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Bleach Chapter 581 : The Hero 2

Chapter 581: The Hero 2
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The events of this week are work as a nice summary to how the war is going for the Gotei 13. Which… is bad…

Omeada is carrying an unconsious So Foin around her back. He gets ambushed by some random soldiers. It also seems Omeada sisters is alive.


Fortunately for him Shinji and Hinarmi come to his aid. The little Hinamori blowing them up with little trouble. Shinji orders his lt to provide aid to Soi Fon.

She is good at healing but not 4th squad good. Anyway with a moment to breath they review their situation and plan. It seems they all agree that Zaraki is the most important warrior for them on the battlefield atm.

With Zaraki in a weakened state the Quincy figured that if they kill him the battle will shift in their favor. Which is true as Shinji comments. A lot of captain are down for the count, even more are battered and bruised scattered all over the place.

In order to stay in the fight Zaraki must survive.

Unbeknownst to them. Bazz-B was listening to them for a while. And this guy is smart enough not to monologue at goes all out with his ability ‘burning finger’ to take them all out.


He turns the area into a giant wave of lava. Creating a very dicey situation for the group. We don’t get to see this time out how they deal with it.

In the meantime we see Kuchuki’s pov of the fight in the disance. The four female sternritter battering down on Zaraki. Rukia suddenly stops as she senses something familiar, before even her brother does.

Alot of others shinigami notice it aswell. Renji(still doing fine it seems). Ikkaku(not using his bankai, like a dumdum).

Finally the approaching familiar bashes into the. The four knights looking up in shock and then disappointment as whatever broke through the dome crashes through a belltower into the ground.


The, to them, unknown assailant is suddenly behind him. And to no surprise to me, its Ichigo. He got his old-fashioned speed back and seems to move so quick they can’t sense him move.

Ichigo’s pretty much ignores the Quincy presence having a little chat with the ‘resting’ Zaraki.

The chapter ends with words Ichigo never thought he’d even say to Ichigo.

“I am here to save you.”

I for one cannot wait to see how much he has grown in the short time he could train up there in the Soul Palace.


15 Responses

  1. that would be sweet if he had already cut them down, they just don’t realize it yet

  2. @sirrake

    I think they are already cut pretty badly.

  3. Ichigo is going to mop the floor with all the Quincies: his hollow powers will poison them to death.

  4. The return of the badass! Fudge fudge fudge so fudging excited.when will bleach start getting animated again,anyone has any idea?even fairy tail picked up their animation

  5. Too bad kenpachi couldn’t bang four girls,Ichigo’s gonna show him how an orgy is done.
    Bazz-B burner finger 5 would be hell if burner finger 3 was damn lava.no doubt he’s the top ten strongest quincy with a H.the letter ranking rules

  6. You know Ichigo’s return is reminiscent of the time when Goku returned from King Kai’s place when he underwent his Kaio Ken training. Kenpachi getting ready to die (Gohan getting ready to die from Nappa), Ichigo’s super speed (Goku’s was way fast) and Ichigo’s overall cheery attitude was like Goku. It’s like vonrake said in his post on other page “all we need now is the rice ball aka sensu bean.” Either way I’m not complaining about the chapter.

    I wasn’t expecting Ichigo’s attitude to be so cheerful. I was rather surprised. I agree with sirrake if the four female sternritters are already sliced up, that would be cool. Also speaking of attitudes, I was surprised at the way Kenpachi was acting. Maybe I’m reading into this to much but Kenpachi seemed more serious than normal. I would have expected him to say something like “bout time you get here.” Or maybe, “hehe you’ve gotten stronger I can’t wait to fight you again.” grinning the whole time. Honestly I think the situation in SS is really grim.

    Last point I wanna make is I really hope Shinji isn’t dead. I think he is awesome! I’m confused on one point though. nss7 bought this to light about Ichigo hollow powers poisoning the quincy; just wondering, why doesn’t the vizard use their hollow powers? Maybe they aren’t connected to their hollow side like Ichigo is. Whatever the case, Shinji and the rest of the vizards should be donning their mask right about now.

    Question, where the heck are the Kido corps? Why don’t people use Kido?? Hmm maybe because quincy can absorb it?

    I’m outtie!

  7. @Immortal
    Captains are prohibited from using hollow powers. Mr Hat and Clause and Aizen were both exiled from Soul Society for experimenting with hollows. If the vizards were to use their hollow mask, they to will recieve the harsh punishment of being kicked out of Soul Society.

  8. @gentlepunch
    The manga still has a long ways to go for the final arc. It’s better if the anime picks back up when the manga series is closer to being done instead of random filler episodes in between.

  9. @nss7: I see your point but in these times of war, using hollow powers shouldn’t matter. Besides, Mr Hat and Clause use that special pill; let’s see the bleach wiki says it’s “Shin’eiyaku.” which hollowfies the shinigami in order to get their bankai back. So really there shouldn’t be any reason for such a restraint for the vizards considering that the bankai wielding shinigami have hollow powers now.

  10. I take it kenpachi is in feelings because he still hasn’t found a hint of his vice captain

  11. @cas24: Agreed. Personally I not fully convinced of this but I think Yarichu is deceased. Why would she abandon her clothes like that? Not only that, where is Isane and the bodies of the 2 vizard captains (Rose and Kensei)? The plot thickens!

  12. Speaking of things capable of kicking these quincy’s ass.
    Where the hell is yoruichi?she can kick thier ass.literally,that chick doesn’t even need a soul cutter,much less a bankai which the quincy absorbs.she just beat crap out of you,taijutsu style.

  13. @Immortal
    The pill was temporary to get the captain’s bankai back while hollowfication is pernament and pose a risk of possibly taking over the shiningami host.

  14. @nss7: Yeah but even if it is temporary, they still relied on hollow power. I’m not arguing your point but I would think that central 46 would have lift the restrictions considering the opponents they are facing are extremely dangerous. They lifted the restrictions on training Kenpachi so why not the restrictions for the vizards to go hollow. Besides me personally I would love to see it again!

  15. Also what happened to kiba clan n co. Weren’t they training for this battle

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