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One Piece Chapter 679 – Running

Its another day with another One Piece chapter, overall it was a very enjoyable chapter to read though not much happens in this chapter other than that the battle field is set now and the Strawhats are still running. It is pretty obvious of who is going to face who. So with out further or due lets get on with this weeks chapter.

Chopper “The Genius” Doctor

I know that this is early to say but I believe that Chopper will become the best doctor in the Grandline (Obviously). For one he has a genius mind when it comes to medicine. For instance, he has created many potions that can help him and his friends and I would go so far as to say that he is a better Doctor than Law. Law is a Doctor in his own right, but he is a specialists, and his field is Surgery. I do not think that he is as intelligent in the field of medicine as Chopper, because Chopper is not a specialists. For one he learned how to create more improved medicine while he was in his training and he has to take care of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, who make a big mess of themselves after they battle someone. So in my opinion, I believe that Chopper is a better Doctor than Law and a better Scientists than CC because given the time, he was able to get a grasp to figure a cure for the children or something on those lines.

CC and Virgo “The Clowns”

I can not take CC and Virgo seriously anymore, their personalities are too much of a clown. For one, CC name is literally Clown Caesar, who panics so easily. Usually the villain is a calm and collective type, who always thinks he has the upper hand. But than again this is One Piece, and what do you know, we have Virgo who is a calm and collective type, but he is a clown in his own right. I mean for god sakes, how does someone forget a spoon on their face. However, this could be a trait to his Ability that he can some what magnetize things and since he eats he involuntarily magnetizes food to his face. Also, it seems that he has a habit of forgetting things. When Virgo said that he will “Crush those stupid brats”, my reaction was ‘wow we got mr. badazz here, but he got a spoon on his face.’ I on other hand still have hopes for Virgo to be one of the most badazz character we have seen since the new start of One Piece. I miss the old days where the villain was so badazz that you almost want to rot for them.

Like Aizen and Orochimaru from Bleach and Naruto, respectively. These two characters are so badazz, that some times I find myself rotting for them to win. And if you look back on One Piece history there has been some badazz villains. For instances, Enal, Crocodile, Arlong and etc. These are some badazz villains, and I feel that lately One Piece has been lacking these type of characters that will be talked about long after their spot light time. But I feel that once CC is defeated, he will be hardly talked about like Hody Jones. But than again this is only the begin of the ‘New World’ part of One Piece and I just might be jumping to conclusion. And so far we have been only reading minor arcs, there has not been a major arc which I feel that this Punk hazard arc will lead to a major arc, like a war with a Yonko arc.


It was a sentimental moment that I must say has moved me. The G5, 01 branch have shown how much they respect and love their Captain Tagashi. While not much is known about the G5 other than that they are brutal Marines, but this chapter has lead me to believe that they are the best marines, in the sense that they are respectable towards humanity. The Marines are one of the major antagonist of One Piece, but there are some exclusions to this fact, for instance, Coby is a Marine who wants extinguish evil. The Marines want the same thing as Coby, but they also have the purpose of adding the order to the world, though at a cost of using an Iron Fist style, sort of a dictatorship.

One of the themes of One Piece is that Piracy is not as negative as history set it out to be. It is a symbol of freedom, and adventure. While, Governments are the cruel and cause of suffering. But piracy is known to hurt people, and governments are used to set the right order. However, Oda has done such a good job to show that even though a government is need, it will eventually become as cruel and evil, becoming what it was fighting against. But in One Piece we see that because of the Government, people are enslaved and countries grow hungry and poorer. But the ironic thing is that the savor of all the suffering is a boy who becomes a pirate. The same thing that the Marines and the Government label as the evil of the world. But there are negatives and positives on both sides. And the G5 have shown that they are as righteous and caring towards their friends as the Strawhats. In just one panel the G5 Marines show the bravery and realism of a sacrifice for the love and respect of the people they love.

Side Notes:

  • Law showed that he can teleport in some ways. If you look on page 13 of the chapter, you can see that Law in some ways appears instantly in the next panel(From Right to left panel).
  • It was a badazz scenario to see Brook, Zoro, and Kinemon use their swordsmenship at once. It would be a very interesting paring if Kinemon would join the Strawhats. But that’s just wishful thinking.
  • I was hoping that the reunion of Tagashi and Zoro would be longer and has its own story. But will all the chaos happening, it is not surprising.
  • Dragon will become the pet of Nami, just wait and she will have that Dragon doing so many errands.
  • It was Monet who sent the letter to Chopper. I have said before that she could be a double agent to the marines, but it is also possible that she is working with Law.





8 Responses

  1. I personally like the quirky personalities in OP! Everyone is so different and dynamic in their own ways. I think Vergo’s forgetfullness is just his personality…how do you forget you are not a swordsman? Ha Ha He actually uses a baton like weapon which he uses to squash Law with…not sure if his ability enhanced the baton or if he used Haki to imbue it? We will see…
    How about the swordsmen cutting up Iron thick ass doors like butter! Zoro will cut diamonds some day!

  2. Quirky personalities is one of One Piece’s greatest trademarks. Look at Luffy and Zoro, both one of my favorite characters. One randomly falls asleep, while one cannot fallow directions if his life depended on it. I was just rambling on about CC and Virgo, I might of just jumped the gun. I was just so disappointed with Hody as a character that I want a new villain that will have the wow factor and so far my money is on Virgo.

  3. The teleporting thing Law does is more like Matter Displacement” Remember back on Sabaody Archipelago when he fought against a Pacifista, He did the same thing there when he switch place with himself and Jean Bart.
    He could spatially displace anything and everything inside His operating room (including himself). If you look back on that page, you will see a box looking cart on the ground where he appeared…He must of displace the box with his location like he did with the cains.

  4. Big props to G5 – those are some real men – they went out like true badass marines! I like the rest of u thought the zoro an tashigi’s first official convo in the new world would have been longer but suppose there’s no time for that yet.
    Virgo as a villian is doin just fine – he looks an acts like a badass but what is the dude’s ability?!! He’s one of doflamingo’s boys an u know he only recruits ruthless sicko’s (law an bellamy are prime examples!) Monet seems to have her own plans but didn’t she have arms a few chapters ago?? She might be a zion bird type.

  5. Even though Monet seems to be acting shady, I still want her to fight Robin. Those 2 are too alike to NOT have at least at little confrontation. I think it will be a real twister if Smoker ends up losing to Vergo, he might win, but I just have a feeling he won’t. Also, I’m still curious about the heart dilemma…Who has them now?

  6. @7warlord
    Monet vs Robin…..we dont really know if Monet is a fighter yet but even if she is my money is on Robin-chwaaaaaaaaaan! Robin should be able to beat everyone who isnt a logia really by simply growing 2 hands on their neck an snapping it – she’s way strong but Oda doesnt really portray her like that, in reality with that ability should be be the 2nd best fighter of the crew after rubber boy instead of like 4th lol
    Smoker better win!!!! He needs to redeem himself after the lost to law but then again so does luffy after the loss to CC – damn in this new world anyone can beat anyone lol
    Doesnt CC an Virgo have Law and Smoker’s heart?! Im sure law can use his warp ability an switch them around with like some plastic cups or something!

  7. @Tensa
    I know Robin would win, but I still want to see some kind of confrontation between them…Unless Oda uses the good triumphs evil excuse, Smoker may win. Otherwise he’s getting his ass kicked…again lol. I can’t stand Smoker anyways, so this is one of those times where I’ll be rooting for the other side. Luffy is a different case, because he was just playing with CC, so I’m expecting a beatdown in this one rather than an actual fight….The last time we saw Law and Smoker’s hearts, CC had them. I’m just wondering who has them now, because they could play a big part in the upcoming fights depending on who has them.

  8. @7warlord

    Ehhhhhhhhhh u cant stand smokey?! But he’s smokeyyyyyyyy! I thought he was a fan favourite??! Iam looking forward to his fight, it’ll be good marine vs bad marine! Monet might actually end up joining the crew….i only say that because when the SH’s first entered the grand line they got chopper straight away in their first island adventure…could be the same deal with the bird-lady! They need a new member now (female as there is too much protein shake on that boat)- they havent had one since brook 5 years ago!

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