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Bleach Chapter 505: The Fire

Chapter 505: The Fire
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What a treat we were gifted with this week. A bloody damn awesome front of the Captain Commander’s angry face. Just from the front page I knew this man was going to wreak some havoc. The 2nd page show the skull of the Quincy turning into ash. As the Yamamoto says his final farewells to his subordinate.

The commander walks away passing hisagi, telling the young Lt. not to worry as the Commander will deal with the enemy himself. No caring about colletaral damage his blasts away an entire block as he launches

himself away heading toward his next… primary target.

His reiatsu resonates all over sereitei connecting with all the captains. The enormous power reaching every corner. The fat guy of course is an idiot like he usually is, but if it wasnt obvious by his face Soi Fon explains it in words. The Commander is pissed like no one has ever seen before.

Just by mere presence the Commander is influencing all the captains washing away the despair that had been overpowering them. Each experience this in a different manner but everyone finds the will to fight again. If only to honor the Captain Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai. The enemy surprised to see the sudden shift in morale.

Still, there are three captain fighting without bankai. I love’s Kyoraku bit here. Getting goosebumps. Him being on the oldest captains around. The respect he has (like everyone else) for the Commanders is enormous. All perked up by the inspirational reiatsu speech he goes on the offensive taking the Quincy by surprise their shock and awe attack seemingly halted.

The chapter switches back to the King. Zaraki has been easily defeated by the King. The Quincy leader doesn’t seem to even carry a scratch from Zaraki. He is actually quite disappointed by the strentgh the 11th squad captain displayed against him making him believe Soul Society is there for the taking quite easily.

That is until the flames from hell lands behind him. With his body engulfed in flames the Commander greets his thousand-year old enemy. The man he should have killed.


Finally we hear the name of the King. The stage is quickly sets as our Commander has come with the sole purpose to correct this mistake of the past and kill Yuhabaha…

I for one am really interested to see the past between these two men.


9 Responses

  1. This chapter got me hyped, but I was so pissed when it ended lol. It felt like I was reading a good book, I was really hooked on the story and I JUST got to the climax, then all of a sudden some random dickhead comes along and slaps the book out of my hands….

  2. Yep same here….i was like nooooooooooooo!!!!
    Im kind of pissed that the kenny fight got skipped but i like the way kubo is doing this war – he skips from fight to fight only showing spurts with the feel that this is all happening at one time. With both Kenny and Byakuya down an out an ichigo in a cage the S.S is royally fucked but this is the main event right here with old shinigami king vs the fresh faced quincy bawse! Place ur bets people….

  3. Superb. Completely superb. From the color page, to everyone’s reacton to Yamamoto’s reiatsu, to the end when he said, “I have come to rip the life out of you.” Absolutely superb.

    @Tensa Gizzla: I thought about that. From a completely “cliche” point of view, Yuhabaha should win so that Ichigo can come save the day. However it really depends on how TK does it. He did a great job with Aizen vs Yamamoto because he didn’t downplay the old man’s power in order to make Aizen look good. He really introduced the battle between Ichigo and Aizen in a epic way. Hopefully he does the same here

    @pretend3r: Some back story would be nice.

    @7warlord: Did you give the random dickhead the look Old man Yama gave to Yuhabaha?? Hehehe.

  4. I give my hats of to Tite, splendid chapter. And like the rest of you enjoyed every page of it. Now I hope Tite keeps this up because this chapter proves why Bleach so famous.

  5. Story moving pretty quickly to have the 3 “strongest” people engaging in battle but Kenny was no match for the king but the kings left hand had fear of Kenny guess the gap really is that big. For storyline’s sake captain commander pretty much has to lose but its still a lot of unknowns left so I’m sure it’ll be some unpredictable events transpire

  6. Awesome chapter….Sad that we didn’t get 2 see kenny fight the king….

  7. This is BS! That other guy with the hair clip get blown apart and Zaraki was caught by the throat and just dies this indignent death? only saving a little bit of respect for the character with him still holding his sword (one handed?) Looks like he lost the eye patch but it should show a smile on his face. I faint smile. Something. If he could still hold the sword he must be playing dead.

    And the kings speach? ugh…. “how fragile?!?!”

    I’m thinking Old man Yam left this guy alive not by choice but because they may have been evenly matched or he just wasn’t able to catch the guy (like how the vanderich appeared and took off and he just shot out flames).

    This is a strange idea to ponder but if things start looking bad do you think they’ll let Aizen go fight?

  8. @Siskin: Hmmm….that is a strange idea to ponder. There are a few reasons why SS would not allow Aizen to fight.

    1) The pride of SS: asking a major antagonist to save them would be swift kick in the gluteus maximus.

    2)His prison sentence: Here I guess it depends on where they are keeping him. Is it alot of trouble to get to him? What happens after they let him free? Do they put him back or allow him to go free? Will central 44 (or is it 46) allow such action. Speaking of central, what are they doing?

    3)Aizen time in the manga: I think Aizen’s time in the manga is done but who knows.


    4)Uhhh….well I can’t think of any other opinions but it would be cool to read Aizen words considering he has a very entertaining god complex.

    I can’t believe how easily King defeated Kenpachi. HOW DARE HE. D:< But I hope this might be a turn around point for Kenpachi. He lost so utterly, that it might spur him into finally contacting his zanpakuto. Also, this looks to be quite an even fight, no matter how enraged the Captain Commander is. So cue Deus Ex Ichigo in T minus, 3, 2, 1….

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