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Bleach Chapter 654: Deadman Standing

Chapter 654: Deadman Standing
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This chapter kinda made me go ugh again. The battle with Barro in the Soul Palace grounds has ended. His wings faded, the last of light raining down… way down to Soul Society. Shunsui has gone as far he can for a while anywayz, his body has taken its toll. Nanao-chan with no doubt stay with him.


Aizen seems to be pretty cozy on his special chair, waiting things out it seems, though I wonder a bit who he is referring to when he says ‘What is he doing out there’. Barro? How does he know about Barro, especially in this released form or does he mean Zombie-Kira who shows up a bit later on.

Barro ofcourse is quite furious when he regains his form, this time many body spawning out from the fall feathers. he starts going out on a mad rampage until his stopped by dear Kira.


The guy I totally forgot about. Im serious. I cannot recall what happened to him, and why he has a gaping hole in his chest. I had to check the wiki ;). He got blasted by Bazz-b if I read back correctly. Barro seems haven been weakened quite a bit seeing how easily his many bodies are disposed off by Kira.

For out last bit of today we go to our new Quincy friend, Gerard. We find him being pushed back by Renji and Byakuya. Ofcourse, we know that he is part of the Elite and we have not seen diddly squat of his true power. His sub-name “The Miracle” it could go all over the place. Then again, we saw Barro’s more clearcut powers go all over the place anyway.


I dare not make any predictions anymore. My closest guess would something along the lines of the ‘Lucky777’ fullbringer. Where his luck saved his ass over and over, by getting a critical hit, or being lucky that the enemy’s weapons breaks. Gerard could be ‘saved’ by miracles all the time. We shall see, shall we not?

2 Responses

  1. What a shocking chapter! I mean I didn’t see any of this coming from any angle.

    First I was shocked that Lille Barro was still alive. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been shocked considering the “godlike” power these Sternritters possess. It kinda sucks because I want sooo bad for the shinigami to completely destroy the sternritter but instead it would appear that these foes are made of very “stern” stuff. Hehehehehe!

    The next thing I was shocked to find Aizen sama was left in SS. For some reason I thought he would be at the former Soul Palace with the other crew. I mean why would Kyouraku want to release the Kraken…I mean the Aizen only to leave him at SS? Sure it would have been hard for Aizen to fight confined to that chair like Professor X but he could still be or better service than sitting in SS. Oh well this turn of events blows some of my predictions out of the water……well mostly.

    Prediction 1) Momo telling Aizen off. (I thought he was in her crew, the ones fighting Miracle man.) 2) Aizen becoming the new SK, (still possible.) 3) Aizen getting freed from the chair.( Maybe if Lille Barro hits the chair.)

    The last thing that shocked me was seeing zombie Kira. I mean……..he’s still a zombie.

    The cool thing about this chapter was we may finally find out the state of affairs in SS. For example what happen to naked Yachiru? Where is Isane? Is Jushiro, Unohana, and others I can’t remember really deceased? I mean absolutely, completely, unequivocally, no room for debate, with 99.99999% certainty, beyond the beyond reasonable doubt, confirmed by pretend3r himself, revealed in a TV interview with TK himself; are those people who I mentioned (and those I forgot) really deceased? Sorry I just want to be sure about this. LOL


  2. Yo everyone. I’m still just flabbergasted at the overall strength of these guys. As if one shotting the whole zero sqaud wasn’t enough. Bach is definitely going to surpass Kaguya’s level of insane OP’ness.

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