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Its Out!

Naruto Chapter 607

Bleach Chapter 513

One Piece Chapter 686


28 Responses

  1. great. now ichigo got quincy powers…

  2. Bleach – Quincy + Shinigami + Human + Hollow = #1 War Special Potential; Kurosaki Ichigo. Ambiguity at “Enemy” question may also refer to the role the Juha sees himself playing in all this a la Aizen and Soul King.

    Naruto – good chapter; blanks continue to be filled. 1st was a bwoss…

    One Piece – why oh why is Zoro holding back!? I think he was about to open his eye until Marine Vice Admiral Sanji showed up, lol!

  3. Ichigo was born human. His mom was quincy. His Dad is Shinigami. He acquired hollow powers through chance ie Aizen manipulation.

  4. Too simple an explanation for my taste.

  5. Btw I done my research on the circumstances on the events of orochimaru and the akatsuki, and the results :a series of plotholes overlapping. Ill explain it all later when I have the time.

  6. Tawuya what did this chapter even explain? We learne nothing other than he manipulated Nagato (which we already knew) , he was the one who attacked konoha and than we get back to the present. This chapter was pointless IMO.

  7. A shame that you found the chapter pointless but to me it added colour to the chapters when “Tobi” attacked Konoha; you get to now have an idea of what was going on behind the mask. “Manipulated Nagato” is a true and succinct way of putting it, yes, I can’t fault that airtight summation.

  8. I dot want color added I want explanations simulcast as how did he know the exact location of naruto giving birth, how did he and itachi destroy the whole uchiha clan, if Nagato thought Tobi was madara than how would obito get madara to revive madara since obito is supposedly him. There r a lot of questions I hope would be answered and I expected more than some fluff like this chapter was

  9. Such as* not simulcast stupid phone

  10. And get Nagato to revive madara*

  11. Naruto – Is it just me or was that explanation rushed?! Then again i heard kishi’s ratings have gone into a bit of a slump so suppose his editor’s made him skip the detail. I guess we’ll never get some detailed answers from Pastor Obito spreading the gospel of Madara. Also speaking of Madara why oh why is he constantly using the 1st techniques – use some basic uchiha shit on a beastly level!

    Bleach – Soooooooo ichigo is now human, quincy, shinigami with hollow cravings…….I dont even know what to say about that lol Talk about the ultimate hot fudge chocolate brownie sundae!! So this is what Aizen was hinting at in the war just before Ichi’s daddy showed up. I really hope Byukuya and Kenny arent dead an they go through some re-birth type of situation.

    One piece – I said it before and i’ll say it again – Monet is a bad ass bitch!! The girl has her 2 ice pic things and is going in – that snow queen form was beastly too but why is Zoro just blocking her attacks??? Due to this she’s getting a little cocky….Maybe Zoro has the same thing as Sanji where he will not hit a woman (kinda like when he allowed kalifa to whoop his ass in the CP9 arc). I suppose Oda doesnt want Zoro to be seen as a woman beater lol but next chapter we got Tashigi doing the offence while Zoro does defence- will Tashigi get her ass kicked for like the 5th time in this arc? It’s kinda cute seeing the 2 lovers fight side by side lol

  12. @Grizzla – agree with Naruto feeling rushed… A damn shame.

  13. @tensa this is the one scenario where i think he kind of has to use the firsts. He is going up against tailed beasts so the firsts wood techs r the best idea as they can subdue tailed beasts. I do wish he would start using his own clans stuff though. Sad how even he thinks senju tech r far superior to his own

  14. @token,

    Naruto – I wonder if his sharingan could nullify naruto’s kyubbi power now that he has control over it or maybe that’ll be too quick an too boring, lol How the heck is kakashi gonna fight obito now? swear he used up all his chakra with that last kumai….

    One piece – just re-read an Zoro isnt even serious, he hasnt even got his bandana out yet, looks like he’s just buying time in a sparring match lol

  15. As a nice side-note, this chapter shows us that Kakashi is inadvertently responsible for Naruto’s parents death. If he wouldn’t have been talking to himself all crazy like, both of them would still be alive…Kakashi is the final villain! He’s been slow-playing us the whole time!

  16. all i can say is that kakashi had better not win that fight in any way shape or form if its one on one with obito.(which it might not be cause guy is there too) imo kishi has already damaged obito’s character enough with his reasons for becoming the villain that he is. he now wields a rinnegan(meaning he has all chakra natures too), his own MS and wood release. if nagato can force kakashi to death through chakra exhaustion using the six paths of pain tech, than obito better kill him. its only logical due to the power difference and circumstances in their point in time. if its kakashi and guy vs obito than that makes a huge difference, although i still cant see how they can survive in a battle against obito let alone defeat him all together. im tired of seeing villains that we all thought to be powerful get defeated like nothing. thats happened this whole war(the biggest upset being hanzo imo). i understand good guys always prevail in the end but cmon. im a huge kakashi fan hes always been one of my fav characters in this story and ive always thought of guy as way too underrated in terms of power and chakra levels, but if no one comes to their aid, i cant see them surviving this one, it has to be the end of them both.

    also i dont know how both battles will turn out, but obito deviated from madaras plan. thats betrayal which we know madara doesnt take lightly. they may now have conflicting interests which i see sparking a confrontation in the future(if there is a future for them). thats one way i can see obito being defeated.

    when we last saw sasuke, wasnt orochimaru going to take him to, “the one who knows everything”. can that be the sage of the six paths? just speculating, im bored..

  17. @fastninjaa u sure orochimaru wasn’t refering to himself when he said that? 🙂
    but seriously though I wanna know how much orochimaru knows about what’s happening?

  18. @darth I’m sure that oro knows most of what is going on. Oro went from being one of my least fav villains to my fav villain in this series cause of how smart and cunning he has been, how much he has shown to actually know about alot of the going ons, on top of how powerful he has shown himself to be.

  19. bit annoyed that the battle between madara and naruto seems so crap…i mean he should definately use some of the super speed as well as provide us with some of the damn detail rather than going super sized monsters and going nuts…zzzzzz really need to sort this battle out because right now the pain battle is still pretty damn epic!

  20. @ Fast ninja, Darth an Token

    Orochimaru will always be the best villian this series has produced. Period. He’s not a senju, not an uchiha, not an uzumaki but a sick body snatch fucker who loves snakes! I get the feeling that whoever Sasuke is going to meet is gonna warp his mind somemore and once Madara captures Naruto and Kuruma, we’ll get a confrontation between BIG MAGNUM and the Emo Genius.
    As for Kakashi vs Obito even if Guy jumps in and its 2 on 1, even if Bee jumps in and its 3 on 1 there is no way the good guy’s should win. Obito has the best 2 eyes and wood shit so power wise he is unbeatable against this worn out bunch. I expect to see Guy go 8 gates….after all the hype about that from part 1 if kishi doesnt show it he deserves a drop kick to the face!

  21. Naruto – Yawn again!

    Bleach – OMFG Ichigo just needs a damn Sharingan to pop out of his forehead so I can quit reading manga! I do like where this is going! I have always liked how villains get this “WTF” are you look on their face when they see something crazy like Ichigo using a Holloblutigami Power!!! Ha Ha I ❤ Bleach right now!

    One Piece – Good timing on Sanji breaking up the asswhooping Zoro was going to handout to Snowwhite! Zoro was about to unleash his Sharingan he stole from Obitos Lab! Muahaha!!! I think there must be something holding Zoro back…I feel like when Zoro puts on his bandana and gets serious he will scare the shit out of people with his abilities!

  22. Naruto – Great job on deepening Obito’s personality, looking forward to Obito vs Kakashi and hopefully Kakashi explains why he killed Rin.

    Bleach – Do you guys remember Aizen saying to Ichigo after the battle with Yamamoto and before Isshin interrupted: “You are a Shinigami and a …..” and Byakuya saying while he saw Ichigo’s power rise up and unleash his Bankai for the 1st time: “Unless he’s…..” It may be that the second word may be a Quincy (is Ichigo’s mother a Quincy, maybe that’s why both Isshin and her bailed to the human world?) IDK….we’ll wait till it’s all explained.

    One Piece – Zoro is still a badass even though he’s holding back wen fighting Monet, love the part wen Nami put Chopper as a human sheild in front of Zoro, and Sanji commanding his Marine buddies to make fun of him (LOL)….Ceasar Clown must die, he’s a big douche after wat he’s done…poor kids 😦

  23. @tensa i actually think the reason I like oro more is cause he reminds me alot of my favortie villain in any comic/manga/movie and that is the joker; both r surprisingly bright and while joker is sadistic and psychotic oro has shown himself to be sadistic at times himself, doin experiments on kids and injecting them with the firsts dna, resulting in all but one of them dying and who knows what else. Oro just “likes to see the world burn” lol

  24. @tensa gizzla,

    YES! Madara should be able to easily control naruto’s kyubbi power because the nine tails is only half the fox it use to be. Minato already cut and seal away half of Kurama’s power. The only variable/question is wheather or not Madara can use the 1st hokage’s powers to the full potential.
    Tensa Gizzla, on October 24, 2012 at 11:30 am said:

    Naruto – I wonder if his sharingan could nullify naruto’s kyubbi power now that he has control over it or maybe that’ll be too quick an too boring, lol How the heck is kakashi gonna fight obito now? swear he used up all his chakra with that last kumai….

  25. @RSVP

    I thought as much!! This should be easy work for BIG MAGNUM – nullify the fox powers with sharigan, then counter Naruto’s sage mode with Uchiha techniques and job done – BBQ 9 tailed fox wings for dinner with a side of rice and a ice cold beer!
    I wonder when the konoha rookies are gonna show up?? They’ve been running for a while lol One thing that’s really bugging me about this flashback ending is i wanted to see Obito go to the mist village an control the Mizukage an bring about the blood mist village era, i wanna see kisame look obito dead in the eye and give that shark smile, i also wanna see itachi an obito kill off the clan (especially as obito had no real reason to hate his own clan) this flashback should have been at least 10 chapters longer but oh well Madara FTMFW!!!!

  26. I don’t think its that simple for madara since naruto used the sage’s seal he should be able to prevent madara from getting it.Obito would have already taken it otherwise but wouldn’t it be more simple to take the 8 tails first anyways? Weren’t the other konohona 11 on the way to the main battlefield like 20 chapters ago n aren’t the kages making their last stand?

  27. Madara shouldnt be able to subdue the fox, because naruto is its host. Only if the kyuubi was free. Just like he cant cast genjutsu on naruto becuz karuma would break it, its the same thing the other way around.

  28. bleach-i have to say the one thing that caught my attention throughout this entire chapter was haschwald’s hesitancy to follow juha’s commands. there is an air of mystery about him that reminds me of Gin, can’t wait to hear his story! even if his mom was a quincy, where could he have learnt to us blut vene all of a sudden, something else has got to have happened while in hueco mundo!!

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