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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 507

One Piece Chapter 685

Bleach Chapter 512


42 Responses

  1. Bleach was a DOOZY this week! Not much in way of content but by golly if that’s not the best entrance in manga history I don’t know what is!

    Naruto was an info filled bag of goodness that will hopefully loosen the panties of naysayers and loophole singers!

    One Piece… Undecided.

  2. @ Princess Taw, I also enjoyed this chapter, but i do still have on question. How did Obito survive the rocks crushing him?

  3. Lol, who is Princess? Not sure how he survived the rocks falling, just as I didn’t know what was going on everytime Naruto went buckwild with Fox chakra, or when kakashi warped the nail, or when dead people started popping up all over the place… But you know what I did? I read on to find out 😉

  4. Yea well kishi still hasn’t explained much about Nagato getting the rinnengan ( we all figure madara gave him but come ln hiw did nagato not notice and how come unlike other ppl who have transplanted eyes incluiding obito nagatos easnt permanently activated) and obito still comes off as a whiny more emo version of sasuke. At least sasuke had a legitimate reason to be angry and he didnt go as homicidal as obito till after the time skip. And we r way past the point of how obito survived so basically that’s a loop hole kishi probably won’t ever say. This chapter wasn’t even that info filled. Sides finding out about the black zetsu what else new did we find out? ( some ppl on this site already figured the statue was the juubi shell) and how come obito said he wanted his eyes back when madara gave it to Nagato

  5. Anyone have a clues on what is the Forbidden Uchia jutsu of the SOSP snd Inyouton Jutsu.

  6. I got a little lost on all those forbidden jutsu’s old man madara was going on about…how many jutsu do the uchiha an senju have, cant the hyuga’s get a little love!!! lol

    Bleach – straight forward set up chapter not much to say apart from HOW did ichigo get out an who was that other guy we saw talking about how he meant to open the gate sooner?!

    One piece – Puff the magic dragon has appeared and turns out he is a Zoan type (just doesnt know it yet) and WTF Vegapunk knows how to MAKE devil fruits now?! This guy is freakin dangerous no wonder Ceasar is jealous! Also anyone else note that Zoro called Monet a logia (after his girlfriend got stabbed in the shoulder) and that he’ll deal with her… Zoro vs Monet… should be interesting to see his haki slicing skills!!!

  7. One more question, why does Mardara (old man) still have a pair of rininngan if he gave his eyes to Nagato? Ok make it two. Why is Zetsu drawn as black and white Zetsu on pg 15 when Mardara didnt put his will into him until pg 17?……hummmmm

  8. @missevolution – remember that the chapter took place in madara’s genjutsu but there were also parts that skipped ahead (backwards relative to now) to fill in gaps in present timeline? Panel 3 on page 15 took place after panel 6 of the same page…

  9. lol, im starting to think your on KISH payroll.

  10. Also it is confirmed that nagato is part uchiha as well, which we figured from the requirments of being able to use the rinnegan.

  11. Bleach – Was someone release from a prison in the first two pages?? A shinagam open something up before he died from some wounds inflicted upon him by Shaz Domino. I wonder who it was. I see Bakaya didn’t die yet.

    One piece – Now we know what powers mount has…Logia of Snow.

  12. I stick by my old theory that stated that Madara Uchiha made fire style love to a Senju lady who had their child and changed the surname to Uzumaki as a cover up and thus the Uzumaki’s were born lol

    P.S The SOSP is a relative of the Saiyans and just split up their hair, eyes, power levels and physical bodies into Uchiha and Senju!

  13. @token of course obito said he wanted his eyes back, he was still pretending to be madara, also nagato is NEVER seen without those rinnegan eyes, and when they aren’t shown its because his hair covers them, so they’re definetly implanted.

  14. the one thing Im confused about is the genjutsu that madara casted. I could’ve sworn thier plan involves casting an juubi powered tsukuyomi onto the moon so it would project all over the world, so what the hell did madara just do? And isn’t tsukuyomi a technique exclusive to itachi and sasuke or it is genjutsu equivalent to to iznagi that it just requires specific genes and talent to use?

  15. imma do some research to see if at any point that anyone with an implanted dojutsu (including EMS) have ever deactivated it at some point just to be sure.

  16. If only nagato knew he was taking orders from a teenaged brat. And obito is getting more and more like Darth Vader as this flashback moves along.

  17. In naruto chapter 511 page 17 Tobi says that they were his to begin with to Kabuto, the one person who knew Tobi was not madara t the time so y bother keeping up the ruse when he knew. As for the Nagato thing u were right as I looked back and couldn’t find when it wasn’t activated so one plot hole down, couple hundred to go

  18. What I don’t get is why they where not active when mardara gave them to him. Mardara had already unlocked them as mentioned. Kakashi didn’t have to re-unlock obito eyes and obito didn’t have to unlock nagato eyes. He got them as nagato had them.

  19. Sorry, him being Nagato. I’ve said this before, Kish was deceptive with us in regards to obito identity and violated our trust. Now it’s hard for us to believe him.

  20. wow, first it seemed like everyone and thier mother wanted a sharingan. Now it seems like senju DNA has taking over in terms of higher demand. Now, about nagato being part uchiha I don’t belive that to be true. Well, to be more accurate, I don’t belive that the possiblity of nagato being part uchiha has much to do with him being able to use a rinnegan. What I’m trying to say is It seems more important that he is an uzumaki, being relatives to the senju clan, therefore inherently having senju dna. Otherwise, why would madara needed nagato on his side instead of simply his eyes? Why did it take madara from his battle to nearly the end of his life to do what nagato could in only several years?

  21. It seems more likely that its simply due to madara transfering his eyes to nagato, not because he was born part uchiha

  22. Uchiha and Senju DNA needed to ACTIVATE but Senju alone seems adequate to maintain in case of Nagato.

  23. So Karin can wield the rinnegan then, lol.

  24. Naruto – ah…was an OK chapter. Looking forward to getting back to the action.

    Bleach – not much was done, but looking forward to the battle. On the speculation as to who broke Ichigo from the cell, my best guess is that they are members of squad 12. They are the only members that I can recall that wear white robes similar to the captains.

  25. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/602/17

    What exactly did madara mean by ‘full potential’? Was he refering to MS, or was he talking about the rinnegan? If either one of those two are correct it either blows what was said about obtaining MS and the rinnegan out of the water and leaves more plot holes or it just adds more paths to the same results.

  26. @OP – I called the Zoan fruit ability of a dragon coming into one piece….didnt think it would be the Momosucka kid eating it! Zoro about to lay some sword pipe on Snowbird! I somehow see Sanji jumping in to fight Zoro for hitting Snowbird lady! Lmao

    @Naruto – Ummm my head hurts trying to sort out the timeline and OP abilities everyone gets from Rage Power Ups! I am just going to accept that this is how it happened and enjoy the manga for however many chapters are left! 🙂

    @Bleach – Ichigo about to go Fullbring Bankai combo on the King…I think the #2 guy will step in and fight Ichigo instead so the King can retreat. I still think Ichigo needs one more Rage Power Up before he can fight the King Quincy who has the OP Fire Bankai now 😦

  27. Not totally Naruto 606 related, but I gotta post this rant.

    I know the Naruto manga gets a lot of flack for humanizing its villains and anti heroes, especially Obito/Tobi, but that’s one of my favorite things about the manga. It shows that the people aren’t robots driven to be evil just because an author says so. It makes them human, it makes them relateable.

    Moral ambiguity has always been a pattern in this manga. Look at Sasuke and what he’s done, from killing Itachi to his vendetta against the Leaf. Minato’s choice to seal the Kyuubi into his son, making him an outcast and likely setting him on a path of hatred, he could’ve easily become someone like Gaara were it not for his own strong will. Itachi’s actions to preserve peace in the Leaf and internationally, and choosing sacrificing his kinsmen. The way Haku and Zabuza were presented (according to timeline consistency, if they rebelled against the Mist, they were probably rebelling against the regime of Bloody Mist/Obito/Tobi, which makes them a lot more heroic). The actions on Danzo took to defend the village. The Sand’s attack on the Leaf. Nagato/Pein’s whole persona and backstory. I can go on and on about this. Why is there no rage against these actions as much as “omg kishi made Tobi/Madara a wuss”.

    Heck, even the all evil Madara has some justification – he lost his brother to war/will to defend his people and was betrayed by his clan. His prophesy concerning them became true eventually, and they were subjugated, monitored, and discriminated against by the Senju in power before they realized it was too late.

    Why do all the villains have to be totally and unflinchingly evil before we fans see them as effective villains? That’s an unrealistic, non-thought-provoking view. That’s why I like Naruto so much – the heroes aren’t always right. The moral ambiguity it presents. Give Kishimoto some credit.

  28. Well for me I will say this about three things revealed in this chapter of Naruto.
    One…..We ALL knew it but it has finally been comfirmed that Uzumaki line is from the Senji linage. So as comfirmed via Madara Uchiha.

    Two.. it took over two years to comfirm my theory but I was the first or one of the first on this site to connect that the Gezo Mado is the body..well shell of the Juubi. Yes I’m gloating cause I finally got a theory right….LOL So Thank You Madara Uchiha for confirming that for me.and yes im putting a link to those that didnt read my theory if they like to check it out.

    Three…I forgot who it was but sometime ago someone did say that the black side of the main Zetsu was part of Madara or connected to the Uchihas in some way, so for whoever that was congrats on that being confirmed.

  29. Yea but it makes them interesting characters, nothing more. And even that is fine, as long as it isn’t repeated too many times in the same series, which is exactly what happened. The best villians don’t need justification for their actions and hard to analyze and determine their motives and relate to.

  30. If there’s one thing I cant give props to kishi with these characters its their originality.

  31. There’s a difference between a motif and simple repetition. The moral ambiguity theme in Naruto serves a purpose as an overall theme, while simple repetition does not.

    Seems you completely missed my point anon. Villains that are evil for the sake of being evil are pointless and tasteless. Villains that are completely evil for no other reason that to appease some fans are unrealistic.

  32. @DarthUchiha

    I assume he meant when Ms is awakened, if you don’t have two eyes then you wont be able to use it to its best… Which if obito had his original eye that he gave to Kakashi, he could be kamuing people from a distance as well as being intangible… Also possibly unlock his own Susano’o/ Whatever ridiculous power the MS can pull up

    I’m just wondering whose eye it is that Madara has in his left eye, He obviously doesn’t have any more spares or else he’d have a right…
    and this was before the uchiha massacre

  33. @???? It seems you completely missed my point as well. Whatever you think about unrealistic villans is your opinion, but just because some are not easily understood doesn’t make them bad villians. The truth is there are precious few villans that actually do evil just because and its that same inability to relate is why some villians appeal to people, its not something we can see ourselves or others becoming in reality. Also most creators throw up illusions on thier villians to make it seem like there’s no reason behind thier actions to draw people into that character. Why you think people liked tobi in the beginning?

    Its not the humanization or the reasons behind obito’s actions are the problem, its the impact he has on the main character. For example, What made Nagato such an awsome villian? It certainely helped that he extremely powerful and he was ‘humanized’ as you put it, but his influence on naruto and how nagato made him question his role in the ninja world and change his view of it was how he became an awsome villan. And even after everything nagato has done and was going to do if he succeded naruto still spared his life. After everything that happened to naruto up till this war, obito is nothing more than one loose end to tie up on the path to saving the world. Obito has made an deep impact onto the story itself, which is why he’s an interesting character, but can you seriously say the same with naruto? Whatever connection naruto has with obito and whatever improvement naruto would’ve made as a character in obito’s defeat can be found better in other villians. This is what I mean when I say theres repetitveness(an yes there is simple repetitveness, otherwise there wouldn’t be a motif). Moral ambiguity is indeed a pattern thoughout this series, its easily seen through the villains lives, but its also the one thing naruto is fighting to get rid of and has succeded with some exceptions so far. However, even though this story is not finish so its subject to some surprises, but so far, there is no barrier from obito that naruto needs to overcome outside of simply stopping his plans. That, mixed in with how much of obitos plans and decisions that came from Madara makes him just another tool like the other akatsuki members instead of the Big Bad kishi was making him out to be until this backstory.

  34. P.s I’m darth uchiha! I’m just fucking around making so many comments cause I love naruto an I have no life.

    Speaking of no life, I wonder how I would do posting blots on here….

  35. Nahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  36. Bleach was OK this week…..Who was that guy in the first 2 pages?!?! O_O” And if ichigo fights the king theres no way he would win….The king has the old mans Bankai….COME ON NOW!!! but if he does fight him and ends up winning i hope he does so going SUPER SAIYAN MEGA ULTRA ULTIMATE HOLLOW BANKAI MODE….or something like that :p

  37. Shinigami in first couple of pages is random R&D Science Division dude. Looks like Shaz Domino had ability to transfer blocks of space???

  38. No, wait, actually looks like R&D had purposely displaced themselves to some spot in the sky to work on freeing Ichigo but Jaz found them, hence crack in sky box…

  39. to everyone saying obito has no reason to be doing this cuz he hadn’t had enough trauma like sasuke had you’re getting it wrong cuz it depends from person to person you cant compare their reaction cuz they have different personalities and even if you compare it IMO i find obito’s reaction to his trauma is better lets look at what each of them did after what happened to them:
    1. he wanted to get stronger so that he get revenge on itachi (strictly personal in other word its only effects him and itach which is understandable)
    2. he kills itachi, knows the truth and wants revenge on the elders of the leaf (little understandable)
    3. follows the person who helped killing his family and his clan by his own admission which is obito/madara at the time without trying to blame him even a little for what happened (shows the Stupidity of him)
    4. tries to crush all the ninja world for what happened to itachi (i dont know were that came from)
    1. after the death of rin he leaves kakashi alive (cuz he wants him to live in his world)
    2. approves of madara plan that the world is all suffering and sadness and it should happiness for everybody.
    3. carries the plan that madara inherited to him and he carries it 100 percent as if he’s madara himself (cuz he see’s it as the answer to all his problems)
    now if you compare the two you’ll see different approaches in their perspective to what happend at sasuke side he wants only revenge which begun with itachi,leaf elders,all konaha then all the ninja world and he doesn’t give a f@ck how it will end or if it kills innocent people or one of his friends like karin for example as long as he gets his revenge.
    on the other hand their is obito who doesn’t want revenge (if he wanted revenge it will be the easiest revenge in history with killing kakashi right on the sopt) but he wants to make the whole world a better place (which everybody want lol) but in his sick way of course and he see’s it as the only solution.
    sasuke way of thinking= i dont care how i get’s it who it will effect and what outcome it may lead to as long as it pleases me and i get’s my revenge
    obito way of thinking= i dont care who it will effect and how i gets it but hey its a genjutsu i can bring everyone if i want and everyone will be happy (he believes thats he’s doing the right thing)
    i have a feeling that the final villain will be either sasuke or madara and not obito if that happen i hope he doesn’t die on a lame way or by coming to the good guys side but by dying while still believing that he can change the world cuz i have to say that unlick many people i actually like this character more now.
    p.s: you got to think about the madara factor here if he hadn’t gave that idea to obito he may had different approach (revenge, suicide) if you think about it madara had impact on all the big events of the ninja history that we know about (war vs senju, foundation of konaha, naruto getting the kyuubi, the uchiha massacre and the last war to name a few )
    thats it sorry about the long rant

  40. I dont know if anyone has said this, but why doesnt Obito just get Nagato, or when he resurrects Madara to ressurect Rin…?

  41. Besides for Luffy’s obvious advantage over enei(sc) the strawhats have yet to beat an actual logia (caribeu a rookie) btw it seems all Logia’s will be in the new world along with the mythical zoans the first half seemed to have the weakest of the devil fruits

  42. Oops forgot about crocodile but it seems like the entire first half of the series was just a tease to what’s about to go down now that’s pretty amazing

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