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One Piece Chapter 685 – Dont Mess with the Strawhats

The structure of the recent chapters have been so spot on that the flow and transition from chapter to chapter has been perfect. Each character each story and each struggle is given a spotlight. Our heroes are still struggling to discover and save themselves from the Chaois of Punk Hazard. Luffy is pissed of, Chopper is pissed of, Sanji is pissed of, heck even Smoker is pissed of and it is all due to one man, Caesar Clown. My advice for CC is to get away from the Strawhats as far as possible because he has successfully pissed each one of them to the point of no return.

Luffy and the Dragon

I am not going to brag, but the New World is living up to its hype. Look at the things that have already occurred and it is only the beginning of the beginning of the New World. As for our main hero, well he is come to face to face with one of the most infamous creatures in all of fantasy, a Dragon. A Dragon that can talk and is named Monosuke, the son of Kinemon. Monosuke is fairly mature for his age as in the way he speaks. He speaks in a very formal way and has a respectable tone which can hint that the people from the Wano Country speak and have a very respectable society, very much like that of feudal Japan. Either way the conversation between Luffy and Monosuke was entertain and a good laugh. Two things caught my attention in this conversation.

The first is the hallucination Monosuke had of Donquixote Doflamingo (this is a debatable issue because it could be Luffy intimading Monosuke, but I believe its Doflamingo because of the eyes.) and second is his ability to fly. Now what does Doflamingo have to do with Monosuke and to ask a better question, how was Doflamingo able to be in Monosuke’s hallucination to begin with? Could it be that since the Devil-Fruit Monosuke ate be connect to Doflamingo since it the fruit was developed by CC. Or could it be something from the past of Monosuke as to how he arrived on Punk Hazard. I, personally, have no clue as to what to make of this hallucination Monosuke had of Doflamingo. Seconly, if you look at how Monosuke was able to fly, if you look at his hands/legs, they are grabbing on the clouds that are nearest to him. I would assume that Monosuke is somehow able to produce clouds around him allowing him to fly. But nothing is finalized since Monosuke just ate his fruit (10 days ago to be exact), so he is still discovering his true ability. Luffy, for instance, took years before he learned how to use his devil fruit properly.


So our crew is still doing what they have been doing in the last few chapters, running. It seems like that’s all they have been doing. First they ran from Smiley, than they ran from Smiley gas, now they are running from Smiley gas again. Either way the story is progressing much faster than anticipated. Sanji is kicking G5 to safety. Brook, Kinemon, and Ussop are searching for Monosuke. While Nami and Chopper are trying to save the kids. Smoker seems to be winning so far. And Robin got ambushed by Monet, the Snow Lady.

Snow Lady

I rarely get to say this, but I told you guys that Monet was a Logia type. I knew this because she could produce an element of snow. Most of the time, if a devil fruit user can produce an element, than they themselves become that element. It is rare that a user of an element is not a Logia type, like that in the case of Mr.3. Nonetheless, I would have never, ever ever guessed that Monet would be going against Zoro. Of all the people she is facing, and it is the worst person to face out of the Strawhats other than Luffy, because Zoro does not play around and he is not collective as Sanji in a fight. Zoro does what he does best, beat his enemy in the quickest way possible. Well my friends the story is becoming more and more chaotic and more and more things keep adding up. One thing I can guarantee you is that Luffy and Zoro will be kicking azz in the next few chapters. Luffy will seek out CC for being sadistic to harm kids and Zoro will put Monet in her place for harming Robin.

Side Notes:

  • The fight between Smoker and Virgo is just to hard to tell which will win. I get the feeling that will Smoker is pull all these moves against Virgo, he will still lose because Virgo seems to not go down.
  • CC better watch out because Luffy will not let him get away from him the third time.
  • It seems to me that only Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji having Haki will not cut it, because every one in the New World is in a whole different field of power. The Strawhats need to up their Haki users.
  • Brook is becoming more and more convent.
  • Franky is still MIA.


12 Responses

  1. Are u sure momonosuke isn’t seeing ceasar’s face? It looks more like that clown imo… Zoro going up against Monet……this has got so much promise – I believe this is the 1st time Zoro has gone one on one full scale with a logia which means we finally get to see his armament haki skills!! It won’t be easy as monet seems to be one bad ass bitch so this will be no walk in the park. Stabbing Zoro’s Robin-chan like that was dirty but hey its the new world an so far it defo lives up to the hype!
    Me an some friends were talking about luffy’s armament haki which is black in colour but it also seems that smoker an virgo’s is also black but other people like sentomaru, hancock’s sisters, whitebeard etc… Isn’t black so we think the reason for this is coz smokee an virgo are mixing tekkai an armament haki an therefore the appearance is black – wat do u guys think? Or do u think the lower level haki is black an becomes transparent after mastery?
    One more thing….how the f*** did vegapunk create a MAN MADE DF?? With that the whole WG could be fruit users….what if he’s figured out how to awaken haki to maximum level with just a few doses of a pill….this guy is dangerous!

  2. Yea that’s Doflamingo, those glasses give it all away. I was expecting Monet and Robin to clash, but not like that lol. I totally agree with you Jdogg, the SHs need more haki users or else they won’t make it. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji won’t always be there to protect them. Even if it’s just 1 of the 3 colors, it will have to happen….I can’t wait to see how big Monosuke’s dragon form will be in the future. He’s just a kid right now, but when he grows into a man, I bet his transformation will have a more intimidating appearance. I think his Zoan is mythical, so he’ll definitively develop some awesome abilities. Also, I guess this means that Dragon doesn’t have the Dragon Zoan DF.

    Ever try looking here: http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Busoshoku_Haki#Busoshoku_Haki

    It says there that when Armament haki is used for high level offense, the area is turned black.

  3. I laughed so hard when Sanji was kicking those marines to safety. Oda is the epitome of brilliance. He never runs out of ideas.

  4. @7warlord,

    Thanks for the link, that cleared up my black haki issue!
    The coolest Zion transformation so far is Marco but Momosuke’s should be sweet once he’s all grown up! You guys are right about the haki issue with the SH’s….. i reckon every pirate and their dog has haki in the new world especially observation…it’s most likely very needed to survive let alone engage others. Monster trio aside who else do u think will develop haki?? i say either Ussop or Brook tbh, Ussop with observation haki an a crazy sniping game would be vicious in battle!
    I can so see the SH’s dropping off Kinnemon and Momosuke to the Wano country and then some sort of drama happening on that island -would be a good arc for the swordsman of the crew.

  5. Great chapter. Do anyone think that Momosuke will join the crew?

  6. I need some credit for calling that there would be a Dragon Zoan user! Didnt think it would be the Momosucka kid but still!

    Dragon’s fruit ability has to be weather related and a Logia! I’m thinking he may be a Wind element Logia user…that would be kool.

    Zoro is going to show us what he can do! I bet she will be like “you are a awordsman…if I keep my distance you cannot touch me” and wham he uses MiHawks Wind slash that covers quite some distance! He will cut her up Jubei Style!!!! (Jubei – Ninja Scroll – Best Ninja Anime all time!!!)

  7. Jimbei is on his way though and he has haki if the alliance still stands and they do end up working law,kid, n co it’ll help….matter fact it looks like that’s the only way they will survive Doflamingo himself seems to have too many high level pirates on his team for Luffy n co

  8. Dragons been suspected of being a wind element logia User since the beginning of this manga. But almost a decade later it still hasn’t been confirmed, which leads be to believe otherwise.

  9. Btw wonder if a water logia type exist an if anyone has it…

  10. @ Uchiha – yeah on Dragon theory but what if he has a Storm ability….not just wind specific! Still wondering who used the lightning to save Luffy from being decapitated by Buggy that time….

    I would like to see what fruit abilities the Yonko crewmembers have…like Shanks Crew! I mean for someone like Shanks to become a Yonko without having an Overpowering Fruit ability like the Marine Admirals have is pretty amazing. I am also guessing he has some pretty strong crewmembers with amazing abilities like Whitebeard had.

  11. @Darth and Mexican,

    There’s probably gonna be some crazy fruit powers ahead especially in the WG, u can bet ur keyboard that vegapunk has or will master the man-made DF so the marines are gonna have all sorts of random powerful abilities….i reckon Coby might get one! Shanks and his crew strike me as people like Garp – no fruit powers just an insane haki game – look at the war….NO ONE wanted a piece of the one armed man an his small crew.

    A storm ability sounds about right for Monkey D.Dragon….even when he saved kid luffy an ace that time in the grey terminal it was a wind like ability….but here’s a theory – what if he used the king’s haki…. what if he has the king’s haki but focused it to such a level that it looks like a cyclone of wind that he can emit an control from any angle an not just from his eyes….remember when Zoro said in his fight against Mr 1 that the trees, rocks an soil etc…had a “breath” what if Dragon is able to fell an control the “breath” of these things an use it in battle…quite fitting for the world’s most dangerous man!

  12. Waiting for the moment when the back-up that Doflamingo sent shows up… Whole crew will be drawn into the fracas then!

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