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Bleach Chapter 656: God of Thunder

Chapter 656: God of Thunder
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I enjoyed this chapter again. Glad to see he doesn’t op his way through everybody on his way haschwalt and the King. We are forced to listen to a bit of backstory of Ashkinn taking his sweet time talking to Ichigo who stays pretty darn quiet during the talk.

Gerard is called the “Spirit King’s Heart”. Gerard, alongside pernida always had the strength they have showed. Without Ywach giving them anything. It could very well be true that Gerard-san is considerd the “heart of the Soul King”. He surely is a spirited vocal man. It does make the Spirit King even stranger and stranger.


Because he is pretty much down for the count. Ashkinn keeping him planted on the floor unable to move an inch. Inoue and Chad try and safe him. Ichigo warns them but its too late. They touch the ground and get incapacitated by a super-dense reishi. At least.. he lowered the resistance of his targets to reishi.

Then Yourichi shows up, hanging like a monkey on a piece of rubble. Ashkinn seems totally unimpressed being quite confident in his abilities that even spilling the beans doesnt matter to him at all. Or maybe he is simply disgusted by the sight of such an rude oaf of a woman.


Yourichi doesnt waste time with this guy activating her Shunko, it seems much rougher and more powerfull than last time we saw it. Ashkin, talking like a creep, attack her first firing two arrows at her. Yourichi grabs one, dodges the others before sending the first one right back at him striking him in the shoulder.

Now there is suprise and perhaps some fear in his eyes. She doesnt give him much time to do anything as she readies a powerful blast. Shunkou Raijin Senkei (God of thunder’s war form) hopefully burning him to a crisp.

Cant shake the feeling of wanting to see Yourichi pull out her Zanpaktou. Don’t you?

4 Responses

  1. He probably tanked the technique by “eating” it and will now poison her with it. This guy seems almost more HAX than Gremmy, at least he wil be if he does what I said.

  2. Ahhhh…..the super sexy, quick reflexes of our favorite cat woman Yoruichi coming to the rescue is very refreshing. My hope is that Yoruichi just completely dominates this battle with the Death dealer further giving myself a continuing refresh feeling. I said many times that it can be a drag seeing our favorite shinigami’s getting decimated by the sternritter time after time. I know these sternritter are really the best of the best but can we have at least one one sided beat down from the heroes just this once. Oh well no matter what happens, Yourichi really brighten my day just as much as she did the Death dealer.

    @Ripcord: That attack by Yoruichi probably cause Death dealer to enter his final form further augmenting his power. So you’re probably right about Death dealer “eating” that attack making it poisonous to Yoruichi. If that happens though, who then can potentially defeat him?

    Grimmjow, Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime are down for the count. If Yoruichi falls…..prehaps Toshiro? Kisuke? There aren’t that many people left in the fight.

    Here’s a thought…..what about the other fullbringers? Didn’t we see them with Ganju in this final arc?

    Until next time….

  3. If you look closely at things like the 3rd hokage’s death or his talks with Naruto, it’s pretty obvious he spent his entire life stalking Sasuke to keep him safe. In the first arc there are crows hidden in the background, during the Chunin exam he could have easily done what Orochimaru and Kabuto did given his ability to freely enter/exit the village. Then Jiriya makes a deal with him during the rasengan training arc and he has to let Sasuke choose between the village or Orochimaru. Either way is fine, since he could beat Oro. Anytime he wanted.

  4. lol well since we are doing off topic comments….One Punch man is dope!

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