless it was still a cool bankai.

    I also was a little confused on how exactly Kisuke made a path for Grimmjow. It looks as if he used his bankai to achieve this which makes me wonder about the range of his bankai’s ability. I think I will have to do some research about Kisuke’s bankai’s range. Speaking of Grimmjow, he stole the show for a few panels which brings me into the latest chapter. I really enjoyed finally seeing one of those Super quincies meet such a violent end. The shinigami up to this point seemed to get battered pretty bad so a hollow had to come in and show them how it’s done! LOL! In a way it shows consistency on TK’s part since this is the last arc, you should expect the villains to be uber powerful to deal with especially when dealing with the already powerful shingami. Death dealer didn’t go quietly though as even Grimmjow himself commented on when the quincy even though he should be dead still was yapping and potentially may have manage to kill his opponents which is pretty crazy.

    Speaking of crazy TK showed us just how smart Kisuke really is. Kisuke is Shikamaru (Naruto) on steroids. He said he thinks of a thousand different scenarios that could potentially happen and come up with plans to counter them. (Something like that.) That really is intense. One point on Kisuke, I was wondering why he said he will have to leave everything in Ichigo and Kuchiki hands? Is he thinking about Rukia or Byakuya? Does he know something about them that will help them to defeat Yhwach. That was very interesting.

    It was good to see Nel looking as good as ever. Hmmm but considering that she has a “child form” does that make me a pedophile? I hope not! LOL! Anyhoo…Kisuke planned with her just in case the scenario that played out would happen. I just wonder if Nel will be able to help.

    This is a long post but I must comment on the last part of the chapter. It was cool seeing the interaction with Hitsugaya and Byakuya. It was even better to see Kenny join in on the battle! With the three of them battling together should prove very entertaining indeed! With Kenpachi healed, I wonder if Mayuri is healed as well? If so Mayuri may go help someone. Kisuke? Uryuu?

    One final thought: I think Aizen is going to get out of that chair and come up to the SP. He has been mention a few times now so I’m expecting him to make a appearance.

    Sorry for the long post, just had a lot to say as you all can see!

    Take it easy!! Or if you like a challenge, take it hard!


  5. “Hmmm but considering that she has a “child form” does that make me a pedophile?”

    @Immortal LOL

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