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Bleach Chapter 580 : The Light

Chapter 580: The Light
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This chapter was a good one, four sternritter and the arrival of Ichigo into Seiretei.


First of is Sternritter ‘T’. Candice Catnipp(really?) “The Thunderbolt”. AS one of the other girls, sort off, insults her by telling Candice she didn’t get everybody with the first hit.

She powers up another lightning blast but gets interrupted by Zaraki who goes for a swing. It looks like he can’t call his Zanpaktou anymore, being too weakened from his fight against Gremmy. Candice manages to block and counter attack Zaraki hitting him full on burning his body to a crisp. Another friendly lady punches him into the ground.

Zaraki’s subordinates move to defend him but another sternritter. ‘G’ Liltotto Lampard “The Glutton” blocks them. She has to be the weirdest of the group a giant mouth-snake which is literary part of her mouth.


She goes out and started munching away at the soldiers like appetizers. And apparently 11th squad members are not too tasty. But not the worst she’s had.

Zaraki stands back up to fight but Candice knocks him back into the ground. The soldiers try to help him but they get squashed by a building hurled at the by another Sternritter.


‘P’ Meninas Mcallon “The Power” seems a girl of brute strength. Meaning that she and Zaraki need to make babies…

Finally we also meet the last girl. She allows herself to get hit, her blood splattering around hitting the soldiers. STernritter ‘Z’ Giselle Gewelle “The Zombie”.

It seems that whoever has some of her blood on her loses control of their motion to them. She kills the lot of them by letting them kill themselves with their own blade.


With all the enemies killed they surround Zaraki. He is still alive but can’t move his body anymore. He can simply only lay there as the girls go Rock-paper-siccors to decide who gives the final blow.

But before they sort out their bickering they suddenly freeze in fear as they hear a thunderous explosion breaking the dome. It can only be one of two things…


Or the rice-ball he might have dropped.

Find out next week!!


21 Responses

  1. Nice review, but I really hope it’s not Ichigo. He is too powerfull to come and battle some teenage girls.He should fight agains Buzz B, Right hand man (dunno his name). I have a theory, yes it’s a crazy one, but I will say it. Yachiru is MIA, so what if Future Yachiru (dangai..maybe) comes to the rescue. Then we would have a fight between girls (fan service once again), and Ichigo would be saved for better fighst. We all know that the first enemy Ichigo will fight, is just meat cannon.

  2. Kenpachi is not as overpowering as I may have thought. Seeing him defeated by a group of cheerful group of girls was a little surprising. Those laughing group of girls should remove Kenpachi’s eye patch and see if they will still be laughing right afterwards.

  3. Like I said about last chapter, TK really wants us readers to understand that the Sternritters are no mere push overs. It was kinda weird seeing Kenpachi beaten like that. I did wonder why he didn’t remove the eye patch? Is his new eye patch dampening his massive power? Either way reading him saying “it looks like this is the end.” was really weird.

    As far as the light being Ichigo..arrgghh!! I agree with Impaler I don’t want it to be Ichigo either but my reason is because I don’t see him killing the four psycho babes. I am hoping that the light is someone who will show no mercy or Ichigo who shows no mercy and sends the sternritter chicks to oblivion.

    I wonder what happen to Yachiru? Also it would be interesting to find out what the quincy women did to Bambietta.

    See ya!

  4. Ichigo is the most likely candidate to break through the dome. No one else can be dropping from the sky and causing a big bang.

  5. Not many characters at this point would crash through the dome. It has to be Ichigo.

  6. Ichigo is the only person on his way down from the Soul Palace. Rukia and Renji were the only other ones who where traveling but they all they arrived already. I don’t know anybody else who would need to make an airborne entry.

    I did find it a bit early for Ichigo to arrive. We haven’t even seen Byakuya kick ass yet.

  7. @pretend3r: You found it a bit early for Ichigo to arrive? Even though Ichigo left first, Byakuya beat him to SS (Which I found kinda weird). Byakuya did use his shikai which the Ice sculpture Äs Nödt thought it was his bankai. Which means that his skills with Senbonzakura has improved drastically.

    Like I said earlier, being that the light is Ichigo, I hope his personality has change so that he shows no mercy to the four lady quincies. Then I would enjoy the return of Ichigo. If he just overpower the ladies and let them live to fight another day or worse convert them to his side, that would horrible!

    Honestly he should be merciless since he completely embraced his hollow/shinigami side.

  8. It could always be…..dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!…….Grimmjow and the surviving arancars.

  9. In terms of the action I meant. I was hoping Ichigo would arrive a bit later so we could have some of the others have a turn.

  10. Grimmjaw and The arrancars are probably not the one falling through the sky. It’s too early for them to come in and it would make little sense that they’re moving through the sky with a lot of force. Ichigo is the only one left out of the zero squad palace flying down from the sky. It can only be Ichigo.

  11. I don’t think it is them but no one has considered Urahara, Chad, and Inoue comin’ from Hueco Mundo.

  12. @shikamaru
    Urahara is already in SS.

  13. @shikamaruistheman
    Mr Hat and Clause teleported to Soul Society. It would be too inconvenient for Hat and Clause to shoot himself in the air. Also, he never does anything reckless and never uses a bankai.

  14. Noone but ichigo will make 5 captain class sternritter freeze like that and where did the idea of grimjaw spring out from,have we seen that guy since aizen or did i miss a chapter.
    (Still sannins by the way).

  15. @pretend3r
    You’re right, he came back and gave the gotei 13 the means to get their bankai back. Its def Ichigo… can’t wait!!

  16. @sannins

    You don’t remember the mystery person with Urahara in soul society that looked like it could have been Grimmjaw?

  17. definately yachiru

  18. Can someone tell me the chapter where we saw that mystery person?

  19. @Greenpeas
    Can’t be Yachiru. Her bones were turned into cookies by Gremmy and she wouldn’t be able to take on 4 sterriters by herself.

    The mystery man came from Hueco Mundo

  20. YEA!!! Here comes Ichigo to save the day. Chapter 581 is up!!!!!

  21. how much u want to bet he gives Kenny one of those rice ball aka sensu beans to eat?

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