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Bleach Chapter 663: God of Thunder 4

Chapter 663: God of Thunder 4
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The Goddess of Thunder is good one. Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki (Flash God black car Warrior Princess). I love Kisuke’s expression when Ashkinn calls him out on why he is answering on her behalf.

Her current form is so extreme she does not understand human language anymore. At least no more that your pet (if you have any) would. She blasts for Ashkinn striking his shoulder creating a large wound as well as throwing his body into the ground.

He quickly recovers enough and tries to flee, but gets caught up by Kisuku explaining why exactly she can still hurt him. THe short summary is that in this form, her reiatsu changes along with her mood.


As Kisuke continues his explinatin, Yuorichi strikes again. Now, Ashkinn becomes immune to reiatsu at a very high-speed, but in her current form her reiatsu profile changes a stunning 48 times per second.

She sends him flying wheras Kisuke gets her attention with cat toy. Their long-lasting friendship means a strong bond remains, even with her in that form. Kisuke’s wisely decides to check if Ashkinn is really dead.


Which unfortunately is not the case. He finally called out his “Vollständig” – Hassein which translates to something like ‘God’s Poison Taster’. A pretty fitting name for a man with his abilities, as morbid as it may be. Now we’ll hopefully get to see Kisuke having to all out science on his ass.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review! I can’t help but think of Felicia from Darkstalkers. Maybe it’s a nod… Or maybe it’s just fan service. Hard to tell.

  2. Maannnnn I’m late to the party. Ah well these things happen some.

    I don’t really have much to say about this chapter. Sexy Yoruichi taking on a more feminine feline quality and not my man theory (yess) was quite interesting. For a moment I was thinking that maybe the flash goddess could be a memeber of a feline race similar to how Komamura is a memeber of the canine race. However Yoruichi’s brother doesn’t seem to possess that ability to transform into a cat like his sister so that may blow my theory out of the water. I would hope that this chapter or the next would have gave us some reason behind her powers but perhaps we will have to wait on that.

    This chapter is setting up for the showdown that all bleach fans are waiting for; or should I say the showdown that may showcase a certain bankai from our mystery man Kisuke. To be honest I am kinda wary of what kind of bankai Kisuke may have only because of the hype I had surrounding Captain Kyoraku’s bankai which started out great but IMO fell flat at the end. So hopefully we get something that will be exciting.

    @Ripcord: Hey I remember that game. It didn’t get the attention like other fighting games of that time since it was competing with games like MK and Street fighter. As far as the connection between the two cat ladies is, it’s hard to say.

    Annnd I’m ouuuuuttaa herrree!

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