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Bleach Chapter 647: The Theatre Suicide

Chapter 647: The Theatre Suicide
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I have to say that this chapter was a bit short. It’s really all about the last page.. and the final panel of the page before i guess. That is all you need to know about chapter 647.

Muthafucking Kyouraku bankai!!! muthafucka!

Seriously… Did anyone care about anything else in this chapter. I am pretty sure that Kubo might wait an extra week to show off Kyouraku’s bankai, and use next week to get the battle between the Shinji group vs. Gerard Valyrie ‘M’ – The Miracle.

Anyway… before we get to the good part(the final page) we see that Kyouraku did not manage to evade Barro’s attack. A large chunk of his shoulder has been obliterate aswell as a huge hole in lower abdomen. he is quite annoyed that is still moving so well and being sentimental toward the presence of Nanao chan.


Its proving to be impossible to hide from Barro in his current form. As he gets cornered he moves into a Kidou to see if that does anything. Barro is not concerned about it anyway shape or form. The chapter then take a short break to set up the next battle. The Quincy Gerard has finally found his adversaries.

I found it pretty funny when he flat out ignored anything the shinigami as he goes on his epic intruder speech. The shinigami seems to act pretty lax around him, but with this guy being a part of Ywach special crew. They will be anything but a pushover.


His eyes aren’t quite normal either and I imagine this guy to be quite a powerhouse, who is sure to have some quite bizarre and powerful abilities. With the designation the ‘The Miracle’ it really could go anyway. I hope we get to see more of Shinji’s abilities. We known he has a Hollow mask. We know what Shikai Sakanade. And Urahara know as the other mad scientist. We have never seen his Bankai either.

The chapter then.. finally.. switches back to Kyouraku. He actually scurried around coming back to the platform where they entered whilst doing so. going by his dialogue it didn’t seem quite intentional. Barro seems to give him a moment to be with his own thoughts. He even apologizes to Nanao in case she gets pulled into the aoe of his bankai. Then it’s finally time for him to see what is waiting for him on the other side.


Katen Kyoukotsu Kuromatsu Shinjuu (Secret of the heavenly blossoming madness – Black Pine Double suicide)

Streams of shadows creep over the floor and a feminine figure shrouded in darkness embraces him from behind. It’s a bit hard to see but it looks like its anything but comfortable being embraced by his bankai. I reckon anything and everyone in the operating range is now trapped in the world of his bankai. A world where the normal rules won’t count for anything. Without having shown much at all yet, this one page already sets the mood for a very fearful ability.

2 Responses

  1. That was a unexpected expected chapter. LOL! It was unexpected because I agreed with pretend3r thinking that Kyouraku will pull a ace out of the hole and do some damage. I was really expecting a new game from Kyouraku’s shikai which will allow him to at least scare his opponent. Well none of that happen and Kyouraku literally had his back against the wall. The expected part of this chapter was the fact that I keep forgetting that TK is pulling out all of the stops. Normally in the past, the shinigami always defeated their opponents with some minor degree of difficultly. Now fighting the sternritter the shinigami are having a extremely hard time defeating these foes. For example look at how Kyouraku fought the number one espada Starrk. Starrk was powerful but yet Kyouraku came out of that battle with minor injuries. Now with Barro and that other sternritter who shot him in the eye, he is having a hard time. Oh well good new for us is we get to see his BANNNNKKAAIII!!!

    The only question that I have is, where is Aizen? Which group did he go with? Now that I think about it, if Kyouraku gets killed, (I hope not he is so laid back) and with Mayuri out of the game, will Aizen be able to escape the chair? Oh well one thing at a time Immortal…..one thing at a time.


  2. Tite couldn’t have ended this chapter better if he tried. Like pretendr said its all about the last page and man does it look good, especially with the lady figure! I really hope this arc will be animated..

    I really couldn’t care less about aizen tbh, im more interested in the soul king and what the monk said about ywach survival being a necessity. I really can’t wait for this arc to reach the climax, so many unanswered questions, dont disappoint kubo!

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