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One Piece Chapter 695 – Hundred Beast Kaidou


Very heart warming chapter filled with great laughs and hearbreaking moments. The face Momonosuke made was undeniably the cutest thing next to Chopper. The chapter was not as exciting as we have been receiving lately, but it is more of a laid back chapter, and known the Strawhats they always party hard after defeating their enemies. Not much can be said about this chapter other than it is good to see the Strawhats, the G5 and the kids getting along with each other. But there is three things I wanted to talk about: First is Momonosuke and his father, Sanji and Law’s skills as a chef and surgeon, respectively, and lastly kaidou.

Momonosuke and his Odd Father

I am really liking the relationship and character of these  guys. It gives hope to the world that a father would go through hell to get back his son. 16Kinemon is a very likable character, he has outstanding skills as a swordsman that even Zoro and Brook respect him as fellow swordsmen. He has one of the most bizarre yet very helpful Devil Fruit ability and his best attribute is the love for his son. But the way Momonosuke and Kinemon acted, makes me believe that for some reason one of them got banished from the Wano Island. Or it could be that Momonosuke decided to run away because no one was taking him seriously. You could see that he has a very strong feeling against anyone trying to help him, that he is willing to starve rather than accept food from people. I cannot entirely make out what exactly is the problem with Momonosuke but it is looking like he will be hang out with the Strawhats for a quite a time.

The “Chef” and  The “Surgeon”

13We all know how great Sanji is as a chef, but ever since the two year time skip, we have never really seen Sanji cook. Sure we saw him make great appealing desserts for Nami and Robin, but in this chapter it is the first time we see Sanji use his cooking skills he learned from his training. And he does not disappoint. It seems that he is able to create food that will not only feed his comrades but also helps their body rejuvenate. As we see how Kinemon mentioned that his body felt like it was being rejuvenated. It is great that Sanji is able to show off his great skills as a chef but what I really want to see, is what he does best, kick some azz, literally. We also get to see how Law is far exceeds Chopper’s skills as a Doctor. I am guessing that Law is such great surgeon because of his Devil Fruit ablity that I am willing to bet that he some how was able to separate the  NHC10 from the bodies of the kids. Interesting fact NHC10 backwards is part of the formula for methamphetamine. Either way Law is proving to be one cunning guy that we finally get to see what his true aim is, Kaidou.

The Emperor Kaidou

The least known Yonko, we know lots about Shanks, as well as Blackbeard, we just started to figure out Big 19Mama, while kaidou we know almost to nothing about. But if you put the pieces together you can figure out what kind of guy he is. We know that he tried to attack Whitebeard, but thanks to Shanks he was stopped. We know that Moriah’s crew was killed by Kaidou, in turn, Moriah now holds a grudge against Kaidou. So we might see Moriah showing up in the up coming chapters. And finally we know that his title is “Hundred Beast kaidou” leading to believe that he was the Yonko that used SAD to produce his Hundred Zoan Devil Fruit users. This might be his central military power other than his main crew. So far that is all we know about Kaido, but we do know that Law and Luffy are targeting him and possibly try to overthrow his seat as a Yonko. The excitement is indescribable right now, because we just got one badazz arc shown to use, and we know that Joker is on his way and their will be a confrontation with him, but to know that in the near future the Strawhats will have an epic battle against the Yonko is to exciting. The only way to find out is be patient and wait because One Piece 2013 will entertain us till our hearts content.

Side Notes:

  • Law is right in saying that they should leave before someone comes. But Luffy will never pass an opportunity to party.
  • I know that this chapter was not exciting, but this is the quiet before the storm, because Joker will crash the party.
  • When Lufff had three fingers instead of Four, counting the Four Yonko, I think he did this because now he is counting Kaidou down as if there is only Shanks, Big Mama and Blackbeard left.
  • Nami having a soft spot for Marine women, that interesting.



20 Responses

  1. Aww hell, Law’s gonna freak when he finds out Luffy already declared war on Big Mam lol.

  2. I still think Kaidou is a cyborg. Everything on his favorite island was made of metal. The trees, rocks, everything. And now we see he was involved in a science experiment. So…until proven otherwise, he’s a cyborg in my mind. Also, this means we get to see X Drake and his connection to Kaidou.

  3. Didnt doflamingo kill moriah after the war? Then again this is OP hardly one dies an if they do – its a big deal. Like 7warlord i think kaido is like the ultimate cyborg like on the level of transformer optimus prime lol A cyborg emperor controlling a mass army of animal warriors yep sounds just like oda lol
    As for momo an kinnemon – i get the feeling the people of wano are some seriously strict mofo’s and when they get to wano luffy naturally is gonna piss em off and Zoro is gonna see some samurai’s who can do all sorts with a sword! I had a thought tho – maybe Law wants to go after Kaido as he got Bepo kidnapped an made him join his zoan army and X Drake hates Kaido as he was once part of that army as he has a mythical zoan ability….everybody hates Kaido.

  4. Good review – that last pic makes me wonder whether that kid really did die…

    Joker is about to crash the party in a big way but I think everyone will be saved by the mysery figure on the way as well.

  5. @Tawuya,

    Like 8 out of 10 one piece fans i think Sabo is alive an well an with Luffy’s daddy and im dying to know his reason for not turning up at marineford war and it better be freakin good.
    I never thought of that mysteryman saving the strawhats but then again i dont see flamingo leaving that island without CC, it’ll take a hell of a badass to make him leave empty handed!

  6. Sabo is alive and he’s definetely with the Revolutionaries. It wouldn’t make sense for Oda to just introduce a big character like that and have him killed off in such a method, especially right after Ace died.

  7. if he can survive a beatdown from garp then he’s still alive an in good hands of his rebellous son

  8. Oda explicitly stated that Sabo was indeed dead.

  9. So this argument has finally appeared on Shannaro…

    @Violet Dwarf
    Manga evidence: http://i33.mangapanda.com/one-piece/589/one-piece-2423177.jpg

    The one who’s heavily injured and need treating is likely Sabo since Dragon is unharmed.

    Anime evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlhjjadmNUU

    Dragon is unharmed. Then who needs treating? To top it off, this event is around the time Sabo’s ship was blown up. And by common sense, you’d realize Dragon is holding someone small enough not to be seen from his back’s point of view. In other words, a body of a wounded child.

    Food for thought: http://im.bilderkiste.org/1133796813561/01.png

    Notice the three sake cups in front of Ace’s grave. Only Luffy, Sabo, and Ace do that. Luffy hasn’t been there, Ace is obviously dead. I wonder who set it up then?

    If Sabo was meant to die, why even introduce him? Those flashbacks are enough with just Ace and Luffy present. Why include a third one? He obviously have plans in store for Sabo. In fact, Oda obviously made Sabo’s background fitting to be a Revolutionary member since Sabo despises the World Government. And lastly don’t take the SBS/Q&As (I know that’s where you got it) so seriously. Oda always talks in a “yea whatever” tone. And Oda saying Sabo being dead could simply imply that he isn’t the same Sabo that originally wanted to sail the seas and write a book. He has changed and he now lives to bring down the World Government.

  10. I don’t think law far exceeds chopper as a doctor they just have different specialties

  11. @badasschef – that’s an argument breakdown if I ever saw one, lol! Totally agree. This will be better handled “resurrection” than Obito in Naruto 🙂

  12. @badmanchef

    Dude u said it all, i dont even need to say anything lol but a former noble turnt rebel against the disgusting monarch that he was born into…..sounds fitting for a good story dont u think?! lol

  13. well, nami’s mother was a marine so its expected that she will have a special heart for marines the same as luffy’s fear of them that comes from his grandfather. Also, why does fluffy want to fights shanks? I mean he wants to prove his power but he’s shanks

  14. Just pointing this out, you think it’s a coincidence that unlike most logia types blackbeard doesn’t have that immunity to physical attacks because of his darkness powers……..and in pokemon dark types are weak against fighting types?

  15. @unknown
    Never thought about it like that lol. Nice analysis man and speaking of pokemon, has Ash become a pokemon master yet??? It’s been so long since I’ve seen it.

    That’s just how Luffy is. He wants to the Pirate King and in his mind that means standing on top of everybody. The only way you can truly claim the top spot in One Piece is to be stronger than everyone. To do that, you have to beat everyone, that includes Shanks. Too bad it won’t happen though, because I just have a feeling that Blackbeard will kill him…

  16. And T. Law…you’re cool and all, but you are playing with fire man

  17. 7warlord,
    Im callin it now we will see the redhaired pirates vs strawhat pirates even if its 5 years from now its gonna happen! BB killin shanks could happen but i doubt he’d beat shanks fair an square lol Law was gettin abit rude to flamingo this chapter, he better watch himself coz i get the feeling flamingo is a flippin maniac in a real battle!

  18. @Tensa
    You calling Redhaireds vs Strawhats huh, ok. I’m not seeing it happen, but I sure as hell won’t be mad if it does lol. Blackbeard will beat Shanks thanks to his schemes, that I know for sure….As for Law, that guy has some balls, I’ll give him that lol.

  19. @7warlord
    Blackbeard vs Shanks, Yonko vs Yonko, Devil Fruit Badness vs Mass Destroying Haki, dude that fight has the potential to be Top 3 greatest one piece fights EVER!!! Imo Luffy vs Lucci is still the best one on one fight we’ve seen. If blackbeard wins he better lose a limb, have permanent brain damage or a disgusting scar or sumthin

  20. @Tensa – Law is rocking elephant balls right now! All fun and games…

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