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Bleach Chapter 655: The Miracle

Chapter 655: The Miracle/strong>
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I’m a little bit dissapointed to learn about the ‘simplicity’ of Gerard’s powers. With the schrift ‘M’ The Miracle I somehow expected more. First I’d have to say that Byakuya and Hirako finally used some sense.


Byakuya destroys Gerard’s pretty face. Then again for good measure as they depart, confident they dealt with the threat. Unfortuantly, quite the oppesite is true(what a shocker, right?)

Within seconds Gerard has turned into a hurculean figure. Reminiscent in size of Espada 0 ‘Yammy’ Where rage was his power. In this case Gerard has the ability to take the damage recieved on his body and turn into.. well.. A strong giant. He refers to it as “God Size”


He seems quite delighted with the sheer size he has been turned into and does on the offensive. He enjoys the power he has over his now ‘weak’ opponents. Blowing some away. He stands tall above them watching their knocked out bodies. Here’s hoping Hirako starts using his masks again in battle. We have never really seen him go all-out in combat. I wonder how a creature this tall would be affected by Sakanade.

6 Responses

  1. Hmmm…..this chapter was…..okay. I agree with pretend3r about “the Miracle” his power really wasn’t all that miraculous. It was cool seeing Byakuya use his shikai to behead Gerard and I was thinking, “okay I know Gerard isn’t dead so what is going to happen?” When he grew big, I was like “ahhh nothing to special.” I mean Gerard’s power is troublesome having the ability to turn all damage into a super growth hormone. One thing I notice was when Byakuya tired to attack him again, he didn’t grow any bigger. I wondering if you would have to perform a attack that will damage him at the size he is currently. If so, his power is even greater than I first thought because you can’t really exploit his power by causing him to grow so big he falls off the newly form sternritter palace. Oh well I’m just doing a little speculating which if I continue will turn into rambling. LOL.

    My question is where is Kisuke? I thought he was with Shinji and the gang? Maybe I was mistaken. Also who do you all think will take on Gerard? My first thought is the Unzombified Captain Hitsugaya. It would be cool if it’s Kenpachi. That could be a epic battle as you know Kenpachi would loooove to hack and slash this guy. But Kenny may still be in that capsule healing up. Oh well we shall see.

    @UTI: Well well well if it isn’t the U, the T, and the I. Whaazz upp? I agree with you about the sternritter power levels. These guys aren’t just powerful, but they are pretty much pardon the pun “Immortal.” The shinigami are having a extremely hard time even coming close to some type of a victory. I don’t know how they will beat Y.H. I mean Y.H even beat Ichibe who is by far the most powerful shinigami in existence. Right now they are all having a hard time beating Y.H’s top sternritter. I just hope TK allows Y.H to be “defeated” in a believable way, rather than pulling a plothole out of thin air if you know what I mean.

    Now before they fight Y.H, they still have to defeat the second in command, Haschwalt who is stronger than the sternritter we have seen in battle so far. Also don’t forget the inevitable battle with….dun dun dun dun…….ISHIDA!!

    Well…..then again…it may not happen….


  2. #ThatMomentWhen you realize that Jariya was probably the cat that showed Naruto the Rasengan trick. I’ve been re-watching Season 2 as I argue with my family for the holidays. You know you’re childish when your logic loses to the plot of a cartoon.

  3. @Immortal: Have you ever read Psyren? there is a character who uses growth as a weapon. Kiskue is probably being himself, waiting for the right moment to strike, Merry Christmas my fellow nerds, tonight, I am sleeping with one of the hottest girls you have ever seen, which should explain my years of not commenting.

  4. @walmart1: Merry belated Christmas to you walmart1. I never seen Psyren but it may be something for me to check out. I think everyone can’t wait to see Kiskue go all out in a fight. Well keep that babe of yours warm man cuz real life is always better than manga but not better than anime!

    Jaa ne!

  5. What’s good Immortal and walmart…..long time no see. I’m just sitting here in awe of all deus ex machina that the quincy are pulling. Get beat down > describe power > one shot everyone. Rinse and repeat. It’s like when Uchiha upgrade their Sharing an except times 5. Oh and Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

  6. @UTI: All magic rays of sunshine for me UTI how’s it going with you? Hope you feeling that magic sunshine to!

    Yeah those “super quincies” are a pain. It seems like no one can really beat them in a fight. Yet when I think about it, TK is actually being consistent. I’m surprise that the SS shinigami can even beat even one of Y.H’s best quincy considering how they mop the floor with the royal guard who should be more powerful than the SS shinigami. Yet I think I said it before but it will take a effective strategy rather than overwhelming power to defeat them (like how Mayuri fought.) If you think back to bleach, the shinigami literally had it the other way around when it came to fighting their enemies. I mean they pretty much ran over the arrancar under Aizen. Sure they had a few that gave them a hard time but overall it wasn’t much of a challenge. Now these quincy
    “gods” are making it extremely challenging for the shinigami. Oh well I want to see how TK plans on defeating them especially Yhwach. I’m also wandering who will replace the Soul King? I don’t think no one can match the Soul King’s power so it will be curious to see who will replace him.

    Merry belated Christmas to you UTI and have a happy New Year.

    Jaa ne!

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