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Its Out! Read it while its HOT!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/62231699/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/46297151/1

One Piece: http://www.mangastream.com/read/one_piece/72300452/1

Thanks to Kisuzachi this is the best reaction I have seen for the Naruto chapter 599.


54 Responses


  2. Hahahaha Kisu’s post is pretty damn funny.

  3. Bleach “OMG they killed Kenny!!”

  4. Soooooooo the face behind the mask is apparently Obito…….I’m not buying it! Was the fact that he wanted some of Rin’s sweet ninja ass but she wanted some junior white fang jizz on her face so hard to take that it drove this kid crazy…..is being in the friend zone with a woman that dangerous?! You see what love does to you people, it makes u grow up and wanna unleash a 9 tailed fox, get ur arse beat by ur former sensei and kill a sexy blue haired goth chic named konan! WTF!!!!!
    Its gotta be Izuna in his body like Oro’s body snatch jutsu!

  5. Hey everyone, I haven’t posted much of anything in awhile but I feel like I need to! This just doesn’t add up! Obito is supposedly the one who unleashed the kyuubi on the village all those years ago? How was he able to amass such skill and power so fast? How was he able to mimic the power of Madara Uchiha and how was he able to grow up so fast? This is crazy, we are missing something here! I am pissed that Kishi wasted an entire chapter on flashbacks! I had a feeling he could have his eye but it to be him is mad! It’s not surprising seeing that we all guessed this a long time ago! I just thought it would be someone that would rock the entire shinobi world! Most people probably won’t know who he is except leaf village ninja from that age group! I wonder how Kishi is going to explain this one!

  6. from the look of the right side of his body (yes the right side) it seems to be extremely wrinkled while the left side appears youthful. which makes me believe that that isnt truly Obito, yes it is his body, but is Obito the one who is in control, i feel as though the right side is an old uchiha, who i dont know, but someone who could be a shell of his former self since he now inhabits Obitos body.

  7. Tobi has been involved in schemes long before Obito was even born. He has planned with Madara, a person who said he DIED SHORTLY after awakened the Rinnegan. Madara knew Nagato, so that means that Madara WITH TOBI gave Nagato the Rinnegan. Tobi told Konan that HE was the person who gave YAHIKO the idea of creating AKATSUKI, so he WAS around during this time. These things happened BEFORE Obito was even BORN .____.

    I’m still saying Tobi isn’t Obito and I agree with Tensa saying that “somebody else” is just inhabiting Obito’s body. It would explain the long hair Tobi that met Kisame and Itachi. Maybe he just uses Obito’s body for combat or something….

  8. It might come off as naive of me to say this, but I think that tobi was a well developed character leading up to this chapter’s events. However, like I was saying before, I do not believe Obito’s description has grown much more than simply “Kakashi’s childhood friend” I’m afraid that Kishi diminished Tobi’s credibility with this reveal.
    If Obito really is just Tobi without the mask, Kishi will have to reconcile all sorts of timeframe and human development issues, particularly with Obito himself. For example, how did he develop the capabilities to not only surpass his friends but hold his own against his old teacher so quickly? Answering a question like this takes a deep understanding of the world kishi helped create as well as the world in which we all live. More than likely, Kishi did not intend to pin all of Tobi’s actions on Obito alone. Instead, I would like to believe that Kishi is planning an even bigger reveal for Naruto 600. If that is the case, then we should not take too much from this situation at the moment.

  9. I am thinking that this claimed-to be Obito is using a technique just like OROCHIMARU, just a more complete and advanced jutsu. That is why he is able to look like he is all the same through different ages.

  10. My theory is that, If Tsunade is using a technique which enables her to look younger, it is not impossible to have a jutsu which allows a person to look older. Plus the technique of Orochimaru, this allows the person inside Tobi to be somehow immortal.

  11. Kishi is just toying with us. There has to be more to this…umm…what’s the word…oh yea, Bulls**t lol. So, I think I’ll wait for the next chapter release before I say anything else on the matter.

  12. i was right…i am boss

  13. Reposting the plothole I discovered: Obito graduated the Academy at 9. Kakashi graduated at 5 and became a Chunin at 6. They cannot both be taking the exam at the same time since Obito would still be an Academy Student. Hell, they shouldn’t even be on the same team.

    Also, this really isn’t Obito. It’s likely just a “Super” Zetsu.

  14. We can’t be sure that Tobi is Obito yet…understand that the flashback seemed to have came from Kakashi so that’s what Kakashi thinks. In fact Kakashi even is not sure himself because he asked “Your…Obito?”.

  15. This is either “tobi” trolling kakashi and playing with his mind, or some sort of technique that allows the user(the masked guy) to impersonate any who he has obtained and eye or another dna from. Do not forget that room FULL of eyes, because if not, IT WOULD BE THE BIGGEST A$$pull EVER!!!!!

  16. Btw, Kisuzachi Kisuzachi Kisuzachi Kisuzachi ….wow that was funny!

  17. Yea im with those who think that its obitos eys/body but not obito. Its either izuna using a body transfer jutsu or something like that. Too many things dont add up to be obito including the cast that during the third war while obito is 11 or 12 nagato is his age if not older and already forming his own grp with the rinnengan already.

  18. Major lols Kisu!!!!!

  19. Anyone notice the perfect resemblance between Naruto and Obito?
    I know that is obvious but this chapter make it perfectly clear.
    The two wear googles, the two was the useless of the class, bout make team with the “genius”, bout love the girl that was in-love with the “cool guy”, bout train (spelled?) their ass off. Just one question ¿ is gonna be the fate of bout the same, “”DEAD””?

  20. That bitch can´t be Obito for just one reason “timeline”.
    If Obito is still alive i bet my two cents that is Zetsu, just think about this:
    This tobi encounter obito almost dead, he collect his eye and make use of the part of Obito that is not crush by the rock and we have “White Zetsu” and the Black Zetsu is maybe just one fokus pokus that Tobi did. Just a theory

  21. Yeah the biggest hole in this thing is how Edo-Tensei Madara specifically said himself, Tobi, and Nagato had been planning the Moon’s Eye Plan for a while now. Obito is nowhere near as powerful as Minato, let alone, someone like Madara. He shouldn’t have the capabilities, knowledge, and power that someone like Tobi has.

    the only plausible theory here is that yes, that is Obito’s body/eye, but someone else or something has taken it over.

  22. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/62231699/11

    Minato’s face is on the mountain even though he hadn’t been made Hokage until after Kakashi Gaiden. Likely just an art error.

    This chapter was just so bad.

  23. Hey Kisu, i thought Minato was hokage when he took his team to the bridge? i guess not. still dont think tobi is obito though despite it saying that it is! doesnt make sense.

  24. can think its one of the Zetsu’s that who Tobi/obito is!

  25. What I posited some time ago was that Kishi is pulling off a move from the Star Wars extended universe; having the spirit of a deceased individual inhabit the body of another. I think that Obito’s body is inhabited by either Madara’s brother or Kagami Uchiha. The former because hey, it could be a brother thing and the latter because he is random and fits the timeline…. unlike Obito.

  26. This person put it more passionately and eloquently:

  27. I too dont buy this is obito. Altho the idea that obito accidentally activated his MS while being crushed by a big boulder, it doesnt hold enuf water to make his this bitter. He shld hv known, having spied on konohagakure how much kakashi was devastated with his death. So to hate konoha and kakashi this much doesnt make sense.

  28. There is just too many holes in the story to actually believe that Tobi is Obito. We all must remember that Obito was buried under a pile of rocks and the one character that we know the least about and has control over the land is Zetsu. My guess is that he is a Zetsu clone, just like the Neji one that started killing Medical shinobi after the first day of the war.

  29. My guess is that the left half of his body is actually Obito’s body pulled from the boulder, with the right half being a Zetsu prosthetic (remember when he tore of his right arm and it was all…Zetsuy. The Zetsu stuff may have even helped Obito original body mature faster, sort of like a growing steroid or something. As for who’s in charge of said body, it could be Obito as he seems to know Kakashi and Guy from way back, or it could be Izuna controlling the body since because Madara doesn’t seem like the type to just let his brother fall by the wayside and not keep him around, or it could be both within one body…the next chapter needs to hurry up.

  30. even if he did activate his MS there is no need for him to be absent all these years and be committed to killing the world.

  31. @firefist: still doesnt explain how he fought minato

  32. Maybe that body of Obito is a chakra rod controled body by the real Tobi, and it the sharingan works just as the Rinnegan when they are connected and duplicate =) I doubt it, but hey its a long shot

  33. Guys have a read of this leaked kishi interview which isnt suppose to be out til next month


  34. @Tensa, that’s an interesting interview, but Obito has to play some kind of role in this…Tobi just looks too much like him not to have him play a part.

  35. Mix a mind transfer jutsu with a body snatch jutsu and half a cup of zetsu juice and u get the perfect clone baby aka Tobi! Its weird though coz when Tobi first came about his character was goofy and wacky an very child-like with deidara then as soon as Sasuke “defeated” itachi funny Tobi was never again heard of! Maybe Tobi has more than 1 mind crammed into that body!

  36. Would he go through all this trouble……just to f@#k with kakashi? I mean hes one of the only few people who would be affected by this.

  37. If there SERIOUSLY isn’t an official review of this chapter, one of the most anticipated in Naruto history, then this site is officially done.

    Also there are a shitton of inconsistencies with Tobi = Obito. One of the biggest is his control of the mist. We know that Zabuza & Kakashi & Tobi/Obito are the same age, and Zabuza graduated at age 9 from the academy, during the era of the Bloody Mist, when Tobi was in control.

    How can this be? Tobi was the head of the Mist Village at age 9, before he graduated Ninja Academy and awakened his own Sharingan?

  38. Zabuza’s rebellion also leads to some extremely cool theories about how he was actually a good guy and rebelled against a Akastuki-controlled Mist Village.

  39. most folks are on the obito band wagon, the plotholes of the timeline thing or how bad the manga was done with obito face next to minato’s face on the hokage mountain when he wasnt hokage yet.

    im focus on one thing. there is a panel when minato and the third are walking and then in front of two monitors.

    i assume they watching the chunnin exams but his team wasnt even in the forest at the time so what does the third have minato watching if his team isnt even in the forest for the 2nd part of leaf village exams.what was the reason he was so late?

    so what does two pages shows? something is a mist? the third has always has this thing of hand picking his top jonins to support or less lead a team. or rather picking certain people for jobs in secret. biggest example is izuma as naruto’s teacher, mentor and older brother figure and kakashi as naruto and team 7/team kakashi’s team leader.

    so what was those pages there for. can anyone tell me whats up with that. i got ideas but i wanna see if anyone got any ideas before i say anything else cause i had a lil to much to drink …….lol

  40. oh and one last thing thechoking on the candy thing? what was up with tha?. go back and look at it and you see something just doesnt sit right in the flashback with this candy from an old lady.

  41. Is it me or does it seem like 99% of the Uchiha clan seem to have a tendency to turn evil?

  42. @The Evil Ryu
    The candy thing shows how Obito was foolish and generally unprepared, which carries over into the mission near Iwagakure.

    As to the timeline not working out: how do you know Obito wasn’t 3 years older than Kakashi at the time of the fight near the bridge? People don’t grow at the same rate, etc. necessarily.

    The biggest issue people have I guess is that Minato wasn’t Hokage during that time… but perhaps he was. We saw the 2nd Hokage on a mission, so why not the Fourth? Especially if there was a war going on (and there are 5 Kage present during this war). Here Kishimoto settled several things:

    Minato was already Hokage during that mission at the bridge and he was leading his old team, probably since they had the best chemistry. Also, at least Obito was already a Chuunin (perhaps also Rin, but that wasn’t made clear I think), not a Genin, as most people supposed. Oddly he decided not to wear the vest he earned.

    Also, these memories were Obito’s memories. Why would Kakashi remember Obito watching from the stands all jealous of Kakashi: Kakashi was too self-absorbed at the time as he beat up Guy, he didn’t care about his teammates yet.

    I’m not saying this is the whole story, and it doesn’t clean up all of the timeline issues, but it clears up some of them.

    And lastly: I told you so for so long. Haha it feels good to be at least partly right… we’ll see if I was all right.

  43. The only time-line solution I can buy is that in first it was Maddara and he was during that time training and probably manipulating Obito, and Maddara knew he was dying made the plan that Obito was going to take over for a while and become Obito, and then he took over as Tobi when Maddara died

  44. The statue of the 4th hokage shouldn’t have came into existence in the flashback of Obito. It’s a art mistake by Kishi. Here’s a pic of the hokage statue at the start of Kakashi Gaiden. The fourth hokage face is not there. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/239 The flashback in this chapter mostly consist of events before Kakashi gaiden. Minato’s statue should’nt have been in this flashback. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/599/7 His statue wasn’t created until after Obito’s death. That’s an error on Kishi.

    The whole Kakashi and Obito being on the same team with an age gap is not a plot hole. It could be that Obito took a longer time at schooling and by the time he reach the age 9, that’s when Kakashi could’ve enter into the academy at age 5. Putting them both in the same grade to graduate like ripcord suggested “As to the timeline not working out: how do you know Obito wasn’t 3 years older than Kakashi at the time of the fight near the bridge? People don’t grow at the same rate, etc. necessarily.”

    About Obito helping old ladies and getting candy in return. It use to be Obito’s excuse for showing up late for team meetings and missions. Kakashi later on as an adult pick this habit up from Obito. He would show up late for the original team 7 meetings to help old ladies across konoha. You know, Kakashi have a thing for old women.

    It’s a bit surprising that Kishi made Tobi Obito (not to point out the obvious in physical appearance). Everyone who said it was Obito was right. People who said it was Izuna and zetsu is right to. Tobi might be Izuna/ Zetsu/ Obito mash up into one package. Tobi personality does not fit into Obito’s personality discription. Appearance: it looks like Obito. Mentally and emotionally: It’s far from being Obito. I think everyone is right about Tobi. Izuna could have took over Obito’s body as a vessel to transfer his soul into. It’s the only explanation for Tobi not showing much emotional attachment towards Minato or Kakashi.

  45. @seda
    Then how did Nagato get the Rinnegan when he was a young boy? Madara said he died shortly after he awakened them and unless somebody else awakened them as well, it doesn’t make sense that Madara was alive at the time, not to mention in Obito’s academy days…

    When Tobi summoned the 9 tails to attack Konoha, the fox recognized who it was: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v53/c501/8.html
    And if I recall correctly he was sealed inside Kushina throughout Obito’s childhood. If Obito is Tobi, then when and how the hell did he ever get the chance to meet Kurama BEFORE Konoha’s attack??? Too many points aren’t connecting lol…

  46. @immortal. No surprise there if you consider the requirements uchihas needed to gain their heredity powers, and not too long ago they almost bring the ninja world to their knees. Besides, evil is not easily defined in the ninjas world anyway.

  47. What happend to mistersensei? He was so eger to take over the review and sating he well do it at 100%

  48. If no one minds I am willing to do a blog/disscusion on this chapter. It would be too good to pass on. If Mistersensei wont post one by Saturday,hopefully mistersensei comes through because he was really good on detail and since its a holiday weekend he might get to it, but if not will I will post one. What you guys think?

  49. Please do it.

  50. @ SEDA,

    Mister Sensei is taking his Master’s Degree. I thknk JDogg should fill in the shoes of giving a review for every chapter. kinda make us sad for every chapter left undiscussed.

  51. @ Jdogg
    Go for it Jman!! This is a milestone in Naruto history – it deserves a review/rant!
    P.S Doesnt Tobi/Obito/Izuna/Zetsu look like he could be related to the Ramen guy….. Imagine it:
    Tobi: “My father kicked me out of the shop and banned me from making noodle soup…..how can i get even?!”
    Ramen guy flashback: “You shall never boil water and make delicious ninja goodies again in any village, be gone and never return!”
    Tobi: ” Damn bastard, what can i do?!” (lightbulb moment)
    “Thats it!!!! Thats it, I’ll create a secret ninja ramen group…gather all the tailed beasts and take over the world, excellenttttttttttttt!!!”

  52. Hey, I was just thinking Minato’s not dumb. So why didn’t he out Tobi as Obito when he fought him in the past? He should have never even suggested that Tobi was Madara. What I’m saying is that if Tobi was really Obito, Minato should have recognized his old student’s moves immediately. In fact, since Jiraiya eventually saw through Nagato’s Pain persona, exposing Tobi for who he is should be no sweat for the man Kishi regulary paints as the shrewdest ninja strategist in this world’s history. Kishi pretty much slapped Minato in the face by just revealing that Tobi is Obito. Since Kishi probably doesn’t want Minato’s reputation to suffer much more, there must be more to this story.

  53. @naruto tutor what moves did obito show? tobi used the nine tails, space/time justu obito never once showed any of this lol. Also i still dont think this is obito. may be his eye and maybe his body but i still think its a type of body transfer jutsu like oro used and that the right side of tobi is clearly zetsu

  54. @ tokenI cannot answer your question directly.I thought that Minato could have picked it up while he was fightind tobi, by his movenments, words, physique, something. But like you said, tobi didn’t give any of obito’s trademark moves away(few, if any at all) and I didn’t see Minato have even a glimmer of intuition when he saw tobi’s haircut or even when he said, “Oh, you know… it’s fun, it’s part of my plan.” That sounds a little like the old Obito Uchiha to me, but I guess that assumption would be on shaky ground even for Minato. This response is the best that I can give
    Anyway, I wrote my post because I wanted to show another reason why Tobi simply cannot be Obito. Your idea about Obito and Orochimaru’s body transfer technique is very possible. It would also explain how someone so young looking could have the experience and, frankly, the body of a much, much older one. Maybe Tobi uses Zetsu’s powers to absorb bodies in secret because we hardly ever see him trolling around, looking for weak, unsuspecting ninja. I’m looking forward to next week’s chapter.

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