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One Piece Chapter 695 – “Aint Half Bad”


Oda has done it again, keeping us waiting for three weeks than satisfying our hunger for One Piece chapter and he delivers big time. Seeing Nami and Ussop beating fleeing enemies is ironic and does its Justice. I don’t really need to say anything about this chapter because it speaks for itself. So if you don’t want to read my rambling or “bad-English” 🙂 than just scroll down and comment about this weeks awesome chapter, now if you do want to hear what I say than by all means keep on reading.

Franky “Shogun”

I remember saying that the Strawhats better start learning Haki or become stronger, but boy was I wrong about that. Franky just took on two Devil 05Fruit users from the Donquixote Pirates. It can be estimated that Baby 5 and Buffalo might be of the lowest rank in the Donquixote Pirates, they are still part of the Donquixote Pirates. Which is a big accomplishment since people would flee away from anyone affiliated with the Donquixote Pirates, nonetheless the Donquixote Pirate themselves. It is for that reason why CC had such a confident feeling in being untouchable since he was affiliated with them. That if he felt threatened all he would have to do is mention that he is under the Donquixote Pirates and he tried to do this when threatened by Luffy. Going back to Franky, he took on Baby 5 and Buffalo effortlessly and without even using his really body, but that of Franky Shogun. Either way Franky has proven that he is more than ready to face the New World in fact all of the Strawhats are.

Only Coward’s Flee

11I found it to be very ironic for Nami and Ussop to make the final blow on CC, Baby 5 and Buffalo. It is ironic because before the time skip it was Nami and Ussop that were the ones always running away with their tails behind their legs. Now I am not internally sure that Nami or Ussop will never run away from a fight, but from what I have seen so far Nami and Ussop have become far greater then their former self. In fact, I would say that they have developed a tenacity to look for a fight, well at least Nami is because she commented about how she was tired of running and it is time for her to fight. Also, their power is something to not take lightly, the only thing that I really want to see Nami and Ussop accomplish is a close-range battle. So far all their attacks have been long-range attacks. Ussop with his plant like slingshot and Nami’s weather producing staff. I would assume that Ussop has developed some close range tactics since he is very fit and can grow his staff at will depending on range. Nami also has shown in the Fishman arc that she is able to not only dodge attacks but to block attacks. In conclusion, this is not the same Nami and Ussop we all fell in love with, they have become what they strive to become, two badazz  warriors.

“Aint half bad, right?”

I think that statement by Luffy is an understatement. The Strawhats are by far the most reliable crew, as in each 18can do what the other lacks. For instance, Sanji has admitted that Ussop is the more cleaver of the two, way back in Enies Lobby, but he was the stronger in physical strength of the two. In doing so, Sanji can fight Jabra who was physically powerful, while Ussop goes and collects the keys to free Robin, since he is more cleaver than him. I think that Law has just figured this out and you could see it on his face, but he does not want to admit it. No matter how bizarre and outrageous the Strawhats methods are, they get the job done. But things have been going far too smoothly for our heroes, and one thing I learned about the Strawhats is that nothing goes smoothly for them. Law can celebrate this short lived victory, because Joker is on his way and he might pull of what Kuma did to the Strawhats in Thriller Bark. From what I have seen lately of Joker, is far stronger then any one the Strawhats have ever faced. His ability looks to be invincible, his achievements are awe inspiring. He can easily take on Gekko Mariah, was able to take control of Jozu and throughout the Marine vs Whitebeard war, he was never seen to be serious. In conclusion, Joker is one badazz killer and it will be interesting to see the conflict between him and the Strawhats.

Side Notes:

  • As for that shadow figure at the end. I have to guesses: One is Kuzan which the obvious and it is what most people think it is. He matches the figure personality since that figure mentioned how he over slept, and Kuzan was known to sleep a lot, for one thing he always has a sleep mask on his forehead. Also he is the only character who showed that he can float on top of water because of his Devil Fruit ability.  As for my other guess, well it is just that a guess, he could be anyone.
  • Lots of funny moments this week. But the best is Zoro telling Nami and Ussop to hurry it up.
  • Tawuya-sama pointed out that in the panel where Law says “They’re Enemies” one guy in the back looks exactly like CC. Please speak up if you mentioned this so I can give the credit for you.
  • Another title is added for Franky, he is now the weapon specialist of the Strawhats. I am not sure if he already has this title but I would put it out there.
  • Did you noticed that Ussop never hit Baby 5, he only hit Buffalo and CC. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. Or has Ussop developed chivalry like Sanji.



9 Responses

  1. Great review!

    @Jdogg – #putsHandUp haha, it was me who noticed CC lookalike in background 🙂

  2. Was looking forward to this review an u delivered! Like u Jdogg i too wanna see what Usopp an Nami can do at close range combat, hell throw Robin in there aswell. This is the new world an there gonna be put in the situation where close range is their only option. One thing i liked in this chapter is Luffy an Zoro’s sheer belief in Usopp an his skills an the way he delivered, it’ll probably help Law relax about this alliance. Also will these chics please at least crack a smile for the suuuuuuuuper robot!!!
    I’ve been rewatching some Doflamingo scene’s an noticed that he never uses his ability for long….maybe there’s a timelimit? could be a good weakness to exploit!
    Now the guy at the end……some say its Aokiji an some say Mihawk but Oda did say this year that they’ll be a new species introduced that the crew would encounter and I think that this guy could be one of em! It feels to earlier for Kuzan or Mihawk to make an appearance an that’d be too many mega guys on 1 island at the same time lol Im hoping when flamingo gets there we get a mega puppet show royal rumble where every fights everyone while the Joker laughs like a madman

  3. Buffalo said that Doflamingo was holding Law’s Heart seat for him. Does this mean that Law’s crew has been working for Doflamingo?

    My god if that guy turns out to be Kuzan, I will flip out of my chair. That’s just too random. What reason would Kuzan have for going back to Punk Hazard? I don’t see it happening…then again, it’s almost impossible to forsee what happens in One Piece. Hell, for all we know, that could be freakin Kaido lol.

  4. Its not random for Kuzan to appear on Punk Hazard. He fought Lavaboy there for ten days.
    @ Tensa Gizzla
    Im sure Luffy will learn more attacks and gear. I didnt like that one He did in the filler; where he grow big.

  5. @7warlord,
    I thought Buffalo meant that the doflamingo family are like a deck of cards an Law is the heart whereas flamingo is the joker and there’s Jack (the broker who we havent seen yet), a spade, diamond, king an queen….and by flamingo keeping this seat open, Law always has a position an a home to go back to with the family seeing as he used to be one of them….

    @rock lee,
    He probably will and gear 4 an 5 would probably be haki based. Im hoping that when Luffy eventually destroys fishman island he does that with pure king’s disposition haki imagine how sick that would look!!

  6. @Tawuya-sama, Thanks for the comment and now you get the credit for pointing the CC look alike.

    @Tensa Gizzla, Thank you for the comment. But the analogy you made with Doflamingo Family and Deck of Cards makes perfect sense. I never thought about it that way, but we are slowly learning new things about Doflamingo everyday. So far we know almost every thing about the other Shichibukai who have been introduced already. What killing me is wanting to know the new Shichibukai.

  7. @Tensa
    Nice theory dude, but damn if that’s true then Doflamingo has more firepower than I thought.

    That’s why it’s random. Why would he go back there? I could be wrong, but I don’t know…

  8. Oda just kills me with the sad faces, just look at momo in this new chapter:


  9. @Tensa – that sad face is HILARIOUS! And the kids is nodding as well, hahaha #realEmotion

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