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One Piece Chapter 651- War over Candy!

In one chapter Oda has turned the Fishman Island from dry, weak and disappointing villains, to one of the most epic and strongest character, one of the Four Emperor Pirates, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mama. Little is know about her history and her personality, however I can guarantee you that in the next coming chapters we will be getting to know a lot about Big Mama. But lets get on with the rest of the chapter.

Big Mama’s Body

Like I said very little is known about this freakish being, but we get some light shed on her personality and how she actually looks like. She seems to be the size of a small giant, this could be because of her eating habit or it could just be her actual size. But take note that when she was first mentioned by Garp, all the way back in the 300 chapters, her actual appearance has changed dramatically, for one her nose and teeth are rounder now and her body size has doubled since the two year skip. In addition, she seems to have a very strong stomach acid that can digest large things, be it candy or humans and it seems that here saliva is able to disintegrate things easily. I can estimate that she is one of the strongest pirates in the New World, from her title of Yonko (Emperor). Her abilities are not known, we do not know whether she has a devil fruit or is just a strong human like shank, Zoro and Sanji who do not have devil fruit abilities but are freakishly strong.

Big Mama’s Personality

Big Mama seems to have a capitalistic mind set, more like a business woman, as she charges people for her “Name”.  She deals with things in a business like manner, it can be said that she is a very educated person in the concept of business, but it seems that her only interest is in candy. Pirates are known to be obsessed with treasure; for example, take Nami or Buggy who are both obsessed with treasure. But like I have said in my first blog that one of One Piece messages to its audience is the meaning of treasure, and Big Mama proves my point. As in she declines a treasure worth that of a whole country and instead wants her candy.

Bid Mama and Whitebeard

These two great pirates had great similarities and differences. Both are powerful and command a great deal of people. But they have differences; in a sense they are like ying and yang, both are looked up by their crew in a mother and father figure.  But Whitebeard crew calls him papa from love, while Big Mama crew call her mama from a fearful standpoint. I am not saying that her crew does not love her but from what we got so far, I can safely say that most of her crew fears her with the exception of her top generals. Whitebeard embraced one of his crewmembers even after being stabbed by him, Big Mama on the other hand is even whiling to cannibalize some of her crewmembers.  Though I am just saying this from what we have learned so far about Big Mama, I could be totally proven wrong in the future about the really persona of Charlotte Linlin.

Is Luffy ready to take on A Yonko(emperor)

For starters Luffy this chapter was a badazz and made me laugh, I just love how Luffy is still Luffy, that his character has not changed in the sense of his beliefs, ideas, and his carefree manner. But on with the chapter, so Luffy has finally done it, claimed war on one of the Yonkou Big Mama. I can see that a lot of people would question if Luffy being ready to face of a Yonko? There is a simple answer to that question, and Luffy is neither ready nor not ready. Luffy was never ready and was always ready to face of his enemies. I know it is confusing but let me explain.

Remember when Luffy claimed war on Crocodile who was a previous Shichibukai and people than questioned whether Luffy was ready to face a Shichibukai, look how that turned out. Luffy claimed war on CP9, the top assassination group of the Marines, and people questioned whether he was ready, and again look how that turned out. Luffy claimed war on Gekko Moriah, also one of the shichibukai and people asked whether he was ready. By now you should see what I am getting at, Luffy is never ready for his opponents he just goes with the flow and speaks his mind by backing it up with his actions. So the real question is Big Mama ready to face Luffy? Now do I think that he is able to beat Big Mama? I do not know the answer to that because I do not think that he will fight her because this whole miss understanding will be fixed once Big Mama realizes that Luffy was the one who saved her daughter.

Side Note:

  • Oh boy, if Nami finds out that Luffy offered the treasure to Big Mama, she might kill him. Lucky for Luffy Big Mama denied his offer.
  • All of Big Mama’s men are very odd, one is a talking lion, a long-legged man, and that fat guy at the end. Remember in the world of One Piece, there is all sort of type of people. There’s giants, long-legged, animals, Fishman/mermen race, etc.
  • I really liked the cover page where all of the Strawhats are interpreted into their respected animal.
  • I can assume that the vivre card will play a huge role in this new arc.
  • Sanji and Zoro were so funny this chapter, with Sanji thinking that Big Mama is a madam. I can’t wait for his reaction once he sees her. Zoro getting mad that Caribou is out.
  • Speaking of Caribou, what a weakling, but like I have said before no one can go against Luffy in the first half of the grandline.
  • Madam Shirley’s prediction of Luffy destroying FI might be because of Luffy claiming war on Big Mama.
  • Jinbe might join Luffy for now to take on Big Mama because now Luffy needs to get all the help he can get to against one of the Yonko.
  • The lady with the three eyes is very interesting, might be Big mama’s other daughter.


18 Responses

  1. Where does it say that the pirate that belongs to namis vivi card is big mama a younko i thought it said that she was a famous pirate

  2. Other than that Great review like always

  3. I think Luffy and big mama will become allies….since luffy saved her daughter and all…And also since big mama likes candy so much why won’t she jus eat her island?? the thing is made out of Candy LOLOLOL.

  4. Oh please calm yur ovaries ladies, there won’t be a luffy v BM fight anytime soon. BM I’m sure has much better things to worry about than to go looking for luffy and Luffy will simply follow his route to One Piece. If they do come across one another then they may fight but they won’t seek each other out. Not until one does something that calls for war. thats worth people actually dying over, candy is not good enough, Oda knows that

  5. @itachiBabaus……As jdog pointed out peoples value lies inn different places…..luffy will without a dought start a war over his strawhat wile big man might somehow treat her candy or things tht was promise to her the same way………
    @jdogg ikinda agree with the ready and not ready point of view but tbh ive personaly never thought anything luffy set out to do is a impossible task for him……EXCPT now…..if the two was to go head to head now luffy would be crushed in terms of power….but this confrontation will not happen untill a later date in the future, Also i think big mama current form is due to a devil fruit….uno like he budda fruit or whtver its called

  6. Ino 2 notes i wana mention is big mamas reaction to her nakama compramise……….I think a pirate unwillingness to settle for something less than wht she or he wants is a must if the person want to go far in the pirate world but her over reaction to her selfish ways will be big mamas down fall
    second note is tht luffys allies are not in the new world…….if luffy goes out and fight big man now……it will be stupid cause if no one dies from tht fight with luffys current firepower then one piece is just stupid……and i cant really seeing oda making someone eles close to luffy die

  7. @T, it never says that the vivre card belongs to Big Mama, I just made an assumption because Lola the Pirate woman from the Thrille Bark incident gave Nami her mom’s vivre card and her mom is a well known pirate. It is just my assumption, sorry I should of said that.

    @itachidabadaus, just like legendarykid said Big Mama has turned her attention on Luffy for eating her candy and will go to try to destroy him. It is just the way she is, she is willing to go to war just over candy.

    @legendarykid, when Luffy does go out and fights Big Mama, he will not be alone he will get help from his allies. Remember that Shanks is his mentor and will probably come to his aid if Luffy went against Big Mama.

  8. You guys have forgot about Caribou, his knowledge about Shirahoshi now makes him a big threat, and he is still alive

  9. remember how the world government went to such measures just to get blueprints for that ship (forgot the name), if Caribou runs his damn mouth about that info to them….

  10. As for the Luffy/Big Mam situation, I have a feeling that it might be very similar to when luffy fought Crocodile, being a very long arc, and luffy might lose a couple of times before he beats her

  11. @7warlord, You are on the point but think about it Caribou wants Shirahoshi for his own so he wont run his mouth because if he does then he will have competition. But so far he out of the equation, when he gets up we will see what his role is in all of this. And I can see how this arc can be related to the one about crocodile.

  12. @Jdogg, Yeah remember how he fought Crocodile’s underlings first to get stronger, but when they first meet Luffy gets overwhelmed. The second fight Luffy figured out his weakness but still lost. But in the next fight Crocodile gets his ass kicked

  13. @7warlord, well that does sound like Luffy never giving up, but I think that Luffy and the Strawhat will fight the top generals of Big Mama, but wont fight her. Overall this arc has just become exciting.

  14. Caribou telling the Gov. about Poseidon is scary, imagine this punk Caribou becoming the next Kuma after some time in Vegapunks workshop…

    Also Vegapunks progress in these 2 years is going to suprise everyone, 2 years is a long time to a genius.

  15. First off all the crocodile fight will be very different…….ile go into that later…….You got a point about shanks but that wont happen……Shanks didnt want to even see luffy during the war……shanks is merly luffys inspiration in life and nothing eles…..he didnt train luffy or mentor him in piracy, yes shanks hav deep feelings onn luffy and without a dought think he will be a great pirate….thats why he said to whitebeard he bet his arm on luffy( in his own kl hidden way) his only other connecion tht will be off any help would be Dragon and his goons and we all can guess tht luffy isnt the type to ask for help much less even let his dad know about it…….bottom line is if luffy goes againts someone with the same lvl of firepower as WHITEBEARD who manage to put up almost a equal fighting power with the world goverment…..luffy and is current crew members will be crushed! Also if luffy beats a yanko or watver….tht means his status will also reach tht lvl……and tht will be pushing luffy 2 far 2 quick

  16. Right crocodile had other goals than to worry about luffy and his creaw……matter of fact he didnt even take luffy seriously……if he wanted to kill luffy he would have made sure the first time thy met..secondly luffy fought croca boy on a one on one fight…..wile the rest of the straw hats did the same with the top fighters in the oraganiesation………fighting big ma now will be like 5 guys atleast stronger thn brook fighting each member…..yes the big three mght live but the weaker people wont……as for the mudd dude dont 4get tht fishman island hav a jail….if not jail ( strong possibility thts he’s just gona be locked up)

  17. No chapter this week guys so decided to watch the whitebeard war again and is it just me or is the Captain Buggy/Mr 3 duo the funniest so far (Sanji and Iva come in at a close second lol) – wonder if we’ll ever see Mr 2 again (BON CHAN!!) and why the heck did doflamingo do nothing but laugh the whole damn time! Rant over lol

    NOW Caribou……. (voiced by my man who done Hidan in Naruto) Until Caribou is dead i still say he’ll become a Strawhat through some twisted quirk of circumstance, just look how cosy he looked on the sunny!! Muddy dreadlocks just needs a little love thats all besides there gonna have to either make him join or kill him seeing as he knows about the mermaid princess being da baddest bitch in da ocean!!

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