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Naruto Manga Chapter 677 : Infinte Tsukuyomi

I am than a bit confused here.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.

Enjoy this weeks NAruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.


23 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say the pacing feels like a fan fic… Wayyyyy too fast. This tells me that Kishi is wrapping it up after this arc for sure. It’s too bad, I mean we know Bleach is in its final arc but it doesn’t feel rushed at all, though maybe it will now that Ichigo showed up.

    Curious, does anyone know if Bob Uchiha is still around? I know he was friends with some of the old regulars, from back in the narutohurricane days. I keep wondering what he thinks of the manga now and if he would come back for a wrap-up review when the series is over, if he still reads Naruto. I always enjoyed reading his take on the latest chapter.

    Not to mention discussions with shikamaruistheman, Siskin, naruhina, and so many others I forgot. That was 7 years ago. Damn have I been reading this manga for that long?

  2. Lol. They are all in the author list, haha. A special hello to kisuzachi if you even come around, you were even more analytical about Naruto than me… And you’re more disgusted now too if I remember right.

  3. @ripcord

    I wish Bob would come back for an end all review. Also, kisu may not comment much anymore, but he’s always reading things here. I’m pretty sure he’ll show up for the final episode.

  4. Well Orochimaru finally got his rinnegan. Just not how he planned it, lol.


  6. Yes, Naruto’s pace is just…different now. Overall it’s now the manga I look forward to the most anymore, that has to be One Piece.

    Still, if it does wind down, I can only assume that Kishi has a great plan to finish…at least I hope.

  7. Ripcord, I have to agree with you, everything feels so rushed. Everyone (Naruto/Sasuke and Madara) receive power up after power up, Naru-sake had those new powers for only several minutes, but they will have to power up once again to win, cause Madara (even though I don’t know if he is really him right now, he might be possesed by the Rabbit Demon) is a beyound god like.

    After reading Bleach and Naruto, you could say that Naruto is the manga that is in his last arc, not Bleach.
    The sad part about this arc was that previous strong caracters were reduced to nothing, Tobi, 4th Hogake, and now Orochimaru (in the old pre shipudden days, he would have left his body, and borrow underground)
    Yey, at least Bee survived, although it’s a plot hole, the beast was extracter, but a tail remained…duh logic was a limit that was long ago removed (now you don’t need a eye surgery, like Sasuke had, you just pop a new eye in the socket, and you’re good to go)

    And after this chapter, I can definately say that Madara will undergo the Tobi treatment, in the end he will become just a puppet for RabbyDem

  8. Impaler,

    Kubo confirmed this was the final arc of bleach, but considering that Bach said 9 days to victory and it’s only been one, we have a ways to go.

    As to Naruto, I can’t believe how rushed it is. I guess enough time has gone by that most of us accept the pacing but it sure is wayyy different than part 1. Which is too bad, the manga would have been a better complete piece had Kishi spaced it out.

    Considering that Kishi said one year was going to be the year for kakashi and that didn’t happen for at least 1 or 2 years, he has to rush to cram it all in or push it out. I guess he has his personal reasons for rushing.

  9. Sometimes the threat of something about to happen is way scarier than the thing actually happening and kishi failed to realize that here.this is supposed to be a story about ninjas and missions its not some armaggedon story and ninjas saving the world from a sure armaggedon is really stupid,saving villages is fine and an alliance to take down an immortal enemy is interesting but that’s where it ends.for the first time i’m really dissapointed in kishi’s plot.

  10. @impaler
    neither killer bee survival or madara’s emergency eye transplants were plotholes.madara transplants were only possible because he could regenerate,so all he had to do was fix in an eye and the optical nerves and whatever would fix themselves up and heal.
    The jinchuriki never really dies until the very last chakra is extracted,so if bee managed to save one-tail worth of chakra,its very accurate that he lives

  11. We literally witness the full powers of the MS, EMS, rinnegan, all 9 tailed beast, dark and light chakra, Juubi, sage of the six paths, everyone’s true identities and intentions, Kage union, wood style release, God tree, and infinite Tsukuyomi. And what a coincidence that this all happened within a single day.

  12. @ripcord
    The day system in Bleach Soul Society is different from human days. We do not know if the soul soviets day system is faster or slower than human days.

  13. @nss7

    I always figured it was the same, except Souls aging slower than humans.

  14. Piccolo is never around when you really need him to blow up the moon -_-.

  15. What’s the difference deal with light and dark chakra? Please explain

  16. @UTI
    LMAO! I was about to say that, where are piccolo and master roshi when you need em to blow up moons.
    Shouldn’t that be the next strategy for team 7 now, blow up the moon.
    Why is sakura not caught in the genjutsu????oh right,with all these sad things going on,there has to be someone around to cry.*not suprising*

  17. @ gentle

    She, Kakashi, and Naruto are being protected by Sasuske’s susano’o, because Sasuske’s rinnegan is immune from the genjutsu.

  18. @UTI
    ya i know that,just that there’s no reason for sakura to be saved,if she were to trade places with hinata,hinata would be able to see through the susano’o that would be helpful.but all she’s here for is to say “am catching up” or “sasuke-kun doesn’t care” or just cry like a freaking banshee.
    just rephrase the question to whats the difference between naruto and sasuke and you will get your answer.

  19. @ gentle

    That is true, but it’s Kishi can’t break up team 7, and he is going to have to have Sakura do something special with her.

  20. Naruto- So Madara maybe the reincarnation of the Rabbit goddess huh? I wonder what is the purpose behind enslaving the world? Like the Matrix it is the only way (in the machines programming hence Madara) to bring peace.

    I’m glad the four hokages are around. This will be interesting to see how they will come up with a plan to defeat Madara.

    Did the jutsu take immediate effect? When I saw Hinata, she was thinking she couldn’t move. She wasn’t all all staring at the moon like the rest of the people caught in a trance. I guess that really doesn’t matter. The main players left are the only ones that can stop Madara now.

    By the way guys and gals, don’t count Obito out just yet. I’m sure he has one more trick up his sleeve. Obito motto is, “Never say die!”

    @UTI : LOL!! Poor Oro

    One piece- So that’s how they are gonna take Donflamingo out! With all those people gunning for him, he doesn’t stand a chance! Ha yeah right, Doffy will still mop the floor with the lot of em! I tell you one thing, wherever the Strawhats go chaos is sure to follow! Down with the system!

    I hope we get to see more of Fujitora display his skills and clarify his devil fruit power. I know it’s gravity base but you know…I wanna see more action from it. With his powers, he can throw (lift) Pica off the planet! Of course Fujitora has to want to do that. We shall see!

    Everytime I see “Pica”, I seem to wanna say pika, pika, like Pikachu from Pok√©mon.

    Pika, pika. Pika…..chuuuuu!!

    Hehehe……I’ll be in touch.

  21. Infinite Tsukuyomi doesn’t work on the hokage’s because they’re edo Tensei.

  22. Obito’s reaction to what happened in this new chapter:

  23. btw, shout out to impaler, you weren’t exactly right, but you were close enough to suggest a certain someone may still come into play. ^_^

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