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Bleach Chapter 676: Horn of Salvation

Chapter 676: Horn of Salvation
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Hollow Ichigo!?!?!?!?! Pretty much. But he aint outta control like last time as Inoue remembers as he sees his form. He even seems to have the characteristic hollow-hole in his chest.


Ichigo quickly re-assures her that he is still himself. Now I don’t think he even has released his bankai yet. Apart from the color white his blade hasn’t changed in shape. As far as I understood from the dialog between him and Ywach the form he has now is when Ichigo melds together with his power.

It’s both a combination of his Quinc, shinigami and hollow powers within that have finally achieved balance after which he reforged Zangetsu into the two swords he has. From the little panel at the bottom we see his white-blade(hollow) and black blade(Quincy).

Ichigo comments it would have been convenient if he could draw on this power at will, but he is far from managing that. Ywach grins, seemingly pleased to see Ichigo’s power. He takes a step forward, apparently he moved so fast Inoue couldnt register it.


As Ichigo unleashes his power the palace room doesn’t last very long. Ywach draws his blade aswell, but within an instant Ichigo blocks him and attempt to strike Ywach. THe king easily blocks Ichigo’s attack with his bare hand. He strikes back at Ichigo pushing the young man way back.

The Quincy ruler mocks Ichigo. But he soon realizes that Ichigo’s attack was something much different that his regular Getsuga Tenshou.


With a sinister face Ichigo calls out his Gran Rey Cero. The special type of Cero on the most powerful Espada could use.

2 Responses

  1. Nice review.

    Finally we are making progress. I like that ichigo has learned to merge/balance his many powers but I do find myself confused in regards to which is which and how each is manifested. Has he gone Shikai yet? is one sword zangestu and the other his shinigani/hallow zanpakto?? Is he even human anymore?? either way he should be a good match against Ywach. Also, can Ywach use Old Captain yama’s bankai now too?!?!

  2. I like this chapter for two reasons:

    One is Ichigo. I love when Ichigo is confident with his abilities because he becomes the BOSS in terms of fighting. This chapter showed a confident and determined Ichigo which everytime I see that in bleach puts a smile on my face.

    Two: GRAN REY CERO. Even though it is Ichigo using this move, it gave me nostalgia bringing up memories of the hollows. To be honest, I kinda miss the hollows. Their role in bleach has of late been a little bit undermined as of late even though they are the pillars of the bleach series. So that Gran rey cero was just perfect.

    @shikamaruistheman: Well I will try to answer some of your question best I can.

    Both his quincy powers and his hollow powers are balance. I take that to mean that since each of them are not fighting for dominance, then he can use all of his power freely. Like when he combined his hollow powered shinigami attack (Getsuga gran rey cero Tensho). Back in the day Ichigo relied on his quincy powers to power up his shinigami powers. He was reluctant to use his hollow powers which really contained his shinigami powers. Now everyone’s getting along, he can unleash his powers however he wants.

    He’s still in shikai. You know TK doesn’t want Ichigo to go all out until Y.H steps his game up.

    Yes one sword represents his hollow/shinigami powers the other sword is his quincy powers.

    He is still…..uh…..well…..a human with a lot of power. I’m going with that until TK can come up with Ichigo’s new species. Human, death god, hollow, fullbringer, quincy. What do you call that?


    On a side note, I wonder if Ichigo has power similar to Y.H; the ability to absorb all kinda powers. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Ichigo will be a good match for now, but Y.H has yet to use his almighty power yet ( not to mention whatever ability Haschwalt has yet to reveal about Y.H’s almighty power) and his host of other abilities. As cool as Ichigo’s form is, I think he will become stronger. He has to enter god mode in order to beat Y.H. As far as old man Yama’s bankai. Yeah Y.H can use that as well; even though he doesn’t need it with that almighty ability.

    And let the games begin!!!

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