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One Piece chapter 684 – Flustter

Doing two reviews is becoming harder, especially since One Piece has so much going on. At least Naruto focus on one thing at a time, so its review is not as involved as One Piece, which involves everyone. As a reader One Piece is great to read because it is rarely focus on one event or character, but as a writer it can be hard to do because I cannot focus on one thing. Though that is why I love One Piece, tell me one manga that has a evil scientist made of gas, two marines that are in a showdown, a man who loves woman to an extreme, a main character made of rubber that has just found a dragon that talks? The originality of One Piece is just pure epically awesome.

Virgo is Getting Smoked

A lot of us want to see this fight and find out who is the best marine. From the look of things it is about an even fight. With either sides landing hits and avoiding the KO. One thing that disturbs me is Virgo, I cannot get my hand around what is Virgo’s power. Let me sum up for you the powers Virgo has shown he is capable of: He is capable of performing all of the Rokushiki techniques, has shown capable of performing Haki by hardening  his body and bamboo, and now revealed to use his bamboo like a blowgun. I just cannot make  up my mind on whether he is just a very strong guy or has some devil fruit ability. Each time he fights my theory of whether he is just a very strong human like Sanji and Zoro, or is a devil fruit user like Luffy and Law. Either way Virgo is someone not to be taking lightly and the same can be said about Smoker. This conformation between Virgo and Smoker is one of the most interesting thing going on in One Piece.

Now whether Smoker or Virgo wins is still up for grabs because neither side has shown to back down or is on the losing side. One thing that strict my interest is if Smoker wins, if Smoker wins does that mean he is stronger than Law? Since Law was beating down by Virgo twice with the aid of Law’s Handicap. But how can he be stronger than Law when it was Law who defeated Smoker? I might be thinking about to much but one thing I do know for sure is that One Piece is one of the rarest manga out there where once a character is defeated by another character does not necessarily makes that character the superior than the other. My point is this, One Piece is not a manga where the strength determines the outcome of a fight. Either way Virgo vs Smoker is turning out to be a very interesting fight, a fight where we will talk about for awhile.

The Hero “Sanji”

Sanji is a character that always gets attention from the wrong gender. He is a nice guy who always comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, but never gets the damsel. If there is one thing that I want to happen in One Piece, and I cannot believe I am saying this is that for Sanji to actually get what he wants, a lady. It seems that when ever Sanji does something good like save the marines from ‘fake-Virgo’ he gets the wrong type of crush, the G5 marines develop a ‘man-crush’ on Sanji. Now if that is not called bad luck than I do not know what is. Someone who loves women to an extreme that is whiling to put his life on the line and ends up getting a crush from other man, is a sad story indeed. Nonetheless, Sanji is gentleman and he has a good heart, that he is whiling to save the same people that wanted to arrest him and his friends not too long ago. The only thing is what can he do to save the marines, Sanji does not have the arsenal to save people from gas, and I certainly hope that Sanji does not get caught by the gas.

The Slimy Clown

Right from the beginning I called out what type of character CC is, everything I said about him, I got right. He is a coward clown that wants to become the Number One Scientist in the Grandline. From the beginning he resented Vegapunk; which, by the way is one of the most mysterious character in One Piece. We do not know much about Vegapunk, what we do know is that he is a scientists that has created weapons for the government and was the one to discover the abilities of a Devil Fruit. But we do not know if whether he is a marine like Smoker who wants the best for the world, or is a villain like Virgo. I goes time will reveal for us, but going back to CC, he is sort of a sad character, but you don’t feel sorry for him but want what coming for him. A good azz kicking brought to you by Monkey D. Luffy. Usually when someone is wants to be the best but goes out doing it the wrong way. For example, Pain from the Naruto series, at first we thought that he was just another bad guy, but once his story was told the audience feels some what sympathy towards him. Though it is not the case with CC because he is just a selfish Slimy Clown and I hope that Luffy can whip his coward azz soon.

Side Notes:

  • The dragon next to Luffy, I am assuming is Monosuke since he can speak and he has an appearance of a Japanese Dragon. The design of this dragon is my favorite so far, I just hope Luffy doesn’t have him for lunch.
  • Franky has been absent for awhile now. I am assuming that he is preparing another one of his inventions.


8 Responses

  1. Great review

  2. Great review Jdogg. Like I said Smoker will give Virgo a beating (one punch lol). Cant wait for that fight to continue.
    Caesar is crazy. I feel sorry for his men hes lying to.
    I thought we’re finally going to see Vegapunk from Caesar’s flashback but I guess Oda is not ready to reveal him.
    I wonder what Zoro would feel about Sanji and Tashigi.

  3. Great review

    The dragon at the end looks like the one from dragon ball. Also Virgo’s way of fighting is awesome.

  4. Sigh…Smoker….my disdain for you is now higher than ever before…

    Shenron? Maybe Luffy will get a wish lol.

  5. @warlord – hahahaha, you REALLY don’t dig Smoker huh!?

  6. If you look @ smokers arm/fist when he’s about to punch vergo it looks like he used Haki to Harden it!!!

  7. Great review and great chapter! I liked Virgo’s blow gun. To me the dragon kinda looks like Dojo kanojo cho.

  8. @ rock lee

    If Zoro saw Sanji flirting with Tashigi, Sanji better sky walk out of there coz it’d be Asura time for sure! Zoro’s the marimo pimp of the strawhat’s – he’s got Robin, Tashigi, Perona and Jewelry Bonney all on lock!

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