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Naruto chapter 616 – Power of Youth


Personally I have mixed feelings about this chapter. One side of me loves all the interaction of other ninjas other than Naruto while my other side is yelling at the screen of the computer because Kurama aka the FOX DEMON is all of a sudden a pussycat. Overall, the battle is getting into its final stage and things are looking up in the Heroes side. For some reason this who battle has been having this feeling as if it is the quiet before the storm. While our heroes might be able to finally put some hurt on Madara and Obito, I believe that their is a greater enemy; possibly Sasuke or the Juubi itself.

Lee’s Vengeance

It is nice seeing that Kishi is spending some time to focus on minor characters such as Lee. It is ironic thatΒ  Lee and Guy are rarely in the spot light, Rock_Lee_by_chilinthey have lots of fans. We can’t forget that epic battle between Gaara and Lee, or the rivalry that was shared between Kisama and Guy. Probably the most entertain characters in the sense that they can make us laugh, cry, inspire and awe us by their awesome power. That can be clearly seeing in this chapter: The emotions Lee experiences is real and believable but in some sense it is water down Neji’s death. In reality Lee should of been not as emotional as he was because this is a WAR, (I don’t know how many times I have to say this) and in a WAR people die even your closest friends. As a Ninja, Lee should at least saved his emotions after the battle, which I believe could have bigger effect on us, because we could than relate to his emotions. As when the battle is done he would go back to Neji’s body and spill out his emotions. But this is Kishi and he makes things cheesy, but saves himself because Lee is in full hyper mood that not even Madara can keep his Power of Youth tamed.

Naruto’s Chakra Skill

06A lot of you guys are disliking the idea that Naruto can all of a sudden develop these great skills in Chakra control. For example, in his Fox mode he was able to make two Rasenshuriken without the help of his clowns. But you guys forgot that Naruto is a genius in his own right. Like *Minatofan* mentioned, Naruto had a handicap from the moment he was born. Due to the constant threat of Kurama trying to take over him, he was not able to fully master his chakra skills. It is stated in the very beginning of the series that the reason why Naruto was so lacking in skill was that the Nine-Tails was messing up his chakra flow. So in essence if Kurama was never sealed inside of him, Naruto would of been the Genius of his generation. For being able to accomplish all the accomplishments he made while fighting the Nine-Tails at the same time, but take that away and think of the possibilities Naruto could of been.

Think of it like this, Naruto is like Frodo, who was struggling to keep the temptation of the Ring from turning him 07towards evil.Β  Naruto on the other hand has a Demon-Fox inside of him and all this time he was fighting it to keep it way from turning him into a demon himself. But now this all powerful demon is his ‘Best Buddy’ Naruto has no handicaps, and all those handicaps that kept him from showing his full potential is now unshackled. True that some of the things that Naruto has been doing is a complete slap in our face, but Naruto’s power make some sense to all this senseless powers he has been getting. When he is in Fox-Mode anything he thinks of will be manifested into the cloak that surrounds his body. So in doing so when he wants to create Rasenshuriken, his cloak aids him. So yes, all these power-ups are a slap in our face for demeaning our level of knowledge but at the same time can be made sense out of.

Sasuke’s Comeback

17It is no secret that I do not hold love for the current Sasuke, but since Orochimaru is with him, I am excitingly waiting to see what both have in that sick mind of theirs. I cannot think of what they both have in mind or what exactly they are trying to accomplish, but I am praying that Kishi would at least take his time to execute this plot perfectly. What I want and hope for is that for Sasuke and Orochimaru to come up with something that we never in our wildest dreams thought of, I want that awe moment that when we finally see how Sasuke and Orchimaru get involved in this war, that we as the fans are so struck by awesomeness that we can forget all this nonsense. Sort of how Tite the creator Bleach has been delivering faultlessness work and not to long ago we had that dreadful Arc. Like Tensa Gizzla once said “Tite Kubo is pimp slappin readers in the eye with this good shit!!” Either way I really want something from kishi that will leave me struck that I will struggle in my chair thinking what the hell happened because of the wonders. I am not saying that the resent Naruto has been lacking awesome moments, heck the moment when Naruto patted Lee’s back was epic, but I want that moment that Naruto used to leave my mouth hanged up because of the greatness of its awesomeness. And my hopes while I hate to say it is in Sasuke, because right now he is the wild card that might bring Naruto up that level.

Side Notes:

  • Lots of cheesy moments, that even I will say were too cheesy, and I am a very cheesy guy.
  • Kurama is slowly turning into a cheese-ball. I hope he gets back into his anti-hero mode. He was sort of like the Kenpachi of Naruto, but now is turning into I even don’t know what he is turning into. He is a Fox, yet he is sitting in a yoga meditation position.
  • The explanation of Naruto’s chakra distribution was well thought out.
  • Since Naruto and Lee severed the connect from Obito and Madara, respectively, from the Juubi does that mean the Juubi will finally go berserk attacking anything and anyone in site.





I thought these pictures Might give you Guys a Laugh πŸ™‚



78 Responses

  1. What First!!!!! Awesome chapter… Jdogg, I totally agree with what you say when you mention Naruto’s ability to have had possibly been capable of having stellar chakra control if he wasnt handicapped by Kurama’s chakra due to his genetics. To say that the kyuubi is being a total pussycat tho is a lil much only because it is still a war and in this moment he is Naruto’s Partner so being in sync is essential. I’m sure we can understand if he is a lil impressed by Naruto’s growth as well…I really enjoyed that Hinata Power up to be better than Tsunade in medical ninjutsu in one fell swoop……lol

  2. First!

  3. oh shit!

  4. To add to the sitting position of Kurama, it might be to allow Naruto to build up his Nature chakra.

  5. Juubi has just been let off his leash… Prepare yourselves!

  6. what happened to a rap battle, i would of hoped my last dope slappin syphilis sick rhyming comment encouraged everyone to participate

  7. I’m a lover, not a rapper.

    Might guy got arrested for displaying the”power of youth “near an elementary school.

    I thought they were gonna bust redheaded out, or was that m imagination?

    I’m surprised the gang hadn’t took the opportunity to raid the village now that their military force is busy, you know, go through all the peoples left behind wallets and piggybanks, snoopy through tsundes linguire bras an panties, write on her statue “snake boy was here “, take a dump on sakuras front porch, invite some ninjas hoes from different area codes over and partyed “project x” style….. nothing says sweet revenge like returning from a hard fought war and found your village completely thrashed and the ramen shop destroyed and all the ramen consumed.

  8. * Naruto returns home after the defeat of BIG MAGNUM and his Juubi pet to celebrate his newly appointed term as hokage at his favorite Ramen shop. Instead he the shop trashed and the ramen guy sobbing with his head down on the counter*

    Naruto: (-_-) uhhh………… what happen to the shop?

    Ramen guy: (T_T) some…..asshole (sob) destroyed….my shop…..and ate all my ramen and(sob) supplies!!! H-hh- He left a note on counter w-with your name….

    * Naruto notices the note and picked it up, unfold it and Read:





  9. @profess

    I’m still waiting myself. I’m hoping Kisu will make an appearance for it as well. So we can put on one more good show before the manga ends for good. The last rap battle was such a big success. Dare I say…..I hope that the “future” battle “surpasses the previous generation” of the last rap battle, lol.

  10. I dont think that the 9 tails is really buddy buddy with naruto, i think he just hates madara for using him and doesnt want to be used again

  11. Getting tired of Naruto showcasing his kyuubi powers. The reason why I don’t consider Naruto a proper hero is because Naruto became a hero in the war for making all the wrong decisions. How can anyone justify Naruto for breaking pass security and entering a war that suppose to protect him at all cost? He not only put his own life in danger but he also puts everyone’s lives at stake in the process. The whole world could’ve been doomed if Naruto had lost to the enemy. It doesn’t make sense how Naruto made all these decisions while unrealistically acting arrogant and thinks that he can tackle the whole war on his own. Somehow in some way he is able to get away with it and have everyone praise him like he’s a ninja god! Even in this chapter, the kyuubi started to praise him like everyone else did when he entered the war for the first time. Then now he has the ability to spontaneously transfer chakra to the whole alliance without breaking a sweat. Not only did he gave them chakra but he was able to master measuring their chakra capacity perfectly to match their trait to able to transfer his powers to the alliance. How is that even possible? Not even Goku from DBZ, who is the strongest being in the universe could pull a stunt of that magnitude.

    This is another of one of Kishi’s flaw in this arc. It’s tiring to see kishi inconsistent writing in this arc. There are probably more plot holes and glitches in this arc than all the other arcs combine! The issues with Naruto new powers is that how can Naruto use his powers to this extent, but a jinchuuriki like Killer Bee who’s tailed beast is only one tail weaker than Naruto can’t? Naruto not only made one clone, but made 100x the amount of clones than a mesely clone that has said to be impossible to have been made by a jinchuuriki to sustain for a long period of time. Killer Bee Hachibi explained this and prohibits and warn both Naruto and Bee about this risk. But somehow in someway Naruto can make an army of clones and sustain it for a long period of time. breaking this rule by a large margin.

    The biggest issue with Naruto new kyuubi powers is that he’s re-defining and contradicting the logic that was set up by Kishi himself. Naruto can transfer a large portion of his chakra to the whole alliance and still continue to create more shadow clones and somehow still have a large amount of chakra left to fight. We’re talking about more than 20,000 shinobis Naruto have transfer his chakra to. If you do the math, It far succeeds anyone’s capacity. Naruto probably has more chakra than the top 5 DBZ and Bleach characters combine! It would’ve made more sense if Killer Bee had contributed to transferring some of the chakra but Naruto did all this on his own which is flaw in every single aspect and flat out rediculous.

  12. Nss7 naruto was able to make all those clones in fox mode because the fox never tried to steal his power , if i recall this was around the time he started respecting naruto

  13. @Ness7, True that Nine-Tails is one tails more than Eight-Tails, but there is still a huge difference in power. Naruto is able to do the things he capable of doing is because now he has no handicap. Bee himself stated that the seal on Naruto gives him a better advantage on controlling his Beast-Mode. In essence Naruto was this powerful from the beginning, but was held back because of Kurama constantly messing up his chakra. Also, Naruto’s biggest attribute is that he has an insane durability and endurance. He can run a marathon and still be able to run ten more. While there are flaws in this arc like you said, but I don’t think that they are as bad as you make them out to be. You got to understand that ever since Naruto Shippuuden started there was flaws all over the place, the only thing I can say is that this is not the last of the flaws, there will be lots more to come. Like I said in my review, I hope that Kishi would take a break and start writing kickazz material like he used to.

  14. also nss7 if it wasnt for naruto breaking those rules the alliance wouldnt have a chance. Naruto is the reason that the alliance is still in this war. With naruto being able ot give out chakra like a battery and keep people at a higher level of power on top of providing some of the most powerful attacks he is the reason this war is not over and its because he broke the rules that he was able to save them. And as ppl have mentioned before it has been brought up that the kyuubi inteference is the reason naruto has had problems being able to mold his chakra like when jiryia was trying to train naruto. Only makes sense that now that naruto can concentrate all of his energy in maximizing his use of chakra that he can do alot more with it. And even so given the fact all the hacks sasuke, madara have been given isnt it about time the alliance actually get something like that? Its about time imo

  15. Naruto is dishing out all that chakra becaue he’s a Uzamaki and his chakra as always has been greater then everyone in naruto beside kisame and the fox has unlimited chakra remember so i dont know why this is really surprising to alot of fans but i remember a time when all naruto could do was make clones and rasengans and everybody wanted him to get an upgrade and now that he is finally mastering his power hes op now

  16. How can you explain the large gap between Naruto and Killer Bee? The chapter have already indicated that Kyuubi himself has been the one transferring chakra to the alliance. It has nothing to do with Naruto’s chakra supply or his Uzumaki genetics. This is all the Kyuubi’s doing and his chakra alone. It’s rediculous that Naruto kyuubi is able to transfer his chakra to 20,000 people and killer bee Hachibi can’t. That puts Naruto’s chakra entirely on another level scale. Killer bee Hachibi doesn’t come remotely close to the Kyuubi in contributing chakra despite being only one tail weaker than the Kyuubi. Killer Bee Hachibi runs out of chakra quicker than the Kyuubi even though Killer bee cannot make a mesely clone in his beast mode or transfer chakra and yet the Kyuubi can supply Naruto a max amount of chakra that allows him to create 1000x more clones for a longer period of time and transfer chakra to more than 20,000 troops without running out of energy. That’s a huge difference gap and if you do the math, it doesn’t add up. We’re not talking about a 1000 troops but more than 20,000 people! Possibly even 30,000. It’s an outrageous number and how can one shinobi have this much chakra to give is utterly rediculous.

  17. Each tailed beast is as strong as all the previous tailed before it combined. So kuruma = tails 1-8 combined.

  18. LOL Jdogg u remembered my quote, thanks for the shout out! To me one piece out of the big 3 is king purely because Oda takes his time with the plot an epicness, then it used to be Naruto an then Bleach but the last few months ive enjoyed Bleach a hell of a lot more than Naruto an i agree if there is going to be a jaw dropping moment its that little uchiha wild-card thats gonna do it!!
    That Uchiha and Snake boy combo is freakin dangerous an i pray they deliver, i hope kishi had some good rest, smoked some good weed an planned this ending properly right down to end. Remember when Sasuke broke out of the cave after killing white zetsu like a fly on the wall an walked through the woods with that little ending of his creepy face saying “Carnage is coming towards the battlefield….” Im still waiting on that Carnage!

  19. @cesc
    I thought that only applied to the 10 tailed beast.

  20. @nss7 combine narutos already immense chakra (that kakashi himself says that without the kyuubis is about 4 times his own size at the BEGINNING of naruto when team 7 was together 3-5 years ago) with the immense chakra that is the nine tails and u have something that shouldnt be able to be done by anyone EXCEPT naruto. And like a couple of us have said already yea it may be a ass pull but lets be real both the villains that naruto is fighting and sasuke have had asspulls for all of the manga and your complaining about this (potential even though i dont see it as that much of one) ONE given to naruto?

  21. if narutos charkra reserve as a kid 3-5 years ago was already 4 times the size of kakashi, isnt it possible that over the training by jiryia combined with the kyuubis chakra and the kyuubi working 100% with naruto as opposed to against him that naruto would be the only one capable of this as he is one of the few uzumakis left and certainly the only one sides nagato that could do anything in the manga thus far

  22. To me its really no different than nagato, close to his death, after displaying much power and destruction beforehand, STILL having enough chakra to bring all of konohas dead back to life nearly full health..

  23. You look at naruto, nagato, and his mothers accomplishments its not hard to see why their clan was wiped out. Hell you don’t see many uchihas and senjus walking around either, do you?

  24. I think naruto transfering the fox power has to do with his 9tails transformation being completely different from any other jinchurikki

  25. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but do you think we will have a replay by Obito of Nagato’s ‘Gedo Rinne Tensa No Jutsu’ to save the victims of the war? I see Naruto through his actions changing Obito’s mindset and Obito’s last decision to revive those killed and sacrifice himself at the expense of Big Magnum’s ideals…

  26. @MrRands – it was discussed and it was decided that it would be incredibly cheap and dissatisfying to do that…

  27. Even Karin is a gifted Uzamaki sensor and healing abilities

  28. yet another ass pull by kishi… but what a ass pull lol. Yet another reason y oro has my vote for best naruto villain ever!!! man what a creepy genius

  29. @Token – what’s the ass pull?

  30. supposedly there was no way for the reaper seal to be opened. once the souls r in they are sealed away for all eternity doomed to combat forever… except for when u have a mask and cut the demons stomach open.

  31. and btw why did oro need his arms back? he was able to perform jutsus while battling naruto as he managed to summon the gates to try and block narutos attack so y would he need his from the belly of the reaper to do edo tensei?

  32. ***for those who haven’t read this is SPOILER MATERIAL!!!***

    @Token – I don’t know if I’d call that an ass pull… Uzumaki’s kings and queens of sealing etc right? Edo tensei jutsu known by very few. And Sasuke’s bro did say that EVERY technique/jutsu has a flaw/weakness (see Big Magnum breaking Edo). I think he actually wove it all together very nicely here.

    Now we get to hear the dirty TRUTH from the Hokage’s mouths (they’re bound to tell the truth right?) and interested to see how Sasuke will react to his (former) best friends daddy…

  33. yea and the weakness of the reaper is the fact that the user dies (i would think thats quite a drawback)

  34. @Token – would have to go back to that fight and see what actually went down but Oro’s arms were sealed in Shinigami by 3rd Hokage Professor. But yeah would have to go back to that chapter and reread; do you happen to know what chapter that was when he summoned that shield?

  35. Lol, dying is a BIG drawback (to the caster of the jutsu)…

  36. @ token it makes since that there was a way for the seal to be undone. Think about it. A. The Eddy Clan was the creators of the seal so they would know the weaknesses of their own jutsu. B. The Eddy clan was destroyed so one would believe that there was no way to open the seal because all knowledge was lost with the destruction of the clan. C. We know Oro was out to master all jutsu. After his fight with the 3rd, he was on a mission to find a way to restore his arms. He probably researched the reaper justu in full meaning he traced the origins of the jutsu to the Eddy clan and was able to find the original documents of the jutsu and its inner workings or he already had the documents in his possession.

  37. BTW since the reapers stomach was cut…. we now know naruto’s mother is back in play and can be edo tensied as well. Also since they are at the uchia shrine i wounder if madara left anything behind as to how break free of edo tensi

  38. and since the dying is a drawback/flaw what oro did is just a way around what was supposed to be permanent and if the knowledge is destroyed oro couldnt have gotten it. narutos mom also was not in the reaper only his father. his mother died protecting him and his father put their chakra in him.

  39. naruto chapter 295 for oro using jutsu after his arms were sealed

  40. and if oro knew this all the time y didnt he do this before and cut open the demon seal to get his arms back a while ago

  41. @Token – I wondered that as well but that would require him breaching two well guarded buildings and having the time to do what he needed to do. Maybe that was part of the plan when he originally planned to destroy the leaf but failed. War has provided the perfect opportunity to try again. He definitely has something up his sleeve and it was a bad idea to have him be the caster but suppose he’s only one that knows how to do the damn thing.

    Him getting his arms sealed ruined everything; Sasuke was his key but he lost that. He’s been foiled over and over again (even “died”) so there was no time to try to infiltrate Konoha.

  42. Orochimaru is actually badass… I used to deny it but finally I’ll acknowledge. To use Zetsus to “escape” commitment of death that Shinigami use requires; genius! The man is a survivor at the very least…

  43. how well guarded would they be if they were ruins… wouldnt the hokage have had that area checked and searched to make sure they got all the stuff out of there? and yet there is a wall full of masks… how and y did konoha just leave them all there if they were special

  44. i dont really have a problem with what i consider to be a ass pull if only cause my second fav ninja is back

  45. and can i just call this…. sasuke will get the yin portion of the nine tails chakra, get a huge powerup and be on par with naruto now

  46. @Token – Unfortunately during a war one does not have the luxury especially when it’s not common knowledge. They were probably guarded in isolation by the two clans. Oro pieced the information together.

  47. what war and what two clans guarded it? by the time that place was destroyed shouldnt the third hokage had made sure about that area? he knew the demon seal therefore he knew alot about the clans tech as only he and minato knew it and if he knew this he should have known to check that area. there is a wall full of masks he didnt think anything of them and just left them there?

  48. when you have a clan as special as the uzumakis u dont leave things that could be special and useful lol

  49. @Token – unless I misread – the masks were at some uzumaki “temple” and the summoning took place under the uchiha shrine place where that tablet is? Would assume that these two places were watched over by two separate groups who maybe didn’t know how the two pieces interacted. This is assuming that the process that oro just went through HAD TO take place under uchiha temple. 3rd knew a lot but didn’t know everything it seems.

    On Oro using his arms in 295 just read and that’s only time he really used his arms; from previous instances where we encountered oro (if I remember correctly) he had limited/painful use of his arms. Wall summon seemed like “easy” blood contract summon as opposed to complex hand signal jutsu where he would probably be hindered.

  50. And i dont have a problem with ppl guarding the places but i have a problem with the fact that the village just left the masks there… y not hide them like they did with the sacred scroll with the mass shadow clone jutsus on it? and about oro true but when he faced off against tsunade and jiryia his arms were so bad he couldnt even summon so kabuto had to for him and yet against naruto he could at least do a summon so his arms apparently got better and useful enough to do a summon. Yet when against the third he supposedly sealed his arms COMPLETELy and could no longer use any jutsu (chapter 137 page 16) and yet later he did without his arms.

  51. @Token – Oro is scientific genius of the series; I’m sure after months/years in his lab he figured out a way around complete arm sealing. It’s not beyong the realm of possibility given what we’ve seen from him already; body possession, resurrection, cursed seal transference… the list goes on and on.

    Given time he gained some use of his arms but not complete hence his need to get his arms back from reaper.

    Makes sense to me at least.

  52. its inconsistent. one minute he cant even lift his arms without pain and against naruto hes using summons. and supposedly werent the uzumakis the best at sealing? If so would think only they would know how to alleviate what was done and yet oro did it himself… impressive but inconsistent

  53. @ Token on “yin chakra” oh damn hadn’t thought of that! But yes, that will even the playing field and lay the land for a real clash!!!

    Can’t wait!!!

  54. and all the jutsus oro knew others knew too, they were just forbidden; its not like he learned all of these while no one else had. edo tensei, body transference all forbidden but not unknown. So i find it hard ot believe he figured out a way to alleviate the pain and be able to use his arms especially since it was never explained how he did manage to get use of his arms

  55. @token
    oro’s hand after been sealed prevented him from doing hand signs(jutsu)….
    The gates he summoned in his battle with kyubi were done by a seal drawn on his hand…..the same way sasuke summons his shurikens.there are no ass pulls concerning oro arms

  56. Here’s the deal with Orochimaru.

    After his hands were sealed, he obviously felt the effects of necrosis and heavy bleeding. But if you remember, he transferred to a new body at the end of Part 1. The immediate effects of the necrosis were stopped because he switched bodies.

    As for the soul itself, I dunno how he used jutsu when fighting Naruto. He probably had some seals already prepared.

    Also looking forward to the 2nd Hokage breaking out of Edo Tensei and kicking Oro and friends ass just for the hell of it.

  57. i cant wait for minato to find out tobi was obito all along

  58. @????? and Token – in addition to angry man 2nd Hokage whooping some ass (and hopefully killing someone) I’m hoping that as opposed to Token’s theory of Sasuke getting yin Kyuubi chakra; it actually somehow finds it’s way back to Kyuubi. Sasuke is obviously going to get overpowered here somewhere so I think a complete Naruto/Kyuubi would be nice opposition.

  59. @Profess – or even more crazy will be Minato flashing to the battlefield! Naruto and Obito will freeze! #DaddyIssues

  60. @token
    “one minute”!
    emm….isn’t that three years later therefore hundred thousands of minutes, come on, thats too exaggerated to be an exaggeration.

    Looking foward to the second breaking edo? no,not when he’s under oro’s direct control.

    With the hokage risen So many battle opportunities flashing before my eyes. can’t wait!..

  61. I completely forgot about the other half of the Kyuubi chakra…

    If Naruto gets that chakra…either the 9 tails will overwhelm him or he will kick ass…probably the latter since Kurama is a nice guy now.

    But yeah the 2nd Hokage is my hope now…he can break out of Oro’s control like Madara did with Kabuto. As for the other Kages, dunno. Maybe they know they seal too.

  62. I guess it is possible for the inventor of the jutsu to pull it off, but Madara was still under kabuto’s control and orders until itachi forced him to released the jutsu. Madara just used the small window of opportunity to mantain being an edo zombie, otherwise he would’ve dissappeared as well.

  63. And why didn’t the 2nd hokage broke out the first time, if it was indeed possible to sever the castor’s control over someone WITHOUT them releasing/dying first.

  64. Everybody knows that Oro have not been himself since losing his arms hints him losing to sasuke and even more importantly i really want to know what oro is planning he originally just wanted to know all the jutsu’s of the world what is he really planning

  65. Also i think Naruto will get the other half of kurama chakra from Minato somehow

  66. @Profess

    My question is, wouldn’t there be a second kyuubi from the yin chakra, perhaps a dark/evil kyuubi. Hmmmmmm. Evil Majin Buu references anyone…..no..okay moving on. Sasuke could use his sharingan to control this kyuubi, head to the battlefield and wreak havoc, at least until BIG MAGNUM pimp slaps him in his right sharingan eye and takes from him. Then the fun times will surely start ton roll especially if he feeds it to the juubi.


    BIG PIMPIN himself Orochimaru for the win. My dude. Imagine if he had to have gotten Sasuke’ s body, and used it with the senju dna. I think he would be beaster than BIG MAGNUM, especially since he is far superior to him and basically everyone else in intellect. He did lead kabuto in the path to create BIG MAGNUM’s body, so probably already know a counter.

  67. @Tensa Gizzla predicted this exact ending. Shout out. Some you other Narutards probably something like this happening too. I, however did not have a clue.
    If the uzumaki compound was always in konoha, why did naruto have to grow up in that apartment place?

  68. Hahhahhha yes Big Magnum is gna shit himself at the sight of Mega Magnum. The mot bad ass ninja (the words of Big Magnum himself) after the SoSP is gna open up a can of whoop ass. I hope Oro lets him roam free this time.

    Naruto will most likely get the other half of the kyuubi as well.

    Saduk just fucked himself letting Oro do that

  69. Hi all, long time no see…
    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the third just doesn’t seam as cool as the other 3 hokage. I just don’t get excited when I see him and can’t see him making an impact.

    I’m so nervous right now. I’m scared kish will )&@5-up these 3 legends legacy by having sauske pawn all 4 of them or having naruto fight them and seal them.

    Logic dictates that some will have to be sealed early because if they join naruto on the battle field, this war is over. I almost want to advise kish to take a few weeks off to plan this upcoming battle.

    I’m curious to see what oro’s true motives are. Will he use the hokages to fight sauske. Will he the take over sauske body and join the battle field.

    One question is running through my mind.

  70. Hate to say i told u so but…. lol thanks Naruto Tutor for the shout out bro!!!! A couple things i noticed – sasuke looking at the leaf the exact same way Naruto did at the beginning of part 2……kinda makes me think this manga may end by Xmas this year…..Snake boy is a freakin Badass!!! He might aswell moonwalk all over that Temple like a BAWSE!
    There were 6 white zetsu inside sasuke, 4 brought back the hokage (which all expose how shit tsunade is!), 1 was used to help snake boy escape death which leaves 1 more that can be used…. fuck it might aswell bring back Jiriya just to complete the epic-jizzness!! I mean there’s Zombie graduation party about to kick off, who better to jump on stage an kick some ass than Pervy sage!!! I bet Kishi was talkin mad shit wen he wrote this like “Fuck Kubo an his Kenpachi’s, Fuck Oda an his damn Monkey, I got Hokages bitch, 4 of these cool mothafucka’s!!”

  71. @Tensa

    Kml, lol

  72. @Tensa – bwaaahahahaha! Yeah Kishi is sick of being outshone week in, week out! Maybe I missed it but where did they get DNA of all 4 kages? Was it in Uchiha Shrine?

  73. @cesc – “Mega Magnum”! I like that!

  74. @unknown – maybe the 2nd didn’t want to release the jutsu. Also didn’t Kabuto give his edos more free reign?

  75. @Tawuya oro been had the dna of all of them remember the battle where he fought the 3rd

  76. @UchiUzi – yeah realised that on reading of Stream translation. Before he was hindered by fact they were all in Shinigami world… Cool

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