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Bleach Manga Chapter 617: Return of the God

Chapter 617: Return of the God
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First off.. Holy shit that coloured page. so awesome.

Then… well… gross stuff. The Kamikake forms from inside Ukitake reaching higher and higher toward the remains of the Soul King. It apparently reached him as the quakes stopped.


The King’s reaction is not quite how I expected. I expected him to look more than Ichigo does. It seems (for some reason) the Kamikake could not been ‘seen’ by his eyes. Ywach still stands within yourichi’s trap of wires.

He reacts quite strangely asking why the right arm of the Soul King himself is meddling in this affair. As if it’s been banned before.

Down below they get the hurry up and with the help of the Vaizard squad and Mayuri’s hidden REiatsu amplifier they go ahead and open the gate.

As all that is happening. Kyouraku intends to talk to Aizen and unlock the ‘mouth’ seal allowing the man to speak.


immediately however, Aizen walk forth approaching him… but of course the question being. Is it really Aizen, is he pulling an illusion straight away, how does his ability work since he lost his zanpaktou. Maybe Ywach released him.

What is your theory?

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