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Free Write


Hello Shannaro fans, it has been awhile, like I have been saying in previous blogs, life is quite busy for me right now. I do not have the time to write a well written analysis, there are so many things happening right now, and I bet a lot of you know what I mean by that. But this will be an informal analysis write up where it will be very quick but I feel like I need to say things to get them off my chest, and honestly I miss talking about my favorite mangas.

What can I say about Naruto?

While I would love to say that what has been happening in the Naruto series is the most awesome thing ever, I cannot. At best I can say that the recent Naruto is an enjoyable series. Many have forgotten the message and theme of the Naruto Naruto-Hatake-Kakashi-Sharingan-Pictureseries; which, Naruto has a big heart who uses his love for peace and stability influences those around him. So seeing Obito overcome by Naruto’s determination to make him understand what he has been doing is wrong and to forget his wrong doing and start a better life. However, I still have a lot to complain about, but I will not ramble on and on about it because frankly we all do that enough. As for theories and opinions, well this is my only opinion; I dearly hope that this is not how the Naruto series ends. I still see a lot of potential in the Naruto series. This series can go on forever, in my opinion it can last longer than One Piece because in the One Piece series the main idea is Luffy claiming One Piece and once he does that the series has an ending. But in the Naruto series we do not or at least Kishi keeps changing the main idea of the series.     At first it was Naruto becoming Hokage but now we do not know if he really wants to do that, because he is so fixated on Sasuke. (And don’t get me started on that issue) But now, in my opinion, it can have Naruto and all the other characters grown up and each achieving their goal. I.E, Naruto becoming Hokage, Shikamaru becoming his right hand man, Sasuke starts his own village and family and so on. In essence I do not want this series to end like this, it would put a bad taste in my mouth. So here is hope for another year of Naruto.

One Piece is One Piece

Okay I might be biased when it comes to the One Piece series, but come on who can tell such a strong and inflicting story than Oda. There is no manga out there (with a few exceptions) that has the strong story and characters as One Piece. It literally has all you want in a manga. Story, action, cool characters, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro and so on, females that have a body of a goddess but can kick your azz, Nami, Nico Robin, Violet, and so on. And recently I have been enjoying the story so far, it just has the right amount of action with story.

188598DoflamingoBut I have to admit that Doflamingo h as surprised me by how cunning and genius he is. He uses the old, hero saves the day at the last moment. It is funny to me because Oda uses this trick constantly and so do other authors (Kishi is infamous for this and so it Tite) but to have Doflamingo a creation of Oda to use and laugh at the concept of a hero, just boggles my mind. Is Oda making fun of himself on the hero aspect, or has Doflamingo become so real that he has power over his creator. I am only joking of course this is a creation of Oda, but it still amazes me that Doflamingo used the hero aspect of things to make him a favor of the people. Another thing that I have noticed is that Doflamingo does care about his crew, when Law threatened to kill one of his crew he was somewhat taking back. It was almost as if a bad guy holding Nami and threatening to kill her if Luffy came any closer. While Doflamingo did use one of Luffy’s old tricks,(hero saves the day) he shows that he does care about his crew, which is something we have rarely seen with villains in this manga with a few exceptions. Okay that is it for me today, hopefully I will have time to say more about these awesome mangas, quick shout out, Bleach is badazz these day. But you all have a good week and holidays.


62 Responses

  1. I want to go to there………

  2. @darthuchiha, what do you want to go to?

  3. Thanks Jdogg for the review! I’m thankful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to post your thoughts. Awesome indeed.

    Now about Naruto, I get what you are saying about the overall theme of the manga, the problem I have with that is, it is now unrealistic to me. Naruto seems to overcome all odds by talking out the problem trying to convince others that his world view is right. I don’t have a problem with that, the problem I have is that no one challenges his opinion to the point were Naruto doesn’t really mature as a character. Villains have challenged him personally in the past by fighting him but his “ninja way” is the only way they eventually succumb to. I look at Sasuke (who is supporting character) go through more changes in world view, experience the ups and downs of the shinobi world, and by appearances, he seems to have learned lessons from everything he went through. In other words, what I don’t like is that Naruto IMO lacks realistic character development.

    Now that I think about it, he really is like Obito where as Sasuke (at least this chapter) is like Kakashi in terms of realism.

    The good news is, this is alllll my opinion!

    Thanks again Jdogg for your one piece review. I am really enjoying reading one piece (I’m on chapter 452). It has been a real adventure! There were so many moments where I laughed, cried, got angry, got PUMPED UP, and just overall had a blast. Oda’s gift is really in the details. As far as this chapter went, I don’t know about you, but I was SHOCKED when Donflamingo pulled out A GUN!!! Truly I was like, ” That Don is a Original Gangsta…or better yet, a Original Gangsta Pirate! LOL!!

    @Jdogg: darthuchiha wishes he was with the “ladies” in the awesome pic you put up.

    @darthuchiha: Why didn’t you say I wish me and Immortal was there! LOL!

    @Corbray: My bad. What I meant to say was that I wanted your comment on the latest chapter. But if you are like me, I like to wait until pretend3r puts up his review. By the way, it’s better IMO, to read the one piece manga. It was hard for me to get into the anime. Thanks for the feedback by the way.

    @UchihaTheInfamous: Yeah I agree bleach is awesome!! I can’t believe Komamura became a real wolf. I wonder if he lost all his intelligence?

  4. – Bleach –
    I believe Komamura didn’t lose his intelligence, but at the very least the ability to continue the fight against the Vandenreich. The pages where Komamura thinks about his warnings to Tousen about revenge actually made the chapter a bit sad. Especially if you consider the fact that he wasn’t able to kill Bambietta.

    My guess is that the grandfather of Sajin (the big wolf) also used this technique and is therefore in the same kind of state as Sajin now. Big wolf, but not capable of being a shinigami. Maybe he was part of the original Gotei? (He seems that old at least).

    – One Piece –
    Doflamingo is starting to become the best villain One Piece has given us till this day! Right now he is simply torturing Law in the middle of his city (and in front of luffy). That’s just badass, seriously. Although it would have been wiser to just finish Law off, he is now underestimating the strawhats, even when he warend his subordinates not to…

    prediction: Fujitora will save Law’s life. Why? Because only the world goverment is qualified to judge (ex)Warlords, and Fujitora doesn’t seem to like Doflamingo very much. Right now I don’t see anyone capable of stopping Doflamingo, except for Fujitora.

    – Naruto –
    It seems Naruto has found Madara, but seriously how did Madara escape the first hokage? And what kind of trump card does he have prepared? It might have something to do with Sasuke, I remember Tobi saying something about Sasuke being able to sync with Gedo Mazo like Nagato did. Maybe Madara wants to control Sasuke with his Sharingan hacks to revive him, like Nagato was supposed to do. Madara could then become the ten tails Jinchuriki…

  5. @Gaviotero: Awesome analysis Gaviotero! Your theory just made bleach a whole heck of a lot more interesting. I agree that bleach was really sad especially when I thought Komamura lost his intelligence. Now you have me curious about Sajiin’s grandfather. Again good theory!

    With one piece, I agree that Donflamingo is seriously awesome. I still can’t believe he used a gun instead of his devil fruit ability to hurt Law. It was cool nonetheless. To be honest though, I think it will take a lot to take out Donflamingo. Personally I believe Law’s plan to allow Kaido to deal with him is the only way to beat Pirate Gangsta Donflamingo.

    Do you think Madara knows Sasuke? I mean really remember him acknowledging him or anything? Oh and now that you mentioned it, what the heck happen to the Gedo statue?

  6. The gedo statue was the ten tailed……so yea. And sasuke doesn’t have senju Dna, or the rinnegan, so there shouldn’t be any way for sasuke to use it regardless of its state.

    Then again, as far as we know, hashiramas living clone (which, if I’m not mistaken, yamato is still attached to) is still around. Madara knows about it, hes the one who created it. Maybe it will still have some use…

  7. @Immortal: I’m not sure if Madara knows Sasuke, when he was revived he wasn’t aware of the things that happened in the years after his death. I’m guessing Obitobi was either messing with Sasuke to gain a strong ally, or as a back up plan in case something goes wrong with Nagato.

    What Darthuchiha said about Sasuke not being able to use the Gedo statue / ten tailed makes sense, unless Kishimoto gives Sasuke Rinnegan out of the blue. Let’s find out in next chapter!

  8. @ gavio and darth

    I am 99% sure that BIG MAGNUM is either Sasuke’s grandfather or great grandfather. It’s already been confirmed that Obitio is his cousin. Kurama already said Sasuke had chakra just as sinister as BIG MAGNUM.

  9. I wanna ses usshop get into a gun fight with any top tier characters who’s also good with guns.

  10. @Gaviotero: Madara may give his rinnegan to Sasuke. He did it with Nagato through “unknown means.”

    @darthuchiha: Hopefully he fights the sniper in blackbeards crew.

  11. One Piece changes so quick that its difficult to predict, but given where it left off it looks like Zoro & Kinemon are the closest to Doflamingo. Hopefully we’ll get to see Zoro spar off before the Marines intervene.

    What is going on with the Marines? The skull-headed Bastille couldn’t remember who they were trying to arrest. Do the different Marine factions have different goals? Is Fujitora the most powerful in Dressrosa?

    What about CP-0? Where do they fit in or was it just to announce Dolfy is still king? Also, Diamanté is confusing and I have a hard time believing the tournament will resume as scheduled. So many loose ends..

  12. I don’t know much about what’s going on in one Piece, but I’m getting a bit of deja vu from the alabasta arc. A country on a brink of civil war, a warlord playing the hero, a king and his princess fighting to regain reputation, etc…

    Speaking of warlords,I cant believe I’m realizing this now but its funny how some of the warlords abilities (current, and former) kind of opposite each other. Law can cut people into pieces while alive, whereas buggy can do the same but only with himself; how domflamingo can control peoples actions while Hancock can immobilize them, blackbeard can attract people with his power, while kuma could repeal.

    I also like how luffys actions throughout this manga, as well as the opponents he sometimes faces reflects those of a warlord at times.
    I’m surprised none of the marines ever thought about recruiting him.
    You have to admit luffy has done the world government favors at times by taking out some of his enemies (crocodile, arlong, ceaser, etc..) His name carries a lot of wait due to his allies and his family background. And naturally, just like most of the warlords that get picked, do not really give a flying fuck about marines or the world government.

  13. Nahhhh……

    They probably still butthurt that a rookies pirate continuesly makes them look like fools.

  14. Finally, a good chapter from Naruto. One thing we found out is that even as an edo summon, you have unlimited chakra, but you are still not full strength. BIG MAGNUM is about to start molly whopping some people.

  15. Kishi taking a break off may be one of the best thing that ever happen. Madara is finally at full strength. This is what we’ve been waiting for, for Obito to be gone and for Madara to resurrect himself. Time for Madara to raise HELL!

  16. Also BIG MAGNUM is proving more and more that he’s smart and excellent strategist. The whole bringing himself back to life plan from start to finish was genius. And everyone including Obito have fallen right in line, if not helped out his plan through there actions, including Naruto. Whether they knew it or not. And he’s had a backup plan for everything, and has just been patiently waiting for it all to slowly unfold.

  17. Obito was always a dead man from the start. A puppet that was taken along for the ride. Madara plan this for years. He’s been waiting and watching in the shadows. Life couldn’t stop him nor could death. Madara was going be revived no matter what the circumstances were going to be. He fought along side and against the strongest clans in the Narutouniverse. Madara helped built Konoha from the ground up. He have spread his powerful and vast knowledge across the Narutouniverse to wise individuals away from ignorance. His strategic and intellectual mutual exchange of thought have surpass all shinobis in the Narutouniverse.

    Obito was just a sad excuse to stall time. His only role from the very beginning was to be a sacrificial chess piece for Madara’s revival. An empty soul to recreate and rebuild Madara’s reputation, while destroying his own. Only Madara is worthy to be the final boss, not Obito.

  18. @nss

    I agree with all you said, but I can also see Orochimaru filling this same role. His knowledge is second to none, his knowledge of jutsu, and the inner workings of each are unparalled. He’s also no slouch in terms of strength either. I think he is the overall most complete shinobi in Naruto. Some excell at strength, others at jutsu, others at intellect, anf lastly knowledge/battle knowledge. But nobody excells at all like he does.

  19. Soooo…… is this a confirmation that edo zombies don’t come at full strength?

  20. @uchiha I see itachi as possibly the closest thing to madara especially over oro. Everything u mentioned about oro itachi excels at but with a added dynamic; oro tends to get inpatient at times or pushed into a corner he is nt ready for like whn SASUKE absorbed him. Itachi has never been caught with his pants down so to speak and even wen things don’t go according to plan (like the raven) he still turns it to a advantage. Long term as short term itachi is one of te most strategic shinobi in the narutoverse. As for madara honestly I need to see what happens now that he is immortal. He may be more powerful but this also comes with the fact that his chakra is no longer infinite. Being mortal has to provide a significant boost or something. Aside from being able to become the ten tail jinchiriki now he probably was better off as a Edo but time will tell. Jut glad to see obito not be able to use that resurrection Justu….

  21. @nss7 I would argue that out of the first, second and madara that the second was most practical and rational out of everyone. He had the ruthlessness of madara but also enough sense to know to do something with the uchiha even though they were basically born emo and weaker than the senju. Madara was all uchiha 24/7 and was basically a grown up part 1 SASUKE (who wanted to bring the uchiha glory back). I mean let’s be real without te second hokage this war wouldn’t have even happened and madaras plan would have failed

  22. @token

    I don’t think itachi has the battle exp of Oro. Oro is a sanin and was going to be the choice of hokage. Also itachi’s knowledge of jutsu isn’t as great as Oro’s. I will give you is more patient and maybe a slight bit more analytical. Itachi is a genius, but not on the same level of genius as Oro. Oro figured out the Uchiha’s most prized posession, which was how to obtain the rinnegan, without even being an uchiha or having the sharingan. Also even though they were both members of the root, Oro was the primary mastermind for intel and planning for Danzo. Oro is just a beast from all aspects.

  23. Naruto-This chapter was decent. The set up seems to be pretty good but due to the horror of this “war arc” I am skeptical about how these current events will turn out.

    I was a bit confused about Madara. Earlier he was bragging after he used a seal to free himself from Kabuto about how he was immortal and had limitless chakra. Now he says he can use his full power even though he now has limited chakra and can be killed. I guess now it’s safe to assume since he can become a jinchuuriki and prehaps use some other jutsus he couldn’t have as a edo zombie. (Even though as a edo zombie, there were jutsu he couldn’t do if he was alive like those meteorites he summoned). I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what he means.

    Obito is one of those guys that seem to never die despite all of the situations he was in that would have surely killed anybody else:

    Survived the rocks crushing part of his body.
    Survived a fight with water village anbu black opps.
    Survived a fight with the yellow flash
    Survived a amaterasu from Sasuke
    Survived being blown to smithereens by 5 BILLION explosive tags (courtesy of Konan).
    Survived a fight with two of Danzo’s best henchmen
    Survived a rasengan to the face.
    Survived a raikiri in the heart
    Survived numerous attacks from the shinobi alliance
    Survived becoming a jinchuuriki of the 10 tails
    Survived the extraction of the 10 tails

    ANNNNDD I bet he will survive Madara’s transfer technique.

    Truly Obito is a survivor who despite many protest, will never get voted out of the story.

    Question, I wonder who Obito was (or maybe still) going to bring back from the pure world?

    I loved how Kish has matured Gaara. There are still a few characters that bring some realism to the manga.

    Later Shannaro gangstas

    PS: Bleach was great; I will comment later.

    @darthuchiha: 1) I agree with you about the one piece post. 2) Now about edo tensei. I always thought that the only thing a edo tensei zombie couldn’t do is new stuff they never learned before they died. (However that doesn’t explained how yellow flash learned how to do the nine tails cloak) You know what…I have no ideal. I’m sorry…ehhh.

  24. LOL!! I thought of something after my latest post; I wonder what kind of talk no jutsu will they use to defeat Madara?

  25. @uchiha battle experience? itachi defeated oro in seconds when oro impatiently tried to take itachis body (which btw shows how lethan oro viewed itachi cause he viewed his body as a perfect vessel for him). Number of jutsus sure oro gets teh advantage but thats because it was his goal. All oro wanted was power so he figured learn about as many jutsus as possible and was obsessed with uchiha clan stuff. That doesnt make oro better just makes him more power hungry and plus he was able to live longer than itachi who died at a young age mostly due to the disease killing him. And itachi was an anbu captain at age 13 so in terms of battle power it could easily be argued that itachi is just naturally more skilled and battle savvy than oro (who when he severed his hand he hardly wasted a breath and oro had to be in his prime)and y do u think oro was danzos primary mastermind? cause oro was sick and twisted like danzo was at times, while everyone in anbu and even oro admitted that itachi was fiercely loyal to the village, and itachi had a conscience. Oro was a sannin but we have seen that the sannins were pretty hyped up, at least tsunade was.

  26. and itachi was never in root cause danzo knew better than to try and bring itachi into that group. itachi was however in the anbu

  27. I’m confused as to how nagato was suppose to bring madara back in the 1st place. He called himself god and viewed himself as changing the world I dont see him willingly bringing madara back to life unless obito had a plan for that but obviously with konan’s action they didn’t completely trust obito anyways. Anyways its now 20,000+ vs 1 with over 10 kage level ninja/samurai and yet madara still has the advantage I somehow find this funny

  28. @ cas24

    Because hes BIG MAGNUM, that’s why.

    Anyway, after all of naruto and the alliance talk no jutsu with obito, in the end obito was exactly as he said he was…. no one. Nothing but a tool used. To further madara and his plans. I bet, even from the beginning, obito had no intention on bringing back madara and having him become the ten tailed host. His shock at seeing madara as an edo zombie and the “control” he tried have over him (him being the only one who can bring madara back to life in order to be a jinjurruki, which madara smirked at thinking ‘look at the ballz on this mofo, oh u gonna get yours, believe dat) is evidence of that. Of course, madara planned for nearly everything. The hashirama clone, the statue, the battle with the first, akatsuki, the edo tensei allow.ing him to remain even after the castor reverses it, and for obitos desperation to be the main bad guy and the second SOTSP. Then he tried to pull a nagato and try to redeem himself to keep whatever shred of identity he had left, but naturally madara put an end to that, and now madara may have a better chance of success now. Difference is nagato(an itachi to an extent may had been brought back to be used as nothing more than a tool against his will, but he didn’t die that way and they left behind a legacy, and hope for a future.Obtito may not get that same opportunity.

    Oh well ¯\(°_o)/¯

  29. On a side note, anyone other than me thought of this when minato was by obito?

  30. @token

    The only thing wrong with Oro and Itachi is that Oro suffered from the Uchiha curse. The Uchiha curse is not as we have been led to believe. It’s the pain and suffering they cause on everyone they are associated with. Even the first had this problem. I can only name one prominent powerful person who didn’t suffer from this, and that is the second. He saw things very clearly.

  31. Aw come on uchiha we all know that the curse is crap lol. Two of the most prominent uchiha were pro konoha and did everything they could to try and reverse the hatred that the uchiha spewed off (itachi and shisui). And oro suffers from power nt the “uchiha curse”.

  32. Also uchiha that was a pretty random comment…

  33. I stated that in reference to your comment about oro being blinded by itachi’s power. My counterpoint was that who wasn’t blinded by the uchiha. This what I referred to as the uchiha curse. A great many of people from another tribe get ensnared in this curse and it leads to either their downfall or great personal hurt for them. Itachi and Shisui don’t count because they are both uchiha.

  34. the uchiha curse has nothing to do with other clans… its what makes the uchiha so hateful and emotional lol. Its referred to as the curse of hatred and the second explains it with oro and the others… Im not sure what curse ur talking about unless its some assumed curse but the curse of hatred is what I think your referring to…

  35. How is Madara making himself mortal a good move? Unless he has some plan to somehow get all the beasts into himself and make himself the Ten Tails host, while avoiding everyone who is now able to kill him for good, or if the tree is going to make another god fruit, I don’t see how this works in his favor.

  36. @fire well for one supposedly he will be more powerful with his real body and im sure the fruit or the tailed beasts has something to do with his plan. Madara isnt dumb and wouldnt turn himself human just to be dealt with easier.

  37. @token

    I understand the “naruto” version that the second explained , but what I’m saying is that I have my own version of the uchiha curse, and it involves the other people involved side of the story. The second explained it from the uchiha’s perspective. Mine is from the other party involved. They end up suffering the most. Look at the first, naruto, sakura, kakashi, minato, orochimaru, karin, all of konoha as a whole. They wreak havoc in other people’s lives.

  38. You cant say that oro or anyone is afflicted by a curse that doesnt exist… its cool to have an opinion but u cant add your own made up stuff to try and make a point when in actuality oro is simply greedy and power hungry from any source (not just uchiha. hell a couple of his greatest achievements has nothing to do with uchiha; his body transferring and his ability to manipulate the demon god to bring stuff out of its belly), not afflicted by some made up curse

  39. @Token, I wonder how he could possibly be stronger though? Kabuto specifically said he brought him back better than he was in his prime, so that right there means his Edo body was better than his best, plus the fact that he now has a limited amount of chakra and no healing ability…just seems like too much of a long shot and poor planning on his part.

  40. @fire fist

    He has the senju body plus he is at full power. What we learned from this last chapter is that apprently edos can heal and have endless chakra, but aren’t at full power. To me it seems like a trade-off rather than improvemeng.

  41. @fire gotta remember though in his prime he didn’t have te rinnengan; that wasn’t till his near death so that right there is a big advantage to getting his prime body back With the rinnengan. Also it has to be assumed that he has a plan for either absorbing all the tailed beasts or perhaps the fruit can only be fully utilized by a real body. Again madara isn’t stupid like obito so if he wants to become alive again he has a pretty good reason as to why he wants to do that

  42. BIG MAGNUM is out there owning the battle field and he doesn’t even have any eyes. This is what top tier villian is supposed to look like.Take notes Obito, lol.

  43. Now all this resurrection/rinne tensei stuff I have some questions….
    1) how come madara is brought back in his prime body by Edo but he has the rinnengan? Supposedly madara got te rinnengan closer to death than his prime body an yet he is brought back by Edo with his prime body and the rinnengan. And kabuto added the firsts face to madara so no confusion on that.
    2) rinne tensei brings back the dead…. However how come madara is brought back again in his prime body but no eyes? He gave away his eyes right before his death but yet here madara is blind in a prime body. From what we have seen rinne tensei brings back ppl as they were when they died… Unless u can pick and choose what time frame they r revived? Course than how come madara doesn’t have his eyes if e was revived at a younger age? Too many holes in how Edo and rinne tensei works

  44. And honestly I’m getting tired of the random boosts madara gets… O he’s blind and has no more rinnengan? Np he can absorb jutsu just cause he’s madara(funny since in the flashback we saw no such power in the fight against the first) . No sight? No prob somehow madara has a sixth sense that can locate and knock around naruto in sage mode an fight off SASUKE and his sword without seeing and immobilize and drain hashirama o and now with his random draining ability he is able to take hasiramas abiliy to regenerate and has senjutsu chakra for a sage mode. O and now he’s absorbing all the chakra from anyone he touches… Kishi is just throwing madara too many random power ups that it’s gettin old

  45. @token

    Those are some pretty big plotholes that probably won’t be answered, but are good questions none the less. The best answer I have is that maybe by BIG MAGNUM actually gaining the rinnegan naturally, maybe he knows how to use the revival tech a little bit better. He was close to death when he awakened the rinnegan, but it was never stated how close. Say he was close or aeound 80 when he died, maybe he developed the rinnegan 2 or three years prior to that. That’s still technically close to his death, but a really long time to train with eye techs. Also he has really good senses like how he was able to sense the exact type of MS Sasuke has. I think this is also because he is related to Sasuke. I’ve stated for a really long time that I think he is either grandpa or great grandpa. It’s already been shown Obito and Sasuke are cousins, and BIG MAGNUM chose him to help him. Now he’s recruiting Sasuke. He’s just trying to keep it in the family. Plus it has long been hinted at throughout the whole manga. Not to mention he looks exactly like BIG MAGNUM’s little brother. Maybe he’s Sasuke’s great uncle, and is Obito’s grandfather. If so I called it first, lol.

  46. He might have been able to practice rinnengan tech but there isn’t a way for him to practice using revival tech like the rinne tensei; using that tech pretty much means the user will be close to death and at such a old age I’m not sure madara could practice perfecting rinne tensei.

  47. @token

    That’s very true. Plot holes are such fun little surprises.

  48. @Token
    New chapter has no plothole. Madara real body had Hashirama attached to him because Madara had the REAL Hashirama body. Since Hashirama REAL body fuse with Madara, the REAL body does not disappear as it’s not an edo.

    Madara doesn’t have the rinnegan after edo disappear because Madara gave his eyes away to Nagato before he died. Then, the eyes were taken from Nagato by Obito, so the person in possession of Madara’s eyes as of now is Obito. Reason why Madara had rinnegan eyes in his edo form? It was because Edo Tensei manufactures fake bodies and organs, including eyes. Another reason why ninjas like Itachi, Nagato and Madara all had eyes in their edo body. Therefore, when Madara was revived, he lost his fake edo eyes; leaving him with no eyes.

    Madara can absorb chakra because he has Hashirama real body, giving him Hashirama’s absorbing powers. He’s using Hashirama’s power to absorb, heal and sense. After when Madara absorb Hashirama’s Senjutsu, he gain sensing powers, allowing him to dodge Sasuke’s attack and Naruto sage mode. Kabuto also did something similar. He closed his eyes while fighting the Uchiha brothers. Madara is doing the same thing with Hashirama’s Senjutsu.
    He’s using his new Senjutsu sensing abilities to fight despite having no eyes.

    There’s no plothole. Madara revival was errorless.

  49. @ NSS7,

    For me that’s totally making sense.

  50. @nss7 madara does not have the frst hokages real body; he himself states that the firsts face on him is from kabuto. Also Edo tensei revived u how u were when u died usually: when Nagato is brought back he is brought back with white hair which he got at his death. Madara however is brought back in his prime and yet tere is no explanation as to y that is. Also itachis eyes were in his head when he died; they were only taken out after his death so he should be resurrected with his eyes but madara should not because he died without the rinnengan as he gave them to Nagato. So madara as Edo was brought back pre old age with rinnengan which from examples such as Nagato and itachi shouldn’t have happened as all others brought back were brought back how they were when they died.
    As for the blind thing u did notice he reached hashirama blind right? He knocked out naruto and sai on his way to hashirAma blind. After absorbing senjutsu it would make sense but clearly madara does all of this even before he absorbs, which btw is a random tech since even the first required WOOD jutsu which drained chakra. Hashirama could not absorb it thru just his hands and feet an yet madara can? I call bull on that

  51. @nss7
    http://readms.com/r/naruto/657/2171/8 mentions kabuto having given him the hashirama face

    edo tensei cannot give random parts; it gives back what the person had already at the specific time as u notice with nagato and itachi; nagato was a redhead, died with white hair and this is what he looked like when he came back; http://www.onemanga.me/naruto_manga/548/2/
    the revival part i can see however doesnt explain madara having rinnengan eyes as a edo tensei

    madara moving here without having absorbed anything from hashirama yet and there he is knocking off naruto and sai while blind.

  52. @Token,

    In an anime world specially in NARUTO, is it really impossible to attack if you are blind? I think Madara being blind does not demerit him on being able to attack and dodge. Also, Kabuto says that he EDO’ed Madara in his prime (meaning a younger Madara) plus the add ons(Hashirama cells).

  53. its not impossible but honestly who sides kabuto fought blind and he gave a reason for it. its not about possible its about hey explain y dont just pull out of ur ass kishi. also thats my point.. in his prime madara didnt have rinnengan. so if in his prime how did madara have his prime body and rinnengan?

  54. @ kantutantayo

    You mean the hashirama face on his chest, because madara already had his Dna before his death. It was how he eventually obtain the rinnegan in the first place, but other than that, I agree. This is the same man who sensed hashirama from who knows how far away when hashirama became reincarnated, and the rinnegan is not known for such sensory, unlike the sharingan and byaugan.(one of main reasons obito kept the sharingan in his right eye when he had the rinnegan in his possession. That and his obsession with kamui)

    Honestly it didn’t really look like madara absorb amateresu so much as nullified it an shrug it off, which wouldn’t be outside his capability since he has shown proficiency to ying and Yang chakra release(zetsu and that hashirama clone wouldnt exist if he wasnt) and hes supposedly stronger now than as a zombie. It wouldnt be neccesary to completely strip his upper body just to show off hashiramas face, as well as his clothes were still kinda on fire when he did.

  55. The actual question is:

    Why does Madara needs to be revived first before he become a jinchuriki?

    Why does the other jinchuriki were EDO Tensei’d by Obito and have the tailed beasts sealed inside them??

    Does this mean that one does not need to be alive for them to be a jinchuriki?

    Kishi’s making a mess.

  56. Guys, you overthink this chapter. Kishi just wanted to copy Bleach. Madara seems to be the new Aizen, and this chapter is kinda the same with the chapter in which Condom Aizen beat the shit out of Hatman, Cat-lady and Ichigo’s dad. And at the end we can see that Madaizen, prepares to undergo another transformation.
    Maybe after he seals all the bijuu he will make the key and go and kill the soul kind..

    Side note, I find it strange that after all those chapters in which we found out that Madara and Hashi were equals, after numerous chapters in which both of them in zombie mode owned, to have the first owned so hard by a blind Madara… it wasn’t even a fight… the difference between living and edo tensei power level is just incomparable..

  57. @ Kantutantayo

    It could be because the shinju is different from the other tailed beasts in that the shinju is not chakra in living form, but an actual living beast.(evidence being it has an actual body, the demon statue). Even though the other tailed beasts has personality and form, they are still just chakra which could be sealed in an reanimation, which still uses chakra. We’ve seen instances where living beings are sealed into the non living, they become pretty much useless, another form of death.

  58. Ah!its been a while,anyone miss me
    naruto was pretty good this week,things are looking up.token and nss7 must be getting off now that obito is finally dead, gonna miss pseudo-villian though,loved his kamui ability.

    answer to your question,i don’t think they(the bijuu) were really sealed in their respective jinchuriki.it was more like a em…. Wifi kind of thing chakra was transferred from the gedo statue to the jinchuriki.but reat assured it wasn’t the usual sealing technique.thats why the bijuu were easily dragged back into the statue
    LOL…kishi isn’t so low to copy kubo in terms of storytelling he own that genre

  59. Naruto- This was another okay chapter. Sasuke is really becoming the shinobi that ruled this manga in the beginning with the way he took the offensive. It’s strange that Naruto is the one lecturing Sasuke about using random jutsu considering Naruto is the one who likes to recklessly charge forth. (Didn’t he use a rasengan on Madara last chapter?) As far as Madara and his missing eyes; it seems like all these “revival” jutsus have more rules and regulations than any jutsu in the shinobi universe.

    It seems like the leaf village failure to deal with yet another rouge shinobi will once come bite them in the gluteus maximus! While black zetsu took control of the situation, one of the new seven swordsman of the mist village had to do what the leaf couldn’t do. However even though Obito is in dire straits, I doubt he will go out like this. The guy was capable of subduing the 10 tails, I don’t think black zetsu hold on him will last. Not only that, but Obito has to redeem himself. What I predict is for Obito to use that Heavenly revival technique to bring back the 4 kages or maybe just the 4th (yellow flash). Now you all might say “well he used it already so it will kill him.” True but my thinking is that Nagato died from using to much chakra and not the technique itself. This is just a theory though.

    My last point of I would like to make is, why did Madara tell black zetsu that he wanted to see what the kages are made of? Didn’t he already fight them? So he should already know what they are made of. I seriously doubt they became stronger after he left them near death. (Unless they have the power of the saiyans for DBZ; the power being becoming stronger after being near death and heals.) Maybe that revival jutsu didn’t restore all of Madara memories of that fight?

    One piece: Things are heating up even though everything is hot already! I wonder what it will take to beat pirate gangsta Donflamingo?

    Welcome back Sannins! If you leave again I will call the FBI to locate you! j/k Fufufufufu!

    Good night Shannaro-maniacs!

  60. @impaler
    i hear that one
    And em..aren’t you mixing the flashback panels with the real ones,i don’t remember madara saying anything like testing the hokage strength this chapter.
    Looks like something intersting is happening in one piece.i really like that doflamingo guy,the anime is just starting on him though but NO! I will remain an anime-only fan of one piece

  61. @Saninns: Yeah my bad, I did mix the flashback panels with that one.(Gotta lay off the lemon water.) That is if you are talking to me or impaler.

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