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Bleach Chapter 478 – The Lost 3

Chapter 478: The lost 3
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Hey everybody, I am Pretend3r and starting from today I will be posting the Bleach summaries right here on Shannaro! I’m already feeling nervous right here with this bigger audience… gulp… With that little simple introduction out-of-the-way, time to get going.

In the last chapter everything looked like it was heading for a flashback chapter of Tsukushima and Ginjou’s history, which I am still interested in finding out.

Tsukushima is in a lot of pain, and not just because of the gaping hole in his chest. With a few simple pages it is clear that Ginjou was everything for him. Tsukushima seems almost like a child, seemingly depending of Ginjou for everything. With his torn body he finally notices Shishigawara. The little kid, pissed off. Tsukushima manages a smile, accepting his fate.

The chapter continues on. Yukio has been set free, bit of ice still falling off, he gets called out. Jackie. She seems fine, relatively speaking. The conversation isn’t all that interesting(we seen this type of convo before) but one little thing is indeed interesting.

Jackie’s fullbring is destroyed. No doubt it happened in the pocket dimension where either Jackie or Renji saved the other. So, she made her goal. Losing her fullbring powers. She has been busy after her fight. She found Giriko’s body and buried him. Possibly needing two graves, one for each half.

Yukio seems to soften up a little. He’s not very open about it, but still makes the gesture, inviting Jackie and the other to work for his company to make sure they have a future, together. Heartwarming stuff really and it continues on with even more sweetness in the next scene. Riruka wakes up. I can’t read Japanese but I assume it’s Urahara’s shop.

Everybody else from Xcution managed to escape them. Riruka is safe aswell. She finds herself beside Inoue, crying, just happy to see she is all right. the most notable thing happening her is as followed. Inoue has no idea who Tsukushima is… the only reason that would happen if he was dead. But… he’s not. Does that mean his fullbring abilities are also gone? Or did he was he actually dead for a short while negating every ability. Or maybe Urahara used his magic fingers.

So… Tsukushima didn’t die. Shishi is a good kid, since he didnt throw in the killer punch. I have to say that it looks kind of funny, a kid carrying a guy twice his size…

So with this it very much possible the Fullbring Arch is over. Starting the next major arch in the new year. If so, where can Bleach still go from here? And will this next arch reveal what the Soul King actually is… We can finally meet the royal guard.

So, Pretend3r signing out, and a happy new year wish in advance! See you!


14 Responses

  1. I have to admit that this chapter confused me, so basically Ichigo and company just beat he fullbringers guys and just left them for dead.But overall I hope that the next arch will bring back the original bleach.

  2. They just didnt really leave them for dead.

    The full bringers just got the hell out of there while they were tending to Riruka.

  3. Nice review, the chapter was bit confusing but I guess every thing turned out all right.
    Looking forward to the next arc.
    Happy new year every one.

  4. This whole arc was a bit confusing for me with the introduction of a whole slew of new character who may or may not be important later on. Then throw in a whole bunch of mind games that place doubt on Soul Society and even Urahara and Ichigo’s dad. The whole thing felt like Kubo was itching to trying something different before returning to the main plot in Bleach. Next arc will bring Ichigo back into the commotions of Soul Society and may be introduce us to next-Aizen level boss to beat.

  5. Come on people…..what was confuseing about this arc? someone plz tell me? good first start but i think you spent too much time tellng us what we just read….instead throw in more ideas and predictions……Personaly I dont think we’ve seen the last of Aizen……The fact that he was made imortal and didnt just die but rather locked up tend to means he will be comming bk…..maybe as a protaganist this time?

  6. I personaly think this was a gd arc and also a gd way for ichigo to get his power back….in the bleach world there is alot of interesting way to hav gotten power and i think fullbringers so far has bin my fav superpower bad guys….in a sense that all there powers are compltly different…..the only fault i can think of is one….actually two…..ginjou and Tsukushima……(where was his hollow powers and why such a shit and quick fight??? and as for Tsukushima…..MY fav fullbringer and probly the most badass power ive seen in bleach turned into the biggest pussy in the space of 1 and half chapter…….But overall i think the writer done a gd enuff job plying with our heads 🙂

  7. i think this will be an arc where its true wroth will be seen later…hopefully…

    @ legendarykid i dont think azien will come back as protaganist just wont seem right i think halibel will come back as a good girl and HOPEFULLY grimmjow as an anti hero type charatcer

  8. Cant remember where i read it but didnt Tite say that Grimmjow would play a very big role in ichigo’s future and also that his birth wasnt normal but uber special……Im sure tite knows what he’s doing but imo opinion this whole arc was poor – Ginjou died way to easily and what happened to his inner hollow?!
    So ichigo’s fullbring was a stepping stone to regain his powers which we’ll never hear of again but you would have thought we’d at least see a new technique from him, actually from everyone from the soul society! Bring on the next arc! Need to see some of the captains bankai’s and learn more about the soul king

  9. i just want them to show his hollow powers..been eager to kno what looks lik… ad zangetsu

  10. “Then throw in a whole bunch of mind games that place doubt on Soul Society “- I tend to think that this isn’t all that out of character for tite, just look pre-rebelion Aizen, tite often tries to add plot twists to his battle manga. He just doesn’t put in a bunch of plot to support his plot twists hence the confusion

  11. Ichigo’s Shinigami has definitly evolved. Zangetsu looks way more evolved. I’m sure the next huge story line will Ichigo learn some more techniques than just the Getsuga Tenshou and the Bankai/Hollow variations that followed on it.

  12. no chapter for 3 weeks 😦 that sucks

  13. I know, WTF. We’ve had 1 chapter in three weeks now gta wait another 3 weeks after a crap arc?? C’mon Tite!

  14. @lsak and itachiDaBaus, I think he is taking that much time to try to actually make Bleach to the perfection it used to be, dont get me wrong this arc was good but compared to the last arcs of Bleach its not as good. So it is good he is taking a break hopefully to make Bleach the badazz manga it used to be and not something that he just pulls out of azz.

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