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Bleach Chapter 648: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 2

Chapter 648: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 2
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At the start of this chapter I was a bit afraid we’d have to wait a while to see Kyouraku’s bankai as the chapter start with Ichigo and Ashkin. The latter finally encountering the target he wanted to face. He got out of the battle unscaved against Grimmjow. Team heroes ofcourse still being blisfully unaware of their enemies abilities.


Before their fight finally starts the skies suddenly go dark. Stopping the two dead in their tracks. The effective range of Kyouraku’s bankai is very large. But it is still a difficult one to discribe. Chad describes the effects of the Bankai as getting the chills. As if expecting something ominous.

We switch back to Barron planting himself on the ground. Kyouraku shows himself not long after asking his enemy for his first impressions.


Barro is anything but impressed saying that a messenger of God does not feel despair. He bolts up in the air and attacks Kyouraku. However something unexpected happens. He feels drops of a liquid on his body, as he looks down he suddenly finds himself severly wounded. A giant cilinder hole in the same place where Kyouraku’s got hit earlier.

“First Dan(rank) – Hesitating sharing of the wound” any wounds you inflict on your opponents body will emerge on your own body as well, as if shared. Just like with the childrens games I would assume it works both ways. But Kyouraku ignores any questions moving straight into rank 2.

“Bed of shame” Now it almost seems that his Bankai has gone from Childrens games to turning folk’s tales into reality. In the 2nd Dan the enemy almost seems to be the main character of a sad story. From that pov  every dan, could be considered a new chapter or paragraph in the story. Kyourarku being an actor and acting as the narrator, with his bankai being the director or writer(if you wil)


The third rank. Both of them sink into what looks to be a depthless ocean as Kyouraku continues the narrate the tale. “Those having resolved themselves cast their bodies into the water gushing fort until both their Reiatsu completely expires.”

5 Responses

  1. Whoaa what a bankai. I like how his bankai affects everyone like the former Captain commander Yamamoto. I didn’t expect his bankai to be so “dark” considering that Kyouraku’s personality is the exact opposite. With what his bankai has done so far, I wonder if it is enough to defeat Barro? Barro hasn’t attacked yet so there’s no telling what can happen.

    Oh on another note, I think Nanano chan is gonna help Kyouraku somehow. Just throwing that out there.

    @pretend3r: Hey pretend3r, I have to give you props for your reviews. I like your explanation on Kyouraku’s bankai making folk tales real. Cool man.

    @chrono: Yeah I am interested in Aizen because he is a wild card. I’m just wondering what will happen to him? I also wanted to see how Momo chan will act when she sees Aizen. I will hope that she stands up to him with some words redeeming herself for her relentless devotion to him. But you’re right, there is sooo much more that has to be explained.
    The Soul King, Zero Squad (they didn’t get enough manga time IMO), Yhwach, Haschwalt, Kisuke’s bankai, Ichigo’s new powers, I can go on and on. Can’t wait!


  2. Boo Yah, someone was strong enough to push him to bankai (other than 1st arc aizen). Do we forget his partner in crime is the same one who introduced both the hand of god and the shield for a phoenix. Fuck yeah! to the substitute (like our favorite shinigami) for the zero squad. Push him further! because honestly this isn’t enough for me to say end this shit, yet.

  3. I wont have time to write a piece on chapter 649 this week. Unless you are like willing to wait till Monday or something.

  4. pretend3r: Thx for the heads up. I shall post my comments here.

    Kyoraku has a close relationship with his zanpaktou. His zanpaktou spirit not only manifest herself to him, but he actually had a conversation with her, (including wanting to start a relationship with her which I don’t blame him)! I can’t believe that bankai wasn’t enough to stop Barro. However TK wants us to realize that these will not be easy battles. There is a part of me that doesn’t like it because I like seeing the heroes completely decimate the villains. Yet I’m also glad that TK is being consistent making it hard for our favorite soul reapers to beat the Sternritter. I think it helps develop the story more by allowing these things to happen. For example Mayuri’s fight allowed Nemu number 7 to get a little backstory . The current fight allowed us to see a awesome bankai. So yeah I have a love/hate feel to the current plot line.

    Now if I will take a guess, I think someone will come to help finish off Barro. Who? There are quite a few people that can fill that role. It would be cool if Jushiro would come out of nowhere and use his bankai but that is just wishful thinking on my part.

    By the way where is Kyoraku’s other zanpaktou spirit? Maybe she will help in someway.

    @walmart: I hear ya man! I said it in my post, it’s hard for me to see the shinigami have such a hard time with these Sternritter. Look how Kyoraku fought against Starrk. Starrk was strong. Yet Kyoraku wasn’t close to being pushed like he is in this battle. Right now I’m hoping for the moment for at least one of the good guys/gals completely overwhelm one of the Sternritter. Speaking of that, what happen to Grimjjow? I mean he was taken out of the game real quick (at least it appears that way.)

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