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Its Out!

Naruto Chapter 617


One Piece Chapter 696


Bleach Chapter 524



26 Responses

  1. Naruto – Rock lee super kick to the bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Love that kick – now we need a Lee an Guy 7th gate combo! Also why is there a damn speech every bloody chapter its becoming so cringe-worthy and cheesy! My friends this, my friends that, u’ve surpassed this person, i’ll save everyone blah blah blah bitch shut da fuck up an fight!! And kurama that retarded ass fox needs to shut da fuck up too just coz he got let out the kage he’s this happy freakin pokemon, where’s all that rage bitch?!

    Bleach – Zaraki got fucked up and Unohana is officially “Super Woman” – she killed him then healed him just to kill his ass again!! The fact that Zaraki has his eye patch off an got dominated in the first 10 minutes…..Kubo your a bad mothafucka for this one!

    One piece – Nice to see Sanji putting that New kamakenpo cooking to good use, 10 bucks says that he got made to wear that sweets dress at some point in the 2 year timeskip 😛 Now what is the deal with kinnemon an momo – the way they were behaving was odd like were they kicked out of wano for some reason or are they on some secret mission where there not allowed to eat or return until they get something…. Also that last page….was smoker telling law to go after Kaido first?? Also “Hundred Beast” Kaido…..maybe he’s the SAD yonko

  2. nice chapters from all of the Big 3

    naruto – with all the powering up with the kyuubi’s chakra, might we see lee and guy go 7 gates or even 8 gates? with how the chapter ended i’m guessing we’ll see naruto go 1 on 2 against obito and big magnum. that is of course, if the alliance is behind him as if they were joined at the hip. also props to lee’s kick to big magnum, beautifully done.

    bleach – was just straight up sik!!! anyone else think zaraki pissed off unohana in the past, i mean ‘hell have no fury like a woman scorned’. and the way the battles going, it will end with 1 of 2 ways – 1. zaraki learns bankai and kills unohana or 2. unohana remembers her old ways, beats zaraki but doesn’t kill him, because he’ll learn enough to make him even more badass than usual.

    one piece – kinnemon and momonosuke may well join the crew, albeit temporarily while they travel to wano country where we find out why exactly they were acting weird. not to mention some serious fights for zoro :P. i do hope they go for kaidou first, rather see shanks fight closer to the end. nice to see law enjoying himself after being so serious throughout the arc, guess luffy’s personality is rubbing off on him. hilarious moment with kinnemon being broken into pieces.

  3. lee severed madaras link to the juubi with that kick and naruto severed obito’s link to the juubi with that wind shuriken. they shouldn’t be able to control it now and the juubi just might go on a rampage.

    overall chapter was meh, another build up chapter. just move on to sasuke already naruto and co. have had the spotlight forever. and i think oro took sasuke to the uchiha hideout or wherever the sages tablet is located.

  4. just Rock Lee tho

    that was enough for me

  5. Naruto – good chapter; and good explanation for chakra redistribution (Naruto is a genius! #letTheHateBeginLol)… Loved on the panel just after Big Mag and Obito land how all the ninja’s are landing surrounded by new and improved Kyuubi/Naruto chakra… It’s about to get real!

    One Piece – for me One Piece was all about the last page; it’s on now. But why does he say “all four” but has three fingers up???

    Bleach – (@Tensa & Jay esp.) – I think the wiley ole fox Kyouraku said what he said because he sees two scenarios playing out:

    1) Unohana in her attempts to have Zaraki reach his true potential by continuously bringing him to the brink of death and reviving him FAILS and he actually does die before she’s able to bring him back stronger and meaner, or;

    2) Unohana in her attempts to have Zaraki reach his true potential by continuously bringing him to the brink of death and reviving him SUCCEEDS and eventually Zaraki does exceed her and winds up killing her in a bloodlust driven rage.

    Either way, this will be a LOOONG fight because a couple of things will have to happen (1) the flashback to when they first met and injured each other and (2) Zaraki is going to have a convo with his Zanpaktou (finally and really can’t wait!).

    There will probably some circumstance which prevents either of them dying but I’d have a joygasm all over my laptop if the last scene of this fight is Zaraki walking out of Mugen soaked in blood, carrying a SHARP sword in one hand and Unohana’s torn captains robe in the other; all the while with a maniacal smile on his face…

    The day Zaraki says “Bankai” I fear for the blood pressure levels of Shannaro-lings… 😦

  6. @ Tawuya,
    Naruto’s chakra control distribution is BS imo, before the war his chakra control was weak (he was still making rasengens with clones) yet mid war he suddenly masters it out of nowhere AND gives it out to every useless headband ninja whose bodies cant reject it coz in just one touch he can not only give it out but also tailor it exactly to that ninja’s specific body type……in 1 touch to a whole entire army…..i call bollocks to that!

    Bleach – i think option 2 is more likely. Zaraki is too much of a fan fave to die but kyouraku’s plan is flawed….. why must a Kenpachi die, surely having 2 take on the quincy is better than 1??!! I wanna know wat isane’s goodbye letter said! That last panel u described just screams epicness!!

  7. Naruto: cheesey, but what did you expect from an manga? And I will admit that Tensa has a good point, Naruto being able to mold chakra so perfectly is kinda an ass pull, just like everything Madara did since he was introduced and every event that led to Obito becoming a villain were all ass pulls, so one ass pull on the side of the heroes isn’t as bad of a thing if it keeps the story going.
    Bleach: really hope neither of them die, since I really like both. But, I have a feeling this is leading up to Zaraki becoming stronger, and I have a sinking feeling that involves Unohana dying. Who knows though, maybe it’ll end with Zaraki deciding to spare Unohana so he can have a worthy “sparring” partner. That’s what I’m rooting for, but not what I’m expecting.

  8. @NemoPrime – lol, dude you sound very dour! But yes, Zaraki deciding on leaving her alive to “spar” with or aspire towards him as he did her would be the win/win for me

  9. @Tensa – as Nemo pointed out, the good guys are allowed one ass pull at least hahaha!

  10. Am i wrong in saying that i have not seen lee be in a battle where he is this emotionally charged? i think this could take him to new heights of attacking lethalness.

  11. @ Tawuya-sama
    i noticed that too. I don’t know if He did it because He think since Whitebread is dead, that leaves only three to defeat. Remember ,He wasn’t paying attention too Jimba when He stated that Blackbread is a Yonku now.

  12. @Mattmaru – if someone slips him a drinky drink then that will be something!

    @Rocklee – hmm yeah you’re probably right; or maybe it’s a Japanese thing and him holding the index down indicates that he’s marked that number… Time will tell

  13. I thought naruto had bad chakra control because the foxes chakra was constantly mixing with narutos. I would assume that stopped now since they are “friends” now, and his chakra control has improved.

  14. I was thinking the same thing @king

  15. Damn, unohano fucked zaraki up as quickly and easily as he does everyone else. Didn’t even looked like she was trying. I’m curious how she uses her shikai an bankai in battle when she this bloodthirsty……

  16. How the f#@k ichigo an his crew survived going up against such shinigamis back in the soul society?

  17. *arc*

  18. Naruto is a boss! Its only right main character be able to do something nobody else could

  19. @Tawuya,
    Ok the blond haired blue eyed muffin is allowed one ass pull, that emo uchiha is probably get several after his tea an biscuits convo at the back of konoha!

    “Whitebread” is still going strong….it’s still weak towards the fire power of my toaster tho 😉 “Whitebeard” however….R.I.P – i doubt ill like any other yonko more than him!

    I thought her Shikai (that big bug thing) was just for healing?! Im guessing its got some sort of poison or drug-like ability… Ichigo an co survived by the usual luck an abit of help from people that shouldnt really have helped them mainly Yororichi

  20. i thought naruto got that powerups after he learnt the basics of controlling the various chakras from Bee. and now that he and kurama are friends, the kyuubi didn’t try to suck his chakra anymore. that’s why his handling or mixing of the chakras got better.

    he managed to mold his chakra cookies to the platoons was because of kushina’s heritage, i think…. and the one ass pull is deserving coz he did under-study Bee and Kurama and he’s got Shikaku who told him exactly what needs to be done.

    what i find a bit over the top was the amount of chakra he must have had to give out that much chakra to the whole army. and mind you it’s like the whole freakin alliance!!

    tawuya, nice job noticing the fingers.. i had to reread the manga again lol.

    rofl at law for being taken for a ride by luffy lol… and the way chopper was making a fuss over law cutting the kids up was hilarious too. two doctors.. and i don’t understand how kinnemon was freed. does the gas has a time limit? or they need to be broken to have the effect worn-off?

  21. lol Tensa @ whitebread… i like wholemeal better.. rofl…

  22. @ Tensa Gizzla. Kaido of 100 Beasts sounds promising. I wonder if He’s a Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion.

  23. @shykss
    Wholemeal is cool but nothing beats peanut butter on whitebeard!

    @ Rocklee
    I always thought Kaido would have been like the ultimate cyborg seeing as his islands look like their made of metal….the ultimate cyborg controlling an army of zoan types sounds sick, i hope CP9 are amongst the ranks! If Kaido himself is a Zoan he’s probably a mythical zoan type OP as fuck

  24. Another couple of factors to keep in mind are:

    1) With regards to seemingly infitisemal chakra the fox has; he did go through the same chakra gathering process Naruto did/does in Toad mode. And he was told that “Natural” chakra is infiinite; one just has to harness it.

    2) In that same vein we know that chakra cloaked Naruto has heightened perception and is lightning (flash) hence he is able to “see” and analyze an individuals chakra and tweak what he “feeds” them.

  25. @Tensa – Unohana’s giant healing this is a sting ray isn’t it? Sting rays are highly venomous so I’m guessing her releases have to do with poison as well.

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