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Its Out!!!

One Piece Chapter 697


Bleach Chapter 525


Naruto Chapter 618



55 Responses

  1. Naruto – Hate to say i told u so but…. lol thanks Naruto Tutor for the shout out bro!!!! A couple things i noticed – sasuke looking at the leaf the exact same way Naruto did at the beginning of part 2……kinda makes me think this manga may end by Xmas this year…..Snake boy is a freakin Badass!!! He might aswell moonwalk all over that Temple like a BAWSE!
    There were 6 white zetsu inside sasuke, 4 brought back the hokage (which all expose how shit tsunade is!), 1 was used to help snake boy escape death which leaves 1 more that can be used…. fuck it might aswell bring back Jiriya just to complete the epic-jizzness!! I mean there’s Zombie graduation party about to kick off, who better to jump on stage an kick some ass than Pervy sage!!! I bet Kishi was talkin mad shit wen he wrote this like “Fuck Kubo an his Kenpachi’s, Fuck Oda an his damn Monkey, I got Hokages bitch, 4 of these cool mothafucka’s!!”

    One piece – Law running his mouth to the Birdman!! Either way Flamingo is fucked, either betray Kaido or betray the WG both results end in the bird getting his feathers plucked!

    Bleach – Very nice backstory from Kubo! You know he was munching some cashew nuts drawing this like “Let me drop some history on that ass…..Kenny lost to ichigo- here’s why! Kenny barely beat Nnoitra – here’s why! Kenny gettin his ass whooped right now by this sexy crazy bitch………here’s why!!”

  2. Naruto- I wonder can Naruto gain the nine tails evil chakra using the same technique oro used.

  3. Just wow, this chapter is great, yes it leaves us with questions, like did minato know about the slicing of the reapers stomach, oro didnt know about that till after the battle with the 3rd so that should answere that question for those asking why didnt he do that against the 3rd, but anyways theres alot of potential in this one ch to put naruto back to its once untouchable greatness , i just hope kishi doesnt darnish these hokages greatness

  4. One piece – Nice chapter. Quit the Shichibukai? I wonder why Law wants to take down Doflamingo. I wish Oda would hurry up and show Kaido with all this talk about him in the manga. Anyone else wondering who’s the old lady in “Caribou’s Kehihihihi in the New World” corver story.

    Naruto – this week chapter perk my interest in naruto again. Can’t wait to see the four kages. It would be intresting to see Naruto and daddy fight together.

    Bleach – Young Kenny looks scary. I hope they reveal Unohara bankai before She gets killed off.

  5. @tensa gizzla
    LMAO! with my leg in the air f*cking hilarious

    the hokage will certainly get tarnished since they are villians
    On the bright side we got four new super saiyan3 villians…considering the fact we were running out of bad guys.,
    although technically we weren’t running out of villians since BIG MAGNUM is like seven saiyans combined

  6. @Sanins

    BIG MAGNUM is the equivqlent in Naruto to a SS4 Broly in DBZ, lol.

  7. Three good chapters but I was more pumped because of Naruto. Naruto’s final power up perhaps

  8. BTW SNAKE BOY FTMFW and For the FINAL villain of this series. He has done what Naruto has failed to do for how many hundreds of chapters…..

    Naruto: “Sasuke, i wont let u leave Konoha!”
    Sasuke:”Bitch im gone like the signal on ur krusty mobile phone!!”
    **Sasuke skateboards out of the leaf**
    –Years later–
    Naruto: “Sasuke, you’ve changed….but still come back to Konoha, i made ur bed, washed the clothes u left an even got an extra control pad for u for Xbox”
    Sasuke:”………Your ass got dumber an gay, hell no i aint coming back!! And btw PS3 all day everyday bitch!”
    –More time passes–
    Orochimaru:”Sasuke, we’re going to the people that know everything”
    Sasuke: “Where are they?”
    Orochimaru: “Konoha…..”
    Sasuke: “Tsk….damn….fuck it, alright cool – get my hoodie and dont forget my orange juice son, u know i need that Vitamin C!”

  9. Hi all, long time no see…
    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the third just doesn’t seam as cool as the other 3 hokage. I just don’t get excited when I see him and can’t see him making an impact.

    I’m so nervous right now. I’m scared kish will )&@5-up these 3 legends legacy by having sauske pawn all 4 of them or having naruto fight them and seal them.

    Logic dictates that some will have to be sealed early because if they join naruto on the battle field, this war is over. I almost want to advise kish to take a few weeks off to plan this upcoming battle.

    I’m curious to see what oro’s true motives are. Will he use the hokages to fight sauske. Will he the take over sauske body and join the battle field.

    i look foward to Jdogg review.

  10. This is gonna be one interesting conversation, especially when sasuke get to talking about the uchihas. When sasuke get the accusations going, I bet they all gonna snitch on the old man.

    3rd: m-me?!? But I was just living out my retirement enjoying my little asa pension an pretty boy got his ass killed!

    4th:*paying no attention*

    1st :you supposed to be my successor; you supposed to be holding my city down ; instead you let the council run all over you bitch ass, you let snake boy free to fuck shit up, you even allowed tsunade become hokage! HOKAGE!! U serious? I wouldn’t even let my slutty ass daughter into my building, shed be on the corner making me sum money while I show ninjas who’s boss!!

    2nd: YEA!

    3rd: hey, if you didn’t start shit with madara, none of this would’ve happened!!!

    1st: seems like I need to school yo ass again. IM THE MOTHERFUCKING 1ST HOKAGE! I fought BIG MAGNUM blindfolded, one arm, wit 30 ninja hoes on my wood style: magic stick jutsu, fuck boy. I had kurama on a leash guarding my weed stash. I sign all the kages paychecks. I had SOTSP dead ass on speed dial. You think any of them akatsuki lame ass ninjas would start shit if I was around? Pleeeaaaseee….


    3rd: 2nd,why u even talking? You lost to some cloud ninjas, running into battle like u all hard an shit. Nobody even remembers u weak ass, let alone tweeting about ya…….

    2nd: YE-what?

    4th:*thinking* I wonder if my $20 ramen discount still good……….

  11. @Unknown

    Hahahaha awwww shit epic bars are comin out today!!

  12. Random thought, Naruto is going to go ape shit when he finds out what Oro did. Who has more power now ?

    Oro “and his edo and full use of his arms”
    Naruto “and his Nine tail aliance”
    Obito/Mardara ” and the Jubi”
    Sauske “and KISH”
    Kiba and His MoM

  13. I so Hope the 4th knows how to break the edo….I think the forth left naruto a way to free him if he was ever brought back by edo..Its on the scroll naruto has. So does that mean Nagato will make a comback from itachi sword seal…..

  14. wait a minute , did any one else notice that oro just took over a zetsu body….HMM.whats is he planning…

  15. Sasuke can’t even notice some zetsu’s on his body with all his powerups? Smh
    so zaraki was pretty much the strongest person in soul society since he was Ice boy’s age If they took him to the kings palace to learn his sword releases the series would be over. Him n aizen should’ve fought a deathmatch a long time ago.

  16. @Unknown

    You are the king of comments until the next chapter comes out. That was straight foolish, lol. I almost passed out laughing. Good stuff man.

  17. Kubo’s power ranking is as chaotic as monkeys flinging their feces. Old man says no Shinigami has been born stronger than him. Unohana said there was no one stronger than her but Zaraki. Ichigo became the most powerful shinigami but that didn’t impress anyone.
    Kyoralu and Ukitake fought Espadas without bothering to get out of gear 1. Ichigo would’ve died against any of them in his bankai before final getsuga. Yet he defeated Byakuya on his first day with bankai.

    So, when they say they are the strongest, do they exclude Yamamoto from that equation?
    How strong was final getsuga ichigo compared to Yama and the full powered Zaraki? Do they both still exceed that form of his or was that the most powerful form we have and will ever see in bleach?
    How does /did Unohana rank amongst Kyoraku and Ukitake?

    Did old man yama overestimate his power?

  18. Oro’s arms went running back to him so I expect the 9 tails other half to go running back to it. CONSISTENCY KISHI, CONSISTENCY! That will be all.

    Mega Magnum is going rape these bitches man, can’t wait.

  19. Bleach – yet again top Manga!

    Naruto – about damn time Kishi pulled his socks up!

    One Piece – young master is PISSED!

  20. Cesc – everyone thinks there the strongest!!! Kubo’s power levels are fuckin terrible and u’ll only get a headache trying to figure it out!!

    Also am i the only one that wants BIG MAGNUM to win against MEGA MAGNUM lol and i wanna see there previous fight in FULL including BIG MAGNUM’S Rinnegan activation – no more cop outs Kishi, u got people talking again now give us the epic shit that u can deliver an that we wanna see! BIG MAGNUM’s WTF Face when 1st hokage shows up is gonna be too funny

  21. Thinking about it this is the perfect chance out of all the perfect chances that ever existed and will ever exist for orochimaru to own sasuke’s body and ass, which he has desired, no lust after for so long.
    It will be inconsistent if oro and his “HOK’EDO” doesn’t at least try his luck now.not to mention it will be a perfect chance for sasuke to show us his asspull power-up.

    But then again,sasgay can’t lose cuz his kishi’s son, if sasgay pawn all four, plus asspull-oro. another inconsistency.

    So which plothole is kishi willing to take??????

  22. @cesc – old man yama said he hadn’t been defeated in 1000 years. Unohana may have been talking in the present sense as well; as in, now that yama is dead I’m the strongest. When did Ichi become the strongest Shinigami?

    Kurosaki beat Byakuya with energy burst bankai and hollow assistance. Beside Byukuya is 30% arrogance and style then pure power.

    I think final getsuga we saw (which didn’t actually defeat Aizen in the end) was weaker than Demon Yamamoto and pre-handcuffed Zaraki.

    My power rankings:

    1) Unsealed Zaraki
    2) Demon-Yama/Kenpachi Unohana
    3) Kyoraku/Ukitake
    4) Kurosaki etc

    But a whole bunch of circumstances caused and continue to make that list blurry.

    Alos Ichigo was forced to go up against Aizen because he was the only one not under his hypnosis.

  23. @tenza&unknown
    bwahahaha! ended up with a cracked rib from reading both your comment

    yeah as much as i would love to see the dialogue between dark kyubi and kurama,
    i mean it will be like

    dark kyubi:WTF!!! you pussy.i mean literally,let’s see between your legs if that hasn’t changed(i’ll let someone funny do the dialogue)
    But i don’t think that will happen,naruto’s chakra is already a major ass pull..kishi would rather take that inconsistency you talking about.also kin and gin chakra didn’t go back to naruto

  24. @sanins – I’m actually not sure if the “dark” chakra will have its own persona as well… Maybe just stripped away a portion of Kyuubi’s essence.

  25. @gentlepunch
    the chance is not as “perfect” as you put it to be.they are inside enemy territory,altough it will be reasonable if konoha let two rogue battle each other in a battle to the death.but i think kishi will bail with “they are in enemy territory”

  26. @tawuya
    yeah guess you’re are right,that would make sense

  27. Snake boy is truly impressive. Does he really need the previous Hokages’ to tell him anything because he seems to know EVERYTHING lol. My favourite villain! I can’t wait until he laughs at the 3rd with his revived arms. But it’s about time that Mega Magnum pitches up and starts slapping everyone who is either using his cells or showing off with his powers. And why doesn’t any of the other villages step back and say “whoa, this is clearly an internal dispute maybe we should leave and let Bad Konoha vs Good Konoha! ” lol.
    But if the revived Hokages are used to fight against the alliance we should probably expect the kages to finally reappear, well, what’s left of them.

  28. @tenza, sanins, UTI
    Appreciate it 🙂
    I pretty just said how I feel about the previous hokages and how I think this gonna go down.

    1st was just that hokage that founded the village, but the more you hear about him the more I believe konoha did it right the first time.

    2nd: sure he has his forbidden zombie jutsu going, and sure he talk a good game, but really he feels like the least known out of the 4, like he just got that position because of who his brother is. Shiit, I would’ve picked him for that reason alone, fuck all that ‘will of fire ‘bullshit.

    3rd: majority of konohas problems generated around the time his old ass was hokage. Besides, he should’ve just told danzo and the elders to fuck off an let him hold his city down his way.

    4th: I predict will do the least talking as he’ll give the least bit of fuck of whatever sasuke and snake boy have to say. He already let his attentions known, trust naruto to show these mofos how its done.

  29. Ichigo was much stronger than Aizen, to the point where Aizen could not even sense him. Aizen didn’t die cuz he was immortal. Demon Yama could be sensed by everyone. Ichigo and Aizen are the only ones to have reached that state, where they could not be sensed. And Ichi was much higher on that plane that Aizen.

    Unohana was not speaking in the present, she states this during the flash back when she first encountered Zaraki.

  30. Another thing, how the heck does aging work in SS? It seems some characters grow older while others remain exactly the same over the same time period. Unohana looked the same since Zaraki was a kid atleast. Gin grew while Aizen and everyone else stayed the same.

  31. I would want to see BIg Magnum’s face when he sees the first in edo tensei mode (unlimited chackra and an indestructable body). Really i think that the first could be able to beat Madara even in this state with the rinengang (if the first is as good as we heard )

  32. @cesc – there was so much back and forth about who could sense who and why not and how “power” was translated into whatever that it makes the headspin.

    When Unohana says that:


    That’s in the present. As far as the past she said that whilst they were both exhilirated by meeting a peer they could fight to their limits with Zaraki was stronger. And it was Zaraki realising this that made him panic and spazz unconciously locking his own power.

    Lol, do not frustrate yourself with phiolosophical questions surrounding ageing in the realm of death! Unohana uses the Gotei Face Wash

  33. @Impaler – it may turn out to be the first time Big Magnum is stumped for an epic one liner! See if his ass is still slouching on the battlefield then…

  34. Once again we’re reminded of how superior intellectually snake boy is to every one else. Bet obito and BIG MAGNUM had no idea orochimaru/kabuto had this up their sleeve.

    Snake boy is the most immortal mortal ever in this manga. He actually seems incapable of not existing this world.

  35. Speaking of which, I wonder how hidans doing? I mean, buried 6 feet under in pieces unable to die cant be good for the mind.

  36. How will Kish get by this loop hole he created by having Mardara break free of edo….Kakashi is a genius right? So as a genius he will come up with the idea that he can use his sharigan to make the kages form the hand sign to free them selves from edo like Itachi did to kabuto to end edo right….again i ask the question? why did oro take over a zetsu body, was it because he was paying the death god with his?

  37. Orochimaru getting into Zestu’s body is a very big issue here. He is now practically invincible. With Hashirama’s cells, his already persistent life force has doubled. Now all he needs is the EMS to become a sage of six paths (EMS + Senju or Uzumaki DNA = Rinnegan). Also he is a dragon sage from absorbing Kabuto’s sage energy and his cells that were embedded him…I know Sasuke can handle himself, but he really needs to be on his guard now, ’cause Orochimaru has been getting ridiculous power ups.

  38. Seems like a good opportunity for Oro to take Madara out of the picture by setting Hashirama loose on him; I think it would be a waste not to have them fight a little.

  39. Why did they have to go to the Uchia Shrine with an Uzumaki mask and Uzumaki jutu?? wheres the connection betwen them??

  40. and is the third a midget?

  41. I could’ve sworn that anyone with a sharingan can read minds……

  42. Is anyone else pissed off that everyone who was important has been brought back besides jiraiya:(

  43. @Fire fist,

    As strong as Oro is right now he still cant handle BIG MAGNUM


    The 3rd is just one of those short people that u rest ur arms on, bless his little hat


    Sharingan = genjutsu……..but havent seen that for how long?! Sasuke vs Danzo maybe?

  44. Newbie here again with a question to the group. I have been lurking and reading your comments for about a week. You all appear to be well versed in the top Mangas
    I am a BLEACH fan, dyed and true, but it is time to add another manga/anime to my interest. Which one do you recommend and why? And do I start with the manga or with the anime? Thanks

  45. @aleriecorbay
    We had a discussion about that some time ago and brought up every last Manga that was worth reading you could think about. Hope it helps: https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/good-manga-recommendations/

  46. Nowadays Korea is coming up with some very good Manhwa that (I dare say) can rival the Big 3. The Breaker, Tower of God, Noblesse, Sun Ken Rock, etc.. See for yourself.

  47. Aliecorbray, you should try blood trinity, baki the grappler is awesome, trigun theres plenty out there worth getting into

  48. Oh and Beelzebub lol, that manga is pure comedy

  49. @7warlord. Thanks for the link. I see all kinds of ideas of where to go. The article and comments should keep me busy for a while. I assume that most of them will be available on the Internet, somewhere. For BLEACH, I have been using http://www.mangahit.com/
    It posts the latest chapter sometime between late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, most weeks.
    Back to the article, I really like the way that it was broken down by category. That should help my search a bunch. For example, I am not that interested in comedy.

    @ badasschefman141. So, all the ones that you suggested are Korean? Am I understanding that the format in Korea is called Manhwa, and not manga? It is nice to learn those kind of details. The only thing that I know about Korean production is that is where the American hybrid anime AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER was animated. The level of artistry was very high. Thanks for the ideas.

    @ Minatofan. Thanks for the ideas.
    @ badasschefman141. Thanks for the suggestion. But, I am not big on comedy. I do my best to ignore it in the BLEACH frames.

    Thanks to all for your sugg4estions. I had figured that you would say or NANUTO or ONE PIECE, or other super popular ones. Instead, you gifted me with all kinds of interesting suggestions. Thanks to all.

  50. @teamEvo1 – I don’t think it’s a loophole that Madara broke free. Did he break free in front of Kakashi or the Kages? Either way I think Kakashi would opt to seal 1st and 2nd and then (maybe) free the 3rd and 4th but seriously doubt it.

    Yep Oro purposely had them keep zetsus alive because he sacrificed himself in stomach slice… Will be interesting to see what happens now with that self regenerating body.

  51. @seda – wondered the same damn thing…

  52. @Unknown – lol, uhh no, Sharingan does not allow mind reading

  53. @Cobray – start with the manga DEFINITELY. My recommendations:

    1) Claymore
    3) Fairy Tail (very light popcorn manga)

  54. @ Tawuya-sama. Thanks. Okay. I will definitely start with the manga, which is the reverse of what I did with BLEACH. There I started with the anime and only went to the manga when they stopped showing new animes in Japan.
    Now according to the discussion fielded by walmart1 that was shared with me, CLAYMORE has to do with “Demonic Swordswomen fight off Demons to save mankind” and not with mines. Isn’t that the name of those Scottish two-handed swords? It does look interesting and my favorite manga site has it on-line. I will give it a try.

    Again using that same discussion, mart calls Berserk: “The world’s greatest swordsman fights demons after his greatest ally betrays him.” He notes in passing that it is not in the Genre where the good guys always win. Sounds like my cup of tea.
    FAIRY TAIL, looks less likely, although the drawings are done well. By the way, while I am female, I do not necessarily need my hero/heroine to be a female. I seem to like a good strong story, which is drawn well.

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