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Bleach Chapter 664: The Gift

Chapter 664: The Gift
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So… quite an interesting chapter. And very exiting climax, indeed. Our scientist pushed into corner by the very powerful Ashkin Na Varr ‘The Deathdealer’.

So last week Ashkinn unleashed his vollstandig. The bakai of the Sternritter if you will. His release is simply put, a high-speed version of her regular abilities.

Even within the timeframe of a second he is now able to deal with everything at once and quickly develop immunity to each reiatsu respectively.


Confident as he is, and rightfully so, he decides to explain the properties of his vollstandig ‘Hasshain’. It can adapt to the changes in the properties of the poison. Meaning that small variations in the Reiatsu dont make a difference to him now if the base remains the same.

Askinn decided to set up a barrier, making absolutely sure Kisuke is not able to leave his ‘Gift Ball’.

Kisuke decided a little chat is in order asking why this man follows his Mayesty. The answer is quite simple in a way. Ashkinn is interested in the King. Not from a romantic point of view, but at the King’s plan. He is quite eager to see what this man plans to do. Which when you think about is quite amazing and fearful at the same time.

Ywach wants to destroy all three worlds. Hueco Mundo, Soul Society and even the human world in order to create something new. Kisuke (and Mayuri aswell, as Urahara explains) are not men who would want to watch someone create that world. But the ones to create something new. It’s as Kisuke says:


Askinn applauds the answer and throws a ‘gift ring’ toward Kisuke. The ring disappear but then re-appears partially inside his eye before destroying his eyes completely. Kisuke remains quiet during Ashkinn’s explanation warning him before calling out his bankai.

“Kannon Biraki Benihime Atarame” or… Inquisition of the crimson princess of the doors of Avalokitesvara.

Whatever that means.. His blade’s abilities are still largely a mystery. We’ve rarely seen him use it. What we did see seemed like Kidou-like attack. His bankai has giant woman with eyes close appear behind him, leaning over him. I really dare not guess what his abilities will be. But Kisuke is confident enough by giving Ashkinn a warning.

9 Responses

  1. So the moment is finally here. A chance to see Kisuke’s bankai! Like I said last chapter, hopefully TK doesn’t disappoint with this bankai. The way Kisuke commented about his bankai “not being helpful to anyone” has always intrigue a many bleach fans with me being in that number. Nevertheless it is all up to TK and how he present Kisuke’s his bankai. Like Pretend3R pick up on the fact that Kisuke seems to be confident in his abilities. I doubt Kisuke would have activated it unless he knew it could get the job done.

    Did you all see that butt shot of Sexy Yoruichi? TK is starting to remind me of Jirayai, aka: Pervy Sage!!! Hmmm…..maybe after the bleach manga, TK may began writing Make-out paradise! (Then again that would be copyright infringement.)

    Anyway…..here’s hoping for a good bankai!!


  2. Nice review.

    I am skeptical of Kisuke’s Bankai only because I do not want to see just another Summoning style Bankai. Pretty much if you do sience or medical stuff your sword changes into a huge being that helps with that. IDK

  3. @shika
    A bankai in an extension of one’s soul.

  4. Wow it has been awhile. @pretend3r your still holding it down. Keep it strong my man. Nice review by the way.

    The only unfortunate thing about Bleach is that they stopped the anime, which is a crime because we could of seen some awesome fights.

  5. @pretend3r

    I get that the Bankai is an extension/expression of the users soul but it seems repetitive/predictable that anyone who is involved in the sciences has a bankai in the form of a summon. But we shall see, I am hopeful.

    And as always, lets get to the damn point of this manga.

  6. @jdogg for better or worse.. im gunna finish this shit;)

  7. i don’t think we’ve seen ichigo fight for like 100 chapters now…didn’t he like get 2 swords or something? barely remember now.

  8. @pretend3r thats the spirit. I will look forward to your future reviews.

  9. new chapter in finally out… it does not disappoint.

    I take back any and all complaints. Urahara is the friggin’ shizz

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