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Bleach Chapter 511: Death Whilst Standing

Chapter 511: Death Whilst Standing
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A good slower paced chapters. with Juha’s terminal strike on the Commander of all the SS forces is defeated.

Before we see him die we see a glimpse of his past. It looks like a younger Yamamoto engulfed in flames which is probably Zanka No Tachi. What Yama says is kind of interesting. That ‘thing’ is a monster that appeared in Soul Society long ago. It think he has wielded that monster ever since. Now the ‘monsters’ has a new master as Yama has been sliced in half, what remains of his upper body falling to the ground.

His death is obviously felt all across Soul Society sending everyone in despair giving all the Quincy an opening.

I don’t see that much hate in Juha’s eyes as he watches over his corpse. He shows more pity than anything else to his nemisis. Throughout everything he kept calling him by Yama’s old name.

Finally we learn the 2nd place man that has been passive during this entire fight. Hashvald. Juha is ready to leave but even in death yama’s corpse holds on too Yuha’s foot. The quincy cuts his hand off releasing himself.

Juha’s has been quite observant of everything that has happened in Soul Society. He knows this many through and through. Used his weakness against him. He know how to get this man he didn’t even consider him as on of the ‘five warring potentials’. Interesting. Five people he accounts as dangerous. One is Ichigo. I assume one of the others is Aizen. Kurosaki Ishin could be one and then there are ofcourse the two Uryuu’s.

I dont believe Inoue and Chad are among them. There are simply not strong enough. And in Inoue’s case combat happy. Who do you think are the five on his list?

Anyway, Juha reflects on Yama’s past choices regarding his arm. Having to rely on Ichigo in the battle against Aizen. The old man never really wanted to rely on humans. Having fought him before Juha says that the old Yama was very different.

I like this little peak into the old days of Soul Society. Back then there was probably constant conflict between Shinigami and Quincy. Soul Society wasn’t shaped anything like it is now. Apperently they were more like murdering thugs than Captains. That fierceness was their strengh.

A strength that slowly faded after the Quincy were exterminated. For the first time in a long time there was peace in SS. Slowly Yama turned SS around making it a more justful institution.

The reason Juha believes is that the Gotei 13 died as the Quincy died a thousand years ago.

With that Juha destroyed what was left of Yama’s body. The shinigami probably felt the final shivers of Yama’s reaiatsu dissapear. Juha immidiatly orders the complete destruction of SS. All the Sternritter open a gate allow a humongous force of foot soldiers pour into the Soul Society. The enemy is simply overpowered by the sheer number of forces that destroy every building out there marking the end of Soul Society.

Juha orders a retreat the destruction being complete. Juha is confident he destroyed the Gotei 13 forcing the 0 squad to make a move and come out here. Juha will wait for them before coming out again.

It seems an easy retreat might just get disrubted as an explosion is set off in the sky. Is it the Zero Squad already coming a quick strike? Or has Ichigo found the strenght to break open the prison. If so… in what form will he be.

Assuming he isnt released by whoever whiped Opie of the map Ichigo’s hollow power must have come out. Now Ichigo was in a horrid state as he was desperatie to break the prison making the question for next week as follows:

Is Ichigo in control or his Hollow?


13 Responses

  1. I hope it’s the Zero Squad i wanna see how strong they are and how they look…But if it’s ichigo i think he’s still going to be in Regular Bankai mode..MAN i jus wanna kno who that guy was in hueco Mundo who killed opie!!

  2. The other war potential was Zaraki. As for the person who showed up at the end, a violent Hollow Ichigo would be the best bet, because it appears as though it’s a tear or rip caused by raw power.

  3. 1. Zaraki
    2. Ichigo
    3. Aizen
    4. ???Sick Captain???
    5. ???Healing Captain???

  4. This SUSPENSE sucks lol. I think next chapter we will see what happened in Hueco Mundo after the Opie died. The guy had a sword and also attacked Urahara, so I’m expecting a 3rd party. Maybe Arrancars that want to free Aizen? Zero Squad is a possibility, but I don’t think they are appearing until after Aizen is released somehow…Whoever it is, those Quincies are fucked.

  5. I believe the ‘monster’ Yamamoto mentioned is his former self when he fought without caring for his subordinates. Did anyone also notice that the Mr. Mohawk quincy is still alive when the quincy soldiers show up? (badly burned though).

  6. I think that the person who make the explosion isn’t Ichigo, nor the 0 squad because it would be too predictable. So i believe that either Ichigo’s dad, or Oroichi, or maybe Uryuu’s father, or someone who we already know..

    So we woun’t see in the next 2-3 chapters the 0 squad or Ichigo… I think that by having Ichigo stuck in a cage, we have the perfect opportunity to resee Zangetsu and Hichigo.. or both of them combined.

  7. In my opinion, the five warring potentials are. Ichigo, Ishida, Sado, Orhihme, aaaandidk t. he 5th. But simply because Ichigo and sado haven’t completely mastered their powers. Ichigo(bankai) sado(fullbring) and ishida because we haven’t seen his display of powers yet after the 17 month time skip and those three have alooooot of potential. On top of that sado and ichigo both have hollow within them Orihime, because she has “power of the gods” which makes her an ultimate defensive/healing type. And maybe one of the past espada’s (grimmjow) is the last warring potential. So a bad ass team of, shinigami, hollow, quincy, fullbringers would be pretty cool to see.

  8. @Don – Juha Bach (and Opie) named 3 of the 5 warring potentials (in order of mention) – Ichigo, Zaraki (after he got pawned) and Aizen (when he was explaining to Yama why he blew up Squad 1s headquarters). The final 2 are yet to be revealed.

    Yep, the “demon” of old is yama, when he says it will never come back he means he will never revert to his old self.

  9. That was a good review pretend3r. I liked how you pointed out that Yuha was showing pity to Yama rather than hate. I didn’t pay attention to that.

    The chapter was excellent! I was shocked to see Yama fall the way he did but that made Yuha character a lot more interesting. You can tell he had this all planned out well; since he has information on Aizen, Orihime, 0 squad, and Hueco Mundo. I can’t wait to see his reasons behind all of this. I doubt it is to get “revenge” for the quincies. The history between the quincies and SS hasn’t fully been revealed. Hopefully we get to get more back story.
    To me the five warring potentials are: Ichigo, Ishida (or his dad), Grimmjow,(if he returns) Gin (wishful thinking) and finally…somebody who isn’t revealed yet. Oh well I don’t really have a clue who it could be. I didn’t think Aizen would be considered. Right now I can’t wait to see how Ishida and Ryūken will react to the current chain of events. I also want to know the state of affairs in SS whether or not Isshin will fight annnnd who has the sword in Hueco Mundo. That is all.

  10. Great chapter and review. If Ichigo is the guy who made the explosion. Yuha would have to be force to fight Ichigo some way or another. It wouldn’t even be a match, it would be a blowout. Ichigo is not the same as when he fought Aizen. Ichigo wouldn’t stand a chance.

  11. im pretty sure unohana was one of those original captains division shadowy figures, the one to the right of yama

  12. some of the present captains was said to fear her battle tactics

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