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Naruto Chapter 568 – Conversing with the Ape

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Just got back from a Christmas vacation and didn’t expect Kishi to push out a new chapter this early in the week. A nice little post-xmas present, but like the last chapter, we still seem to be building up to something with a lot of new information provided but lacking on the action side. Nonetheless, the last few chapters have some provided some key clues about what/who Tobi is as well as giving us a new perspective on what the tailed beasts are actually like.

First off, you have to commend Kakashi and Guy in this chapter for holding on as long as they have. Any other non-named shinobi would definitely been a smear on a rock the first few seconds after engaging this many Jinchuuriki in their transformed states. Though I do think Kishi is inflating this dynamic duo’s power level a bit. Remember that Jiraiya said he almost died when he had to fight Naruto in his transformed state (he had an ugly scar to prove it), and that was only against one Jinchuuriki. As well, Orochimaru had an awful hard time dealing with Naruto’s transformed state – he had to pull out some serious jutsu just to stay alive. As powerful as they are, I don’t know if I would put Kakashi or Guy above the level of the late Jiraiya or Orochimaru, but perhaps because the Jinchuuriki they’re fighting are Edo Tensei summons, they aren’t as strong as the real thing.

I liked the flashback portion where Kyuubi (or should I say Kurama) remembered all the previous people who either controlled him or imprisoned him against his will. It’s natural to see how he grew to hate all his previous hosts/controllers because everyone viewed him as an uncontrollable force that was easier to be locked away forever than to ever try to save or work with. From that, you can see why Kyuubi is viewing Naruto differently – the first human who is honestly wanting to work with and even befriend him. We’ve been told that the Kyuubi is a product of malice and hateful energies, so we naturally assume his primal behavior is to be evil – but that may be only the human side of the story; I think once we hear Kyuubi’s past, we may be able to understand why he is the way he is.

I thought it was odd Kyuubi did nothing to aid Naruto when he was about to be swallowed by Son Goku (Four-Tails) since it’s to his benefit to help out Naruto however he can in order to not be captured by Tobi. Perhaps he knew what would happen when Naruto was eaten, but it still sounds like a risky move to me. Nonetheless, having Naruto taking to Son Goku face to face is definitely a positive thing, and it may be the answer to turning this whole battle against Tobi. If Naruto can free and convince Son Goku to fight on his side, he can surely do so with the other Jinchuuriki. I’m still waiting for Kyuubi to stop playing hard-to-get and just ‘fess up that he wants to work side-by-side with Naruto – it would bring Naruto to the next level and it’ll be a real sight to see Naruto bring out Kyuubi when he fight Sasuke.

This chapter also consolidated some thoughts I had before about who or what Tobi actually is. Tobi is nobody – he has no real existence and this is represented by his ability to “disappear” or become a mere image with no physical form. I think Tobi was created by Madara somehow after he obtained the Rinnegan – it is a non-physical copy of himself whose sole order was to resurrect the real Madara and to help complete the Moon’s Eye Plan. Somewhere along the line, Tobi began to deviate from Madara’s plans and, perhaps in an attempt to fill in the emptiness inside him, took on Madara’s identity and made the Moon’s Eye Plan his own. For a being who is nobody, this might be the only way for Tobi to make the world recognize him.

Next Chapter: Four-Tails joins the team?


43 Responses

  1. i like the names of the tailed beasts, son goku while in dragonball goku was a monkey saiyan, kurama while in yuyu hakusho wasnt kurama a white fox in his demon form?

  2. Kurama was a demon who was a fox in yu yu hakusho.

  3. Kishi did say somewhere that he liked dragonball so im not suprised that he dedicated the whole four tailed beast an its host to it… the 4 start dragonball was gokus favorite because of his grandpa and even the host to the four tails name is roushi

  4. @ Bob”0″ – I believe the tailed beasts are dumbed down because they are being controlled by Tobi! If they were let loose on their own and uncontrolled with rage as was Naruto I believe Kak/EyeBro duo would be done! Then again I also think EroSennin got rocked by 4tailed Naruto because he didnt know how strong that mode would be.. Not to mention he probably didnt want to hurt Naruto while in tail mode.

  5. there are tons of manga/anime that use similar character n names of son goku and kurama, dbz yu yu hakusho n naruto are just super popular ones.

    bob’s theory on tobi is just too emo for my liking, i mean since BIG MAGNUM is a edo summon–there needs to be a real deal evil bad guy here, sasuke is enough evil emo for this manga

  6. @Bob

    You know what would have been a good title for this chapter:

    “Naruto Finally Meets Goku!”


  7. Tobi is a creation of Madara. I’m betting once he activated the rinn, Madara used Izanagi to create Tobi.

  8. stupid people. kurama is simply the japanese term for fox and goku for monkey or ape. kishi is not copying the names from dragonball or yuyu hakusho.

  9. YOOOO! that was awesome chapter. Great review by Bob

    Did anyone notice the first Hokage was looking roughed up? I’m figuring that was from after the fight with Madara. And he must have known something was up because after that Kurama was stuck in the belly of Uzumaki’s after that.

    As for over powered Gai and Kakashi
    Gai beat Kisame and Kisame beat Bee
    Although kisame didn’t have his sword he still go owned completely.

    I think it make sense that they could hold their own also considering Naruto in the tailed beast form probably had more power available to him.

    … uh from the bottom of page 4 it looks like Gai dropped the 6 tails and the Kakashi’s are taking on 4 jinchurichi. They won’t last long…

  10. Something tells me that this is when Naruto will master the secret chain technique that we seen his mom use on Kurama. This is definitely a tech that I would love to see him master! Naruto will possibly be able to hold down Sasuke sasuno — that final showdown will be epic!

  11. I don’t think Naruto will learn that tech. I mean his whole motto here is to give the tailed beasts freedom, let them choose. Him suddenly acquiring the power to fully bind them will not come across a positive step for the beasts.

  12. am i the only one who noticed the apes name is GOKU

  13. That was an epic post Bob, your analyst on who Tobi is was great, I actually think you may be on to something in fact I hope he isn’t anyone but a failed experiment. When it comes to Kakashi and Gai I actually think they are strong enough to fend off the Jinchuuriki at least for a while. It looks like they both are fighting at full strength and although I don’t believe they actually can defeat them, I do believe they can put up a fight seeing that they know each others strengths and weaknesses so well. Individually, the Jinchuuriki can wipe the floor with them but together I think they will lose but they are going to put up a good fight before.

    I am liking the progression in the story but I wish Kishi stop making Naruto so stupid. I know that’s his personality but it’s starting to interfere with how I look at the main character. I’m not expecting him to become super smart but I do think he should at least be on the same level as the other ninja since his power is surpassing most of them. Goku was the same way on DBZ but after a while he became the strong willed and fairly intelligent character we wanted and I hope Kishi follows in Toriyama’s footsteps when it comes to that.

  14. YF2 – Good ending. I am still waiting on your next chapter, are you on break?

    IDB – it’s not a matter of retaining them from their freedom but being able to release them for it because if it’s the same technique used to hold them captive, him mastering it will allow him to be able to undo and do the jusu as he please. Correct?

  15. Lightning Chain!

  16. @bobo
    Stupid person. that’s almost exactly why the names were chosen for the monkey an the fox, cause he’s a fan from their respective shows. goku does not mean monkey, and kurama definetly does not mean fox.

  17. Im not surprised of how well guy and kakashi are doing against the tailed beasts. Really the only thing mainly holding kakashi back is his chakra reserves. He has intelligence, experience, skill, and powerful jutsus, an the sharingan. And Guy is in either his six, or seventh gate, which in this form was able to beat down a dude who’s like a jinjurriki himself. It wouldnt make since for someone of his strength and speed to be beat down so easily, especially working with kakashi, who knows each other and thier fighting skills like the back of their hand.

  18. I think your half right with the tobi idea but i thnk tobi simply has bin implanted with the task of reviving madara and moons eye plan….and he has taken it upon himself to fullfill half of his goal and dedicated his entire life to tht one half…..personally i think wht manga is doing to the tail beast is upsetting…..i rather the tail beats remain evil entity in which thy were originaly potryd…………Naruto will turn the evil bit beast(let it rip) good and save the day blah blah blah like always……wht naruto need to do is kill the bug dude….keep fatty slim….maybe kill eno…show neji abit more…..i mean the guy is ment to be a genius why is the fat boy(eric cartman) out shinny neji in this war…….(pukes)………when sasuke left i was one of the people tht was like aww i want naruto to turn sasuke bk good……but uno wht….fuck it….sasuke killing some leaf nins is also wht this manga needs…..no turning bk from tht 🙂

  19. @darth and bobo

    Kurama translates to “car” in Japanese..But Kurama in anime/manga refers to a fox demon said to come from the Demon Realm…So it’s not a Yu Yu Hakusho original name, and i’m sure Kishi wouldn’t have used the name if it was copied straight from Yu Yu Hakusho. Maybe there was SOME influence from YYH, but what bobo is saying makes more sense..
    Same goes for “Goku”

  20. it would be good if naruto learnt the lightning chains.. the chains are an electric type of chakra aren’t they? so if his father was air his mother lighting element users, then naruto should be able to use lightning too. i hope naruto learns how to use the chains and then tie the susanoo up. if the chains are strong enough to hold the tail beasts then why not the susanoo…

  21. The chains isnt lightning

  22. Great couple of chapters.

    Just had a thought, Naruto becomes friends with the Tailed Beasts… Like he is doing with the Ape King, Goku (AWESOME, grew up on DBZ).

    The Tailed Beasts’ power, even the 1-tails who is the assumed weakest, is more powerful than a human’s chakra reserve to sustain a jutsu technique.

    So, i’m thinking somehow Naruto, Kurama, Goku, and Hachibi can communicate with the other tailed beasts, figure out a way to release themselves from Kabuto’s control. When you think about it, once the jintruriiki is dead the Biiju inside of him/her gets released, so that would be what naturally happened had Kabuto not edo’d them.

    Just a thought

  23. im not surprised gai is doing so well because he took on kisame who is regarded as having tailed beast like power and chakra reserves. kakashi knows naruto’s tailed beast form well and he is without doubt one of the best tacticians but without the chakra reserves i doubt he could last long with the edo’s.

  24. Sasuno is overrated, garra pulled madara out of his sasuno fairly easy, I think its safe to say dat naruto can pull sasugay out of his, since the chakara arms are stronger den sand lol.

  25. Hmmmm u know tailed beasts are mass’ of chakra – do they have chakra networks?! coz if so would a Hyugga be able to turn it off on a tailed beast?? with like a very fast 128 palms x5 type of attack…….bring in Neji!!

  26. x5 like the Kao Ken, lol.

  27. FINALLY………..the naruto fillers have stopped and the new anime episode is out!

    Dont see why they have to be so long

  28. @dabeastwithin
    I’ll check again later, but I don’t recall madara out of anything. Madara simply moved on to other techniques to test out what else he can do in his ‘beyond prime’ state. Susanno is not overrated. If you think about it, the only times we’ve ever seen it fully utilized in combat was doing it’s incomplete stages by sasuke, an you seen what damage it did. itachi and madara’s susanno hardly see the light of day,(from our point of view) an so far, it only dissappreared only cause they wanted it to, or (when it was first introduced) itachi was too exhausted to keep it up.

  29. naruto rocks

  30. Really? Yes! Thanks for the news!

  31. Where’s this week’s post?

  32. Good one, I love it.

  33. “do they have chakra networks?!”- The Kyubbi was able to completely ignore naruto’s chakra point blockage so I think it’s a moot point. At the very least you would need someone choji’s size (enlarged version) using an amount of chakra proportional to the tailed beast size for any attempted chakra blockage to be possible. The person would also have to be a hyuga or equivalent so it doesn’t seem possible.

    I’m hoping that all the tailed beasts are references to manga as I’ve read quite a few. Then again Shukaku isn’t a reference, but that could be because his name-conception came earlier. Any guesses on what the other names might be?

  34. @darthuchia
    Yes, before he revealed his rinengan garraa pull him out of the sasuno wit just his sand and naruto was throwing a frs! He den repelled it wit the rinengan!

  35. Anyone believe these spoilers that are out? I find them to be too outrageous. Too many “what!?” moments it seems. Plus they’re out so early. The only way it makes sense to me is if Tobi is a character we already saw before… maybe Obito is Itachi’s older brother… 😉

    The “spoilers” are on Mangahelpers.

  36. The spoilers are pretty hard to believe, but are plausible. What if Tobi is part senju and Uchiha by nature, and not by infusing cells. Because if he had the 1st’s cells he could have simply implanted them in him if was an Uchiha to get the rinnegan, but instead he used them for an army. So maybe he is half Uzumaki/Senju and Uchiha. It’s very plausible. If Minato found Kushina and had a kid, why not an Uchiha? Or even vice versa, and Uzumaki/Senju marrying an Uchiha. What if Sasuke has like this Uber beast sharingan using sister. What if Tobi is Sasuke and Itachi’s half brother, and who is part Senju/Uzumaki, that would mean Naruto and Sasuke really are relate, which fall perfectly into the plot of them being so connected. That would really grind Sasuke’s gears, lol.

  37. Mangahelper spoilers were confirmed to be fake, and they have locked the forum.



  39. Ok so pretty basic chapter this week – mainly flashbacks of naruto’s attitude towards life – very nice use of Kyubi and Sage Modes by Mr Blonde Shadow Clone!

  40. @Tensa

    The next step is blending the two together.

  41. @Ultimate – Kyubi-Sage mode combination could be interesting! Maybe it could enhance his sensing ability to sense every living thing in the world lol

  42. Plus a major strength boost. Also why do so may of the tailed beasts have some sort of squid or octopus type tentacles. I think like 2 or 3 at least do.

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