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Naruto and Negima

Ws here again this time we will be discussing “Mahou Sensei Negima” currently my 2nd favourite manga. created by Ken Akamatsu.

Explaining words:

Mage: Someone who can use magic

Pact/pactio: A contract made like a summoning contract but instead of blood, a kiss is required.

Artifact: An item that is gained when someone makes a pactio with someone, they have special powers.

Magister Magi: The highest class of mage

Baka Rangers: The people with the lowest grades in class


Negi is a 10 year old boy that graduates from the mage academy with the best records seen in years. As follow up training he has to teach english at a middle but that’s not all, it’s an all girls school!. the class lies Negi as their teacher and they think he’s cute. Negi can’t be found out that he’s a mage if they do he’ll get turned into an ermine. Also Negi’s father is called the Thousand Master a hero mage that is said to know over 1000 spells.


Negi Springfield

Negi is the main character as a genius kid he has to teach class 2a/3a from mahora middle school. He wants to become a magister magi like his father. His speciality are wind light and thunder magic.

Asuna Kagurazaka

The only girl that doesn’t like Negi in the beginning, her luck becomes worse when Negi is placed in her room. She is the first one to make a Pactio with Negi, her artifact allows her to summon a harisen (later a sword) that can cancel out magic. she is by far the worst of all baka rangers called Baka Red

Konoe Konoka

Asuna’s best friend also the granddaughter of the principal, she has a large magical power but doesn’t realize it at first. Later she makes a pactio with Negi and her artifacts are 2 fans that can heal someone completely within a certain time limit.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell

A vampire that was cursed by the thousand master so she can’t leave the school campus and her power is mostly gone. She becomes Negi’s Magic teacher later. the power that she used to have is very great she is seen defeating a demon singlehandedly in mere seconds also her bounty contained 6 million.

Chachamaru Karakuri

A gynoid created by Evangeline and Chao she has developed an own will and since her body is a machine she can fly and use other cyborg moves. When she was introduced she was Evangeline’s slave. Later Evangeline became nicer to her and recently she has made a pactio with Negi. She has to be charged up each 12 hours with magic and it looks like it feels nice: how about we make a caption contest from this one?

Ku Fei

Baka Yellow from the baka rangers she is kinda smart but due to her being chinese she has less japanese language experience. She’s Negi’s martial arts teacher and one of the strongest close range fighters of the class. Just like chachamaru she has recently made a pactio with Negi that allows he to summon a spear like object that she can make longer at will.

Setsuna Sakurazaki

Setsuna is Konoka’s bodyguard. she has made a pactio with negi that allows her to create blades to attack the enemy with. She is one fo the calmest people of the class and secretly in love with Konoka.

Nodoka Miyazaki

A shy bookworm who has made a Pactio with negi by accident. Her artifact allows her to read people’s minds. She has a major crush on Negi.

Kaede Nagase

Baka Blue of the Baka rangers also he second girl from class to find out about Negi being a mage, she is a ninja that trains in the mountains. She is one of the strongest people in class, also made a pactio with negi, her artifact is a cape that allows her to put many things inside it like a portable storage room.

Sayo Aisaka

A ghost that doesn’t get noticed most of the time, lately she has become more active since Kazumi is one of the few who can see her and likes to take advantage of that.

Asakura Kazumi

One of the few people able to see Sayo she is part of the journalist club and is able to find out all things she wants, it no surprise she finds out about negi being a mage. Her artifacts are 5 robots that can fly wherever she wants and can spy one anyone (mostly used together with sayo to send messages).

Tatsumiya Mana

Tatumiya is around the same level as Kaede is in fighting she has made a pactio with an unknown person but since that person has died she isn’t able to use her artifact. She is a gun specialist and charges everyone money if they need help. In the fighting tournament she wasn’t allowed to use her guns so she used Rakansen techniques (shooting coins).

Yue Ayase

Baka Black from the baka rangers she is actually quite smart but since she doesn’t like studying so she get’s bad points, she has a Pactio with negi and her artifact is a book that can get any kind of information she wants including classified information.

Makie Sasaki

Baka Pink from the baka rangers, she is a gymnastics expert but is often called childish (when she’s jealous of yuna’s breast for example), she is currently the only one of the baka rangers to not have a pactio with Negi.

Yuna Akashi

Not much is know about her, her father is one of the mage teachers at the school. in the school festival she was one of the best players in the earth vs mars game where she gained 4th place she got awarded 300 meal tickets which she was forced to share with her classmates.

Haruna Saotome

The person who spreads all the rumors across the school te only way to let her not tell everyone that negi is a mage was to promise her a pactio. her artifact is a magical pen and sketchbook where she can draw things and make them come to life.

Chao Lingshen

A genius who has made chachamaru together with evangeline, she owns a car where she sells food where Ku Fei is addicted to. She returns to her homeland later. she also was the main sponsor of the fighting festival donating 10 million yen to the winner of it.

Chisame Hasegawa

A girl that likes cosplay and has her own fan site, all of the pictures are photoshoped though. She has made a pactio with negi and her artifact is a wand with 7 mice who can hack every computer.

Kotarou Inugami

Kotarou Inugami in the second OVA, Mo Hitotsu No Sekai.

He is a half demon he can transform into a wolf and he calls himself Negi’s rival. He leaves the organization he originally was part of and get’s found wounded by chizuru, one of negi’s students. Later he trains together with negi for the battle tournament. In the anime he is left out.

Takamichi Takahata

He’s one of the teachers at the school and used to be the student of one of Nagi’s companions: Gatou Vandenburg. he never uses his full power in a fight but he’s (one of) the strongest people in mahora. He uses a technique called Kanka a combination between Ki and Magic he loses against Negi in the fighting tournament but he didn’t use all of his power.

Nagi Springfield

Also known as the thousand master one of the strongest mages ever. It’s said he died 10 years ago but Negi claims to have seen him 6 years ago. he was the leader of Alba Ruba a group of hero’s who saved the world. Later some other guys have confirmed he’s still alive, no one has seen him though.


this time it’s blow me away from breaking Benjamin


Negi – Sasuke  Always has a girl to follow him.

Asuna – Sakura(part 1)  Both beat up the main character all the time when they are being stupid and dislike them.

Konoka – Sakura(shippuuden)  Great healing power and has the job to keep the main characters alive.

Evangeline – Tsunade  Both look younger than they actually are and are known as strong people around the world.

Chachamaru – Shizune  Has the job to help their masters (sometimes against their will).

Ku Fei – Gai  Hand to hand combat specialist, almost no one can beat them when it comes to close range fighting.

Nodoka – Hinata  Shy cute and major crush on the main character do I need to say more?

Tatsumiya – Tenten  Long range combat specialist.

Haruna – Sai  Both are experts in drawing and can make their creatures come alive.

Kotarou – Kiba/Lee  [Kiba:] Both fight with dog powers (kotarou’s wolf spirits/akamaru)  [Lee:] idiotic guy who doesn’t think about much more than fighting.

Rakan – Jiraya  Old perverted and teacher of the main character.

Fate – Pein  Powerful villains but being used as puppet by someone else (Unknown guy/Madara).

Anime and Manga

There are some things that are different:

there are 2 anime series first Negima!

– Koutaru is left out in both anime series

– Anime changed many stuff and watchers became less interested so it ended after 1 season.

well the opening was pretty nice

now about the spin off season called Negima!?

– It was decided to try to make a succesfull anime again but now with the spin-off manga; Neo Negima everything is based on funny and action, this makes it progress way faster (Evangeline arc was over after 5 chapters already) also the pactio’s are different instead of an artifact you have a chance of getting one of 3 forms: a form that sucks a form that is good and a form that pwns all.

– This one due to low viewing ratings got deleted also.


Link Mahou Sensei Negima (original Manga)

Link Neo Negima (spin off manga)

Link Negima! (1st seeason)

sorry i wasn’t able to find a good link for the 2nd anime series.


7 Responses

  1. boring like hell

  2. Whitey: I started reading this and like it, thanks for the post!

  3. pain can you tell me why it’s boring? i can change the blogs so you do like them, if you just don’t like the manga don’t leave a comment plzkthnx

  4. From the polls we’ve done before, it seems many Shannaro readers are very picky about their manga. Most exclusively read Naruto and it’s hard to get them to like other stuff, so don’t get discouraged whitey since you’re swimming against the current.

  5. Oh, and I recommend doing Air Gear or Soul Eater in the future 😉

  6. another good recommendation. i’d say i’ve read all but one or two of the mangas you’ve recommended after the posts. great job whitey keep it up!

    (oh and i know it is nothing like naruto but if you ever read it, i highly recommend berserk!)

  7. ok air gear, soul eater and berserk added to the waiting line. will take a break of creating blogs this week, need to gather more information 😛

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