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Bleach Chapter 512: Everything but the Rain

Chapter 512: Everything but the Rain
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In the complete darkness in the Quincy of the precipe world Ichigo screams out.

Until his small prison is finally opened… from the outside.

A dying Akon probably has been working hard trying to get Ichigo out of the precipice world and breaking the prison. With the Quincy crawling all over the place he ended having to sacrifice himself to get Ichigo out. It’s a testament to how important Ichigo has become in this war.

A short-lived quincy introduces himself turning to the hole Akon punched wondering who the scientist set free. Before he open his japper Ichigo destroys the man. Everybody still fighting suddenly feels his reiatsu resonate through Soul Society. Being the only one capable of fighting in Bankai his reiatsu is strong enough to reach all corners.

He stood still at first. Checking to see if his closest friends are alive. He then quickly disappears. Much to the surprise of a few Sternritter who are clearly intimidated by Ichigo’s reiatsu.

To my surprise Ichigo goes to Byakuya first. The latter asking if Renji and Rukia are fine or not. Ichigo relates the good news. They are ok. They are out for the count. But they are alive. Byakuya on the is on his last breath. It almost seemed to me that he waited for Ichigo to relate of what could be his final words.

The short story that Byakuya is ashamed to stand at death’s door. His honor of a captain only able to watch helpless his underlings are being massacred. Ichigo quietly takes in his words.

Byakuya continues focussing on Ichigo. He ask a last request of a human boy, never meant to be here in the first place. To please protect Soul Society.

Ichigo is pissed off and focussed as hell. He left all his despair back at the broken prison and came out stronger. I almost dare not say it, but he has the eyes of a man willing to kill his enemy. Juha and Whats-his-face also recognized him.

Haschwald then asks Juha if he should go and Kill, but the King doesn’t care and orders the retreat. Ichigo has other ideas though.

Ichigo’s throws his blade to block Juha’s path. Ichigo seems able to move even faster than before. I guess he did have a little revelation in his prison. The final page is awesome. But most of all his eyes strike me more than his damaged body.

He wants to f%#k someone’s up.


9 Responses

  1. Awesome review!!!!!!! I love the way you broke it all down and cleared up a bunch of things that I didn’t initially understand. As unread through your review I could practically picture the pages in my head. N e wayz……..another intense chapter that leaves us itching for the next. It feels like too long ago that Ichigo became so pissed off that he just cut loose without a care, the tension is palpable. I understand his extreme anger but I actually hoped to see him fight in a mental state closer to when he fought Aizen. That supreme confidence and utter calmness that was so badass in the face of all that Aizen was. Anger will be fun too though especially if we see some rage transformation like he had against Ulquiora. Bring on the next chapter! Side note: I loved the color page with Ichigo and Innoue on the bed!

  2. Damn, I was hoping to see who that mysterious guy in Hueco Mundo was. Oh well, I’ve been doubting Ichigo’s current power for awhile now, so I’m wondering how he’ll do against Juha.

  3. @7warlord
    As do I. Ichigo feels a heck alot different coming out of that prison. Maybe he reconnected with his Zanpaktou(hollow even?)

  4. I wonder if anyone is going to come and help Ichigo massacre the remaining Quincy? Like Squad 0, The mysterious guy that we never found out in Heuco Mundo, Kisuke(Shop Keeper), or maybe even Uryu and His Pops….Hell i wonder if Ichigo’s Dad is gonna show up!!

  5. @pretend3r
    Yea, we can only hope he did that, especially now that Juha has Yamamoto’s bankai.

  6. Hey pretend3r. Your review sounded like a epic poem or play of sorts. That was cool how you wrote it.

    This chapter was great. I loved the exchange between Ichigo and Byakuya. It was poetic. I really enjoyed Ichigo coming to see him like that. I hate to say it but even the final momments of Byakuya was just amazing. He really became a great character over all. Kudos to TK for creating him the way he did.
    Ichigo’s Zanpakuto landing next to the king was also just poetic. I loved this chapter.
    Also TK still has a lot of room to work with: 0 squad, like 7warlord was saying the Heuco Mundo sword person, what side will Ishida will take..and anything else I missed. Come on next chapter!!!

  7. I must say… that last line of this article was epic.

    Good review… look forward to the next chapter.

  8. The Strawberry is PISSED but I expect some heated talking in the next chapter as opposed to all out battle. Squad Zero definitely going to show up, forcing Juha to make a hasty retreat!

  9. @tawuya-sama
    I do expect a talk. But not too many words from ichigo I think.

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