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Naruto Chapter 616 – My Way!


Welcome back ladies and Gentlemen, to another session of Naruto chapter review. After almost a three weeks absence of a Naruto chapter, this weeks chapter does live up to the hype. While not internally, nonetheless it was an enjoyable chapter, but I think many of the fans expected an explosive chapter, that would put us in the hot seat waiting for the next chapter. This chapter on the other hand is more of a set up chapter that would lead on to the final fight. While I enjoyed this chapter, I think that it was presented at the wrong time. Also, there is not much to talk about so I will make this short and to the point.

They Are Back!

Probably the most talked about subject this week is the return of Sasuke and Orochimaru. It is no secret that Orochimaru is my favorite villain, even 06though he was only shown for about one panel, he still has that vibe of the baddest villain, the Naruto series has ever produced. On the other hand we have Sasuke, the most controversial character in the series. Some hate him and some love him. As for me, I have a love/hate feeling towards Sasuke. I like his character when he was a kid, but as he grew he became this untouchable arrogant prick. But I have to admit seeing him this chapter actually made me happy because he is jealous of Naruto, and for once we see an emotion out of Sasuke other than sadness and hate. I know a lot of people will argue with me on this but I believe that Naruto is way too powerful now, that Sasuke wont even give him a warm-up.

02Just let me explain why Naruto is farther than Sasuke right now. For one thing Naruto is a partner of the Nine-Tail Fox, Kurama. Kurama is someone with a vast range of knowledge, who has hundreds and hundreds years of experience. Sasuke cannot keep up with that, he cannot stand up to the combined strength of Kurama and Naruto. We just witness Naruto finally getting the hang of combine his chakra with Kurama’s and quiet possibly with the Sage-chakra as well because you could see when he was talking to Kurama, his eyes were outlined like that of Sage-mode. From this he is producing his own chakra. To top it of, Naruto has three sources of Chakra, the first is his own, the second is the Sage-Chakra, and the third is Kurama’s chakra, that is not to count the countless uses he gets with those abilities. Oh, and thats not counting all the Nations backing Naruto up, he is their hero.

Now most of you probably are thinking why am I bring this debate that has been going on since the first half of the Sasuke_vs_Naruto___final_fight_by_Arya_Aiedailseries? Well, I was just thinking, after this whole war is over, the only thing we as the fans will look forward to is the final Showdown between Sasuke and Naruto. Though, it is looking like it is a one side match in the favor of Naruto. It is like this, right now Naruto is like a Super Saiyan 4 Goku, while Sasuke is like a Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, if you know anything about Dragonball, which I am guessing lots of you do, than you would clearly say that Super Saiyan 4 whips on Super Saiyan 2. I just wanted to bring this up because it has been bothering me lately and wanted to see what most of you think about this? Does Sasuke need a power boast in order to catch up to Naruto? Or is he just fine the way he is? Will this fight ever happen? From what I am seeing right now, I am highly doubting it will ever happen. What do you guys think?

Side Notes:

  • Like I said not much to go on this chapter.
  • Naruto dispersing his chakra is a cheap way to keep the Alliance in the war. But it makes sense since they looked like they were running out of gas.
  • Madara is still the King of Quotes.
  • Hinata is becoming one Baddazz Mamacita.
  • Lots of you might find that what Naruto said was cheesy. But his answer was probably the most realistic answer. It is true that when you try to protect your closest comrades, you cannot save all them. And the best thing to do is to remember them in your heart, no matter how cheesy you might find this but I think what Naruto said is a perfect answer to Obito’s dilemma of war, chaos and death.




63 Responses

  1. First

  2. Nice review as always

    IMO-sasuke doesn’t need a power up he has the perfect attack(amaterasu)and perfect defence(susano’o)
    the inevitable winner of the battle is naruto but not without sasuke fatally whooping his ass

    besides the only power-up available for sasuke now is a rinnegan…and i don’t even want to imagine him with one, seems ridiculous especially considering how long it took madara’s sharingan to mutate into one….i mean he had to become a great grandMA to get the rinnegan
    so sasuke&rinnegan not a match

  3. Sasuke can do without an upgrade. He’s fairly fast, has pretty high durability, his EMS powers are pretty OP. I think the final battle will be just fine without giving him ANOTHER power boost.
    As for the cheesiness, that’s what anime’s all about, man! That’s always the funnest part of any action anime, and often times the most inspirational or emotional. Take that away and anime wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

  4. I don’t see Naruto winning if sasuke uses genjutsu on him. It’s always been his greatest weakness.

  5. @ Rate1 but Kurama could get him out of it like how Gyuki could get KillerBee out of it

  6. i dont think sasuke is jealous of naruto as far as power/chakra goes. i think it has more to do with the reversal of their roles. in the beginning everyone was chasing and wanting to be by sasuke’s side and naruto was being held with contempt. now its the other way around, i think sasuke would love to be back in that situation again and he would not abuse it this time.

  7. @Madara_Uchiha, I am not sure it is jealousy that Sasuke is feeling, but it is defiantly something that he feels is threatening. As if Naruto is become someone not to take lightly because the Naruto of today can actually backs up what he says.

    @NemoPrime, Naruto is probably faster and far more durable than Sasuke. For one he has gained the approval of the A the Fourth Raikage in the sense of speed. In doing so, what ever Sasuke brings to the table Naruto can bring better, so far from what I have seen.

  8. Right now sasuke doesn’t compare. His Amaterasu doesn’t matter cause naruto would easily outrun it like the raikage did and sasuke “ultimate def” can be cracked as shown when gaara and the raikage were knocking sasuke around. Genjutsu is Zero problem as the nine tails will now easily disrupt it. If these two fought now the fight would remind me of goku vs vegeta in the buu saga; vegeta thinks they r even until he realizes that goku wasn’t even fighting at ful strength. Naruto right now is just in a whole new league compared to sasuke. Naruto right now is surpassed only by madara at this point

  9. Hmm… I’m not so sure Sasuke will need a boost as we haven’t seen the full extent of his previous upgrade recently…

  10. Same. Naruto is much stronger than Sasuke. The only thing giving Sasuke a chance here is is EMS upgrade and what the abilities of the EMS are. If I remember correctly, there was a immorality justu within the EMS Itachi talked about? Or a “4th jutsu”?

    The standard MS abilities are no match for Naruto now…genjutsu can be broken out of by Kurama. Naruto can easily avoid direct contact with Amaterasu through using Shadow Clones as a buffer to attack (as always) or outrunning it directly. Susanoo can be broken with sheer force or clever maneuvering like Danzo did or Kabuto. Sasuke’s Lighting Style can be circumvented through Naruto’s Wind Style.

  11. Naruto is not stronger than Sasuke. They’re about even with one another. Susanoo can not be as easily broken as most of you pointed out. The sasanoo that was easily shattered by the Raikage was at a very early premature state that any physical force could easily break it. Any further stages of sasanoo afterwards like the one Sasuke developed during his battle with Danzou or the one Madara use that had limbs could not be as easily broken by the Raikage and even Tsunade who exceeds the Raikage in physical strength. Sasuke already got pass those stages in developing his Susanoo and we have not yet seen the full extent of his EMS and the new Susanoo form that wields ameraterasu as a sword yet.

    Sasuke Susanoo will give Naruto a hard time to break. The Susanoo form that were seen that closely assembles the one Itachi had or Madara perfect Susanoo has been shown to be unbreakable. Almost invincable in that regards. On offense, Sasuke now wields an ameraterasu sword with his Sasanoo. We saw how fast a Susanoo sword can be use to slice or stab an enemy which was perfectly demonstrated by Itachi stabbing both Nagato and Orochimaru. When they were both stab by the Susanno sword, they both seem stun. Unexpectly they were surprise at how fast the sword went through them. That it was so quick that neither Nagato or Orochimaru could react to it. For goodness sake, Oro couldn’t even get his sword half way out of his throat before being stab by Itachi Susanno sword. The other advantage Sasuke also has on offense is that one clean hit with his ameraterasu sword can kill Naruto with in an instant. If sasuke and Naruto fought, Naruto will have trouble shattering Susanoo while Sasuke will have trouble getting a clean hit with his Ameraterasu sword because of Naruto’s quick speed. As of right now, it’s a stalemate.

  12. Of course, Naruto is stronger now, he and Kurama are now working together. But you can’t be saying Sasuke can’t beat him when they fight. They will be equals when that happens. This isn’t DBZ, where Goku is always stronger than Vegeta lol. Sasuke still has to unlock the full potential of the EMS, such as using Perfect Susanoo. Madara used that against Hashirama, so that doesn’t require the Rinnegan (I think). Who knows what else the EMS can do. Also, I would just like to point out that just because Kurama is aiding Naruto, doesn’t mean Naruto is all powerful. Madara used Kurama like his pet and Hashirama took him out of the picture WHILE dealing with Madara. Yea, I am aware that Naruto will just be using his chakra, but I’m just saying. When the Bijuu are separated, they can be beaten. Even though Naruto has the most powerful one in him, he can still be beaten, especially by someone who has inherited the other half of the Rikudo Sage.

    Sasuke’s Susanoo wasn’t fully developed when he fought Raikage and Gaara. He was still learning how to use it, which be be entirely different when fights Naruto, because he will be much more powerful + his eyes won’t be a hindrance to him (meaning no repercussions for using them). Also, just because Naruto is super fast and strong, he will still have to find a way to get through Sasuke’s amaterastu/susanoo defense (I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to lose a limb like a “certain someone” lol). It will be more powerful now and it will be very effective against Naruto, who had trouble with Roshi’s magma armor technique. I would also like to add that even though Kurama is helping Naruto, he can still be affected by Genjustu. Remember how Sasuke got Bee. Bee was freed by the Hachibi, but he was still out for a few seconds and this was when Sasuke was still a novice with his Mangekyou. Itachi has also gotten Bee in Genjustu and Bee was dazed for a few seconds, giving Itachi time to counter. Now when they fight, I expect Sasuke’s genjutsu to at LEAST rival his brother’s genjustu, because he now has more powerful eyes + they once belonged to his brother. This will mean a big disadvantage for Naruto, repeatedly getting caught in Genjustu.

  13. I could be wrong but didn’t the 1st’s wife seal kurama during the battle? And weren’t all the tailed beasts involved in the battle?

  14. RIght the track record so far in the Sasuke vs Naruto saga is Sasuke is winning 2-0 (the uchiha beat him as a kid an beat him after the time skip outside snake boy’s hide out) now we all know Naruto is gonna win in the final showdown with some gay ass talk no jutsu but as of right now we havent even seen what the EMS can do in battle so comparisons right now are pointless if we’ve only seen 1 side of the coin! Like ?????? said there is also that special 4th EMS secret jutsu an Sasuke is gonna get perfect susanno an probably the Rinnegan too, oh and btw DBZ was a pisstake not giving Vegeta his full potential an shineeeee haha

  15. i also like seeing sasuke jealous of naruto

  16. @Cas24
    No, you’re right because I remember reading that. As for your other point about all of the bijuu being involved, I’m not sure. I think I read it before, but I just don’t remember. Anyways, my point was that we have all seen a person handle a bijuu before. It’s not anything new.

  17. I just thought of something: what if Oro gave Sasuke the curse mark again? I think it would be interesting to see what kind of powers he’d get by combining cursed chakra with his EMS.

  18. Naruto will own sasuke right now but sasuke is about to get a huge power up and then naruto will learn how to use the other tailed beast chakras and then its uchiha ass kicking time haha

  19. Not once has naruto ever surpassed sasuke in terms of strength an skill, not even when he learned sage mode, and any edge that naruto ever had on him was temporary at best. Sasuke deserves to see how far hes become an how inferior he is now.

  20. In all the battles against sasuke naruto has never had any sort of control of the kyuubis power. Not only r naruto and the kyuubi now friends, naruto has complete access to the kyuubis chakra and they r working together now. After seeing what naruto is capable of right now it is crazy ppl still say sasuke would win lol. Sasuke will get a power boost to put him up o narutos lvl but right now sasuke is not up to narutos level. The past ONE battle sasuke and naruto had was so long ago that it has nothing to do with the present and the second time they met that wasn’t even a fight. Since then sasuke has gotten ems and Amaterasu and susanno. Naruto meanwhile has gotten speed greater than the raikage, complete access to the kyuubis chakra without any bad effects, can now do a kyuubis sized bijou dama, can spam numerous rasen shurikan at once with his chakra arms, can sense feelings and chakra, has increased protection with the kyuubis cloak (basically his version of susanno) and sage mode, an shadow clones that can go into kyuubis mode I mean the list goes on. Sasuke RIGHT now doesn’t compare to naruto but as kishis fav character sasuke will get a massive boost just by walking into a room probably

  21. @Token – totally agree with your breakdown. On top of that Naruto has previously, constantly been working with a huge handicap in that he really doesn’t want to hurt/kill Sasuke. He was always trying to “save” him. At this point from what we’ve seen I tip Konoha’s Number One Surprising Ninja!

  22. The review was only about the first page.. What happend with review about the rest of the pages???

  23. @token
    You can decorate naruto’s abilities with flowers and ribbons all you want…
    But even without a power up sasuke can counter all naruto moves ranging from his speed to his base-balls variations..
    Sh*t on kurama’s age/wisdom thing, sasuke is still the brains and naruto the brawl,so on first hand naruto is outsmarted.
    Wait! i must sound like a die hard sasuke fan. right??? but honestly i’m not, am not a naruto uzumaki fan either, speaking from a neutral point of view here……..so i’ll go with what NSS7 said both will give each other a hard time.not to mention naruto is at his highest needliest peek and we haven’t sasuke EMS at its best

  24. I think im one of the few people who thought it was cool that Naruto was able to share his chakra

  25. no we have seen sasuke struggle against ninja like bee and raikage while the current naruto is the only thing stopping madara/tobi from completely annihilating the alliance lol. current naruto is faster than sasuke so how exactly can sasuke counter naruto with speed when naruto is the fastest living shinobi? and brains sasuke hasnt shown brains since who knows when. we have seen susanno have troubles against strong attacks like raikage and danzo and naruto right now has way more power than those two. And to say naruto is dumb isnt accurate either as he has shown that durin battle his instincts r quite impressive. and we have seen sasuke with ms and frankly that was pathetic showings given that sasuke died basically 2 times against bee and old man kage would have killed him instantly if not for tobi. O and btw we have seen sasuke fight since he got ems with his bro against kabuto and it was itachi that did the hard work and took care of kabuto. So sasuke with ems isnt even the best of his family lol

  26. and btw its funnny that even in thise chapter oro notices that sasuke is “annoyed” by the fact that they can feel narutos chakra. Sasuke probably is annoyed cause that chakra feels stronger than what he posesses and he knows it

  27. Haha, yes we have seen Sasuke struggle against Bee and Raikage. But wasn’t that when he was still learning how to use the mangekyou? This isn’t the same Sasuke then and it defintely won’t be the same Sasuke when the final battle for Konoha happens, it’s naive to think otherwise. And I thought it’s already been established that Sasuke wasn’t trying to kill Kabuto and was just following Itachi’s lead. So I’m not sure why that has been brought up…

    As for Naruto…yes we all know he’s insanely strong and can go super saiyan now, but the bulk (nobody can deny this) of his power comes from Kurama. With all that power he only uses Rasengan variations. Rasnegan this, Rasengan that, can he do anything else? Oh yea, summoning justu, sexy no justu (lol), talk no justu, and shadow clones…lots of shadow clones…Don’t get me wrong though, he works his ass off and can pull off some frog fu when in a corner, but still, you would think that he would know some badass wind style techs by now or something. At least Sasuke doesn’t lack in this and has diversity.

  28. sasuke has been able to perfect jutsu on the fly so him still learning to use ms isnt a good thing to say considering that he learned how to use amaterasu (one of his three spammed tech) without training. And i never said he was the same sauske but naruto isnt the same either. and naruto doesnt have the time to learn alot of stuff at once cause unlike sasuke naruto has to spend weeks learning just to control the nine tail beast inside him and master what he already knows, unlike sasuke who has powers literally implanted into him and somehow sasuke can use them from the start while naruto has to go thru the painful process of *gasp* practicing and training for his tech. diversity is all well and good but doesnt sasuke spam the same three jutsu when he has to? he uses fire attacks and such but when it comes down to it against bee, danzo, kages, raikage, kabuto all he used when he was in a bind was susanno, amaterasu and chidori (btw he spams chidori like naruto and rasengan and sasuke himself does variants of it). To survive against raikage: susasnno. to survive against danzo; susanno spam till danzo was weakened and killed enough times than chidori blade. raikage: tried amaterasu, didnt work, than susanno to stop the raikage from tearing him apart. sasuke spams his strongest attacks just like naruto but you didnt mention this either…

  29. “Sasuke is a genius”. I wonder how many times that has been said in this manga. Of course he will be able to perform various techs, that’s how good he is. And his “spamming” is him figuring out how to perfect his powerful eyes. Not to mention, he was in situations where he had to pull the Susanoo card to stay alive. I repeat, Stay Alive. In every battle, in part 2, Sasuke had to fight for his life, with the exception of the Itachi battle. Naurto surely hasn’t had more than him. Go ahead and count them, and don’t bother mentioning Pein, because Nagato clearly had no intention of killing him. And when this entire war started, Naruto had enough power to not even worry about enemies trying to kill him. He can thank Kurama for that. And you saying Naruto didn’t have enough time to learn techs lol. All Naruto does is train and he still can’t even do 5 techs that require hand seals. Even Konohamaru can do more than that. It’s really pitiful, especially when you see how hard he works all the time, he still can’t figure it out. Well I guess it’s better than Rock Lee, but still, he is the Main Character!

  30. “You can decorate naruto’s abilities with flowers and ribbons all you want…”, ” Rasnegan this, Rasengan that, can he do anything else? Oh yea, summoning justu, sexy no justu (lol), talk no justu, and shadow clones…lots of shadow clones…” funniest shit ive read all day!!
    When it comes to the fox right – surely Sasuke can use his EMS an take control over him an potentially shut off Naruto’s power boost making him regular sage mode Naruto or am i wrong there? although from there it would be a little too easy to kill Naruto….

  31. You know what, with the exception of this current battle, you can’t even count his battles in this war either. Even then, he still would have captured by Nagato, if it had not been for Itachi lol. My god, if Sasuke gets the Rinnegan, Naruto is going to have to come up with an entire new battle strategy, ’cause the only help he’s getting is from Kurama, and those Rasengans won’t do him any good against the Rinnegan.

  32. sasuke has been called a genius but him being manipulated by numerous ppl doesnt help that claim lol. Also if its that easy to cut off the power source y hasnt madara or tobi done that already? if it was that easy to shut off the nine tails power i would htink madara and tobi would have done it by now. And if sasuke does get the rinnengan it will be hack as anything and not sure how that proves the current point that naruto now is stronger than sasuke.
    “And when this entire war started, Naruto had enough power to not even worry about enemies trying to kill him”; u urself said this and yet u still say sasuke now is stronger than naruto?
    Even then, he still would have captured by Nagato, if it had not been for Itachi lol; so your saying naruto is weak cause he was goin up against the strongest uchiha outside madara and nagato who had limitless chakra and access to all sage of the seven paths techs? hell yea naruto needed itachi nagato was a beast with the strongest eyes in all of naruto and naruto still didnt have the nine tail cloak he does now. Not sure how that shows naruto is weak since nagato could easily go up against any ninja in this war by himself.
    Just cause naruto cant do hand signs doesnt mean much since all ninja have diff tech and specialties. we are goin to differ on this no matter what so im not gonna bother arguing about how naruto right now is far superior to sasugay.

  33. Haha, getting angry? I was having fun arguing with you, but you if want to cease it here, then so be it. Btw, I never said the current Naruto is weaker than the current Sasuke. In one of my earlier posts I actually said they would be the same level when they clash, so I think you have me mixed up someone else on that topic. But whatever, until next time Token lol.

  34. lol im not gettin angry but talking about this is like talking to a brick wall. trust me i can argue for days but i dont argue nice :-/

  35. and actually i did get u and needle punch confused lol hes the one stating sasuke now would still beat naruto. My bad :-/ long work day lol

  36. We’re all human so it’s understandable. And believe it or not, I was actually enjoying our little bickering, so I’m glad you didn’t take it the wrong way.

  37. @7warlord – Naruto already has plenty of experience against rinnegan…

  38. Pretty funny, naruto actually has the most experience fighting a rinnegan User.

  39. Argue about this guys………..NEW CHAPTERS OUT!!


  40. Right that fox is getting on my nerves, he’s turned into a bloody cheer leader!! We get more cheesy writing again an also kishi loves to say that somebody has surpassed somebody which is a pile of shit coz old generation>>>>>>>>>>>>>new generation all day every day!!


  42. @?????? – how badass was the page were Lee’s resolve returns and Naruto imbues him with chakra?! ROOOOOOOCCCCCCKKK LLLEEEEEEEE BEEEEYOOOTCHES!!!!

  43. It was so beautiful I cried with the power of youth

  44. @UchihaUzumaki – I also dig the chakra redistribution especially with the explanation given this chapter #nothingIsRandom

  45. “It was so beautiful I cried with the power of youth” – bwahahahaha

  46. “It was so beautiful I cried with the power of youth!!!” hahaha, u forget to do the trade-mark smile and thumbs up dude!!!!!!!!!

    ROCK LEE MOTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Just that one kick though…Rock Lee did what the Raikage wish he could.

    Straight up…I wanna see what Lee could do if he could actually use his own chakra…

  48. When the kages come back an get some kyuubi hot chocolate there gonna be beast an force Madara to fight seriously

  49. @Tensa – oh snap, hadn’t thought about that! Kages at 3 times the fighting potency!!! Can you say, “landscape changing battle”???

  50. @AngryTensa – lol, I’m loving the Kyuubi gushing over his fwend Nawuto 🙂

  51. @Tawuya,
    Yep in true kishimotto fashion, the kages will hand out a ninja beatdown – Madara is gonna get lightning sand up his arse!
    As for the Kyuubi that bitch needs to grow some balls!!!! Every 2 chapters praising naruto like he’s the best thing since cheesecake – where’s all that anger an hate gone?! Now all we got is this fluffy mothafucka smiling coz he got let out the cage – stupid fox!

  52. @Tensa – I’m not sure how I feel about page with Ken-chan crying… It felt awkward for me reading that; clicked past it very quickly! Or was that me feeling his pain and not being able to cope?!

  53. No my friends. Naruto and “company” has beaten 6 zombies with each bearing a specific Rinnegan ability. They weren’t even trying to kill him. The next confrontation…Naruto EXPECTS what to happen, but still shows poor execution, and had it not been someone bailing him out, he would have been captured. Naruto does better in the next Rinnegan clash, but too bad it was shortlived thanks to our Tobi lol. Just because Naruto has experience, doesn’t mean he can beat the Rinnegan. And I’m talking about a full fledged user of it with every intention to kill. Maybe he can do better in the future, he is a super saiyan 2 now and all…cool new chapter btw

  54. Lightbulb! What if Rock Lee got Nejis eyes that would be freakin sweet and @Tawuya yeah the explanation was the icing on the cake and also why do everybody hate that the kyuubi is praising Naruto when everybody else that had him treated him like a tool and he sees the sage of six paths in Naruto and thats his creator so why wouldnt he praise him…im just sayin

  55. Also remember we havent seen perfect susanoo yet and its supposedly is stronger then the kyuubi so i dont think weve seen anything yet Big Magnum have been just chilling this whole time but i got a feeling were about to turn to sasuke and his pals so we may miss all the best action

  56. I’m just gonna put my little 2 cents in about the Rinnegan. The only time we’ve witnessed its true destructive power was: 1. Pein destroyed Konaha; 2. Madara summoning 2 meteors from space; 3. We haven’t seen it happen, but the Sage of 6 paths using chibaku tensei to create the moon. That’s some pretty powerful stuff right there. And seeing that chakra based attacks , like rasengans and bijuu balls are just absorbed, Naruto will indeed have to figure something out. The only thing I see that has the *potential* to beat the Rinnegan is EMS and Sage Mode. And Naruto just so happens to be a pretty damn good Sage. If he can somehow combine natural energy and Kurama’s chakra as one, he can beat it. I remember Naruto doing something like that when he confronted Nagato in Konan’s paper tree, so maybe, just maybe a little something to watch out for.

  57. @Tawuya
    Ken-chan was not crying he had somethin in his eye!!!! 😛 Madmen do not shed tears lol

  58. Waaaaaaiiittttttttt one minute?!!!!!!

    So if you are a Kenpachi, you are also a saiyan. You get stronger by coming on the brink of death or dying….0_o. Explains a lot especially that classic golden glow around Zaraki when he takes his patch off and unleashes his power. Also explains the Vegeta like mentality, and constant anger issues. Well done Tite……welll done….*Slow applause then exits the page.

  59. @UTI

    Saiyans = Uchiha’s, Kenpachi’s, Will of D’s, Codebreakers, Fanalis an various other manga clans an crews lol

  60. @tensa

    Good observation, lol.

  61. Everyone talking about naruto and sasuke when it comes to power i have a few satements, naruto from the begining of the series didnt have his dad or mom and im sorry but im gonna go on the limb and say that naruto with out the fox and the guidance from his father and mother wouldve been a person not to mess with, id even say that a naruto with out the fox and the guidance from his mom and wouldve been on the same league as jiraiya if not his dad, sasuke on the other hand shouldnt even have amaterasu, if it wasnt for karin i would even say sasuke woulnt even be able to spam his sasanoo, my point is the naruto now cant help that he has the fox at his disposal just like sasuke cant help he has amaterasu or or all his sharingan abilities they were both born special

  62. @Minatofan well said

  63. Where the hell is sakura, if lee’s kick can disect madara, curious to see what sakura kyubi-chocolate powered punch would too,
    seriously where is she anyway haven’t seen her in action in like FOREVER! I mean ino hell even chouji has made reasonable kick-ass contribution to this war.
    For a major character trained by a sannin she’s certainly downplayed or has kishi forgotten her???

    HELOOO kishi!!! you created a major character.pink hair…sasuke’s girl…, the one who always cry in anime openings, HELO remember?

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